Hi, everybody! This is the animaniac dude, with my newest story, The Will of D! I've been reading my first real favorite manga, One Piece, for a few days now, and, I realized something. What IS the will of D? I thought about it, and then, I realized that wanted to write a story about it! I've had so many ideas about what I could do; I think this could become my next great story! So, here it is!

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Luffy stood silently, staring with empty eyes at the collapsed cave where his nakama had once been. The pain was truly too much to bear. They had found it. They had reached Raftel. they had found One Piece. They had achieved all their dreams. Why did the marines have to interfere? Zoro had defeated Hawkeye in a fair fight, then bled to death in the first chamber of the cave. Nami… she had created an electric bomb, and then eradicated the hundreds of marines in the room. Sanji cried bitterly as she breathed her last in his arms.

Usopp, perhaps, died the worst of them all. He had died from a beheading from sergeant Tashigi as he picked off the marines at a distance. After that, the three admirals and Bartholomew Kuma of the Shishibukai appeared, and made short work of Luffy's other friends. Franky, a grim smile on his face, had shoved Luffy into the final chamber, before using the recently-upgraded full capacity of six colas to bring the entire ceiling crashing down on him and the marine superpowers.

Luffy stared with blank eyes, not noticing a stray tear that trailed down his face. With motions not truly made by himself, Luffy walked away, into the final cave in the island of Raftel. What he saw in there finally broke down his last bit of self control. He fell down bawling.

The cave was completely empty. The shadows left by the flickering torches could not hide the fact that there was no treasure. The dust accumulated on the entire floor said volumes. There was no treasure. There never was any one piece on Raftel island. The sound of Luffy's wailing grief echoed through the musty halls.

The sound of a single pair of boots clomping through the dust did not disturb his crying. Neither did the touch. The voice, however, made Luffy realize there was somebody else in the cave full of death. "get up. I won't have my successor sounding like a babbling brook." Luffy looked up, into the face that any pirate knows by heart.

"congratulations. You made it to Raftel. You are the successor of the king of pirates. You have earned one piece." The man said, in a raspy voice not used for many years. "my treasure is yours."

"there is no treasure. The cave is empty." Luffy spoke in a dead voice. The man laughed.

"HAHAHA! You think I would truly leave my life's gains in a place like this? HAHAHAHA! No, my young king of pirates, it is in a different place, a place that only I can access." The man pulled out a small hourglass attached to a necklace. "Come. I shall take you to one piece." He grabbed Luffy's shoulder tightly, flipped the hourglass over, and both old king and new king disappeared.

Bartholomew Kuma punched through the rubble, carrying the three dead bodies of the marine admirals on his shoulder. He looked at the empty room. He looked at the two footprints in the layers of dust. He came to a conclusion. "they are gone."

Luffy landed in a heap, rubbery limbs tangled around himself. Gold roger pulled him up. "here, my young successor. Here is one piece."

A mountainous pile of gold, silver and other precious metals was piled in front of him. Rubies, sapphires, diamonds, jewels of every shape and size were there. There were more encrusted blades, cups and decorative finery than he could count. Luffy stared, before whooping.

"Nami! Nami! Look! We're rich! We're rich! We found one piece! We found it!" Luffy turned around, a massive diamond in his hand. "this must be worth…!" suddenly, in a rush, he remembered. The diamond slipped out of his hand and let out a resonating CHINK! on the ground.

"your crew is gone. I feel your loss." Gold roger grabbed the gold chain and hourglass around his neck and lifted it over his head. "do you know what this is, boy?" Luffy did not move an inch. "this is an ancient artifact from the lost continent, Atlantis." Luffy's ears twitched, thinking of how excited robin would have been if she had heard of both the artifact and the name of the lost continent.

"Atlantis was an engineering monster. They had created and perfected what scientists today are still trying to theorize. They were able to create weapons of mass destruction that made them the undisputed rulers of the world. They were even able to create trees that grew fruit that gave the eater incredible powers." Luffy jerked back, realizing what he was talking about. Gold roger grinned. "what, did you believe that the devil fruit just… magically appeared out of thin air?"

"yeah." Gold roger slapped Luffy upside the back of his head, causing his straw hat to fly off. "Ow!"

"you are a fool. The devil fruit were created by the Atlanteans. You must have seen many in your travels."

"yeah." Luffy inflated himself like a balloon. The king of the pirate's eyes widened in comic shock.

"you!? You have the Gomu Gomu fruit?"

"yeah." Gold roger laughed heartily.

"HAHAHAHAHA! Yes! Very good! It would not do for my successor to have anything less! The Gomu Gomu fruit was one of the atlantean scientist's crowning achievements. They considered it one of their most powerful Paramecia powers due to it's sheer adaptability in attacking. But no matter!"

"how are you still alive? And how do you know so much about the lost continent?" Luffy stared at gold roger. Gold roger laughed.

"haha! Why, we are at Atlantis right now!"

"…lies. The lost continent was destroyed eight hundred years ago."

"ah, but what if we ARE eight hundred years ago?" Luffy, still not believing his story, sat down.

"the Atlanteans worshipped the ancient and powerful deity Kronos, god of time. Many centuries ago, farther back than any recorded history, a god opposing Kronos was rampaging through the land. Kronos took his champion, and gave him a gift. A small hourglass, with all the power of Kronos concentrated inside it. The hero used this gift to defeat the opposing god. However, he was mortally wounded, and he fell into the sea and died. The hourglass slipped from his neck and drifted away, where it eventually found it's way back to Atlantis.

"Kronos, fearing his powers would be abused by evil-doers, Kronos consulted his oracle on what to do. After she told him that a hero would need it one day, he locked it away in a gold chest, along with two identical devil fruits that he himself had created. He then sent the chest to the bottom of the sea, where it would stay until the hero found it." Here he grimaced. "it was not long after Kronos did that when the rebels who eventually founded the world government destroyed Atlantis."

"… That hourglass around your neck…?" gold roger laughed and twirled the gold chain around his hand.

"Aye, 'tis the Kronos hourglass itself. I found it during my diving days, when I was a mere swabbie. The chest was in the shallows, and it was shining as brightly as it had eight hundred years ago. I broke open the lock and I saw the hourglass. Curious as to why a mere bauble was locked away, I took it out and placed it around my neck. I then saw the fruit. As I was starvin' from a day of diving around the reefs, I took one and ate it. The pain came then, and I passed out. When I woke, I was made of water." Luffy watched with fascination as gold Roger's arm disappeared in a splash of clear water.

"I panicked, and I wished I had my body back. No sooner had I thought that when my body had returned." Drops of water flew towards the stump and reformed into his arm. "I knew that I had eaten a devil fruit of some sort, and I worried that my diving days were over. You can imagine my surprise when lo and behold, I could swim better than I ever could before. I could go deeper, faster, and not have to come up for air."

"impossible. Devil Fruit users can't swim." Luffy crossed his arms, disbelief mounting higher. Gold roger laughed.

"that's what I thought! You can imagine my surprise as well when I was transported back here with the hourglass! I got a strange welcoming party as well!" as soon as he said this, gold roger went into a series of spasms. Luffy got up to help him, alarmed, when a voice not his own came out of gold roger. "stay back!" Luffy did as he was told. After a minute or so, gold roger stood erect, a strange aura surrounding him.

"welcome, mortal. I am glad that you are here. I must be quick, for time grows short, and the rebels advance on us. I, am Kronos." Gold roger/Kronos bowed. "welcome to Atlantis, king of the pirates."

"… this is completely insane." The god laughed.

"hohohohoho! That's what this mortal said when he first came here! but I digress. When the world government destroys Atlantis, my power is gone. I am but a forgotten god, with no followers to give me power. I ask a favor of you."

"and this is…"

"when you return to your time, I wish for you to spread the word of Kronos, return me to my former glory. If you do as I ask, I shall grant you my power." Kronos looped the golden chain around Luffy's neck. "the power of the Kronos hourglass will be yours. As well as the Mizu Mizu fruit I created."

"I already have a devil fruit." And with that, Luffy grabbed a golden chest from the top of the stack. "two devil fruits destroy the user." Kronos let out a booming laugh.

"HAHAHAHAHA! Foolish mortal! Do you think that the powers of a god are truly that weak? The Mizu Mizu fruit is the exception among exceptions! Do you think that the fruit that allows the user to swim would truly stop there? It is compatible with ANY other fruit! It is the only devil fruit that allows you to have two devil fruit powers!" Luffy remained silent. Gold roger twitched. "I must return. This human's body is nearing it's limits. The rebels advance. Remember my offer, king of the pirates! Remember it!" and gold roger collapsed. He stood up as quickly as he fell.

"I hate it when he does that. now, come! We must leave! The rebels are about to bombard the island!" he grabbed the gobsmacked Luffy by the hand, turned the golden hourglass upside down, and disappeared.

"gah!" Luffy gain landed in a tangle of limbs, further complicated by the chest that landed on his head. "ouch!"

"get up, boy. We have work to do." Gold roger picked up the boy by the scruff of the neck. "take a look around, boy. This is going to be your training grounds for the next two years." Luffy glared.

"why am I being manhandled by you? I'm the king of the pirates!" gold roger shook him like a ragdoll.

"you're the king of the pirates when you start acting like one! This will be where you stay for the next two years. Here, we will train you in diplomacy, your Mizu Mizu fruit, mannerisms, swordsmanship-"

"swordsmanship!? But Zoro's the swordsman! I don't need-" gold roger shook him like a ragdoll.

"idiot! I'm not talking about mastery! I'm talking about being able to wield a blade and not chop your arm off! A king always knows a bit of swordsmanship!" Luffy grumbled.

"You'd think there's an actual monarchy, the way you talk…" the pirate king grinned.

"oh, but there IS a monarchy, my little king of the pirates! The monarchy of the sea!" Luffy stared. "you do not believe me? then open that chest you conveniently brought and eat the Mizu Mizu fruit!" Luffy grumbled but opened it anyway. Inside was a fruit shaped like cartoon waves. "eat it!" Luffy grumbled some more, but swallowed it in one bite. He felt the effects immediately. With a scream of pain, he passed out.

when Luffy awoke, there was no pain, no reminiscence of eating the Mizu Mizu fruit. There was… harmony. Harmony with life, and omniscience he had never known. With a start, Luffy realized that he was floating in water. Or, with a sense of growing dread, he was the water. With a scream, Luffy wished he had his body back. No sooner did he think it then it happened. Luffy patted himself down, to find that yes, he did have all his bits and pieces back.

Only then did he realize that he was standing on top of the water. Luffy heard a clapping from the side. "well done! Well done! It took me a while longer to learn how to water walk, and you are doing it right off the bat! My compliments. You may just be a natural for this."

"why do I have to have this anyway?" Luffy stretched out his arm, to confirm that yes, he still was a rubber man. "come to think of it, why are you training me? and how are you still alive?"

Gold roger chuckled softly. "when I gave myself up, they searched me and confiscated all of my weapons and assorted items in my pockets. They forgot about the gold chain around my neck. I realized while I was waiting for my death in that jail cell that whoever found one piece would no doubt be chased by marines and near dead, or have something they wished to redo. I fast-forwarded time to about a week after my death and disappeared to Raftel. I had been waiting ever since. After a marine boat came too close to Raftel before a sea king sank it, I realized that it was too dangerous to leave my treasure in this time. I moved it all back to Atlantis, where only I could retrieve it."

"Now come. The rest of my explanation requires you to see it to believe." Gold roger grabbed him by the scruff again, and pulled him under.

"MMMFF!" Luffy let out a gasp of air, expecting to drown only to find he could breathe, and he could still move. Gold roger grinned.

"it was a little disconcerting my first time, too." He warbled, the water distorting his voice. Luffy's eyes bugged out. He laughed. "hahaha! Yes, we can talk underwater. For all intents and purposes, we have become mermen."

"really?" Luffy said, awestruck, only to realize he had talked too. "COOL!" gold roger laughed. A shark swam by.

"g'day, my liege! Who's the two-legged with you?" Luffy's eyes bugged out even further when he could understand what the shark SAID.

"this is my apprentice. He will one day be the new Poseidon." The shark gaped, before swimming off. Luffy quirked an eyebrow. Gold roger shrugged. "it's the name of the old god of the sea. I merely borrowed it."

"'my liege'?"

"I am the king of the sea. The Mizu Mizu fruit." He said, as if it explained everything. Which it did, sort of. "Now come! We must begin our training!"

Two years later…

Luffy, with reflexes honed from two years of training, jumped out of bed and whirled around with the katana he kept near him at all times, just in time to intercept a slice from gold roger.

"Defend yourself!" he roared as he slashed away at his defenses. Luffy merely spat behind his assailant and melted away. A nanosecond later, the former captain of the straw hat pirates reformed from that drop of spit and hacked away at gold Roger's unprotected backside. The blow connected… only for the former king of pirates to melt away. Gold roger clapped from the doorway. "Bravo! Bravo! You did well against the water clone!"

"You still have to teach me how to do that…" Luffy grumbled.

"Ah, but you wouldn't be able to do it with a mere two years of training. It took me decades of repeated days to master that. Any logia user could learn to do something like that, if they devoted enough time to it. They rarely do, however." Luffy rolled his eyes.

"Yeah, yeah, you're just lazy." Gold roger went to smack him upside the head, only for Luffy to dodge. "Nope! Not happening!"

"I've trained you well!" he smirked. "Very well! It is time for you to meet with our subjects again!" gold roger gestured for the door, and Luffy walked through. With a running jump, Luffy was in the water and swimming.

"g'day, my lieges!" an octopus merman said as he walked along the shallows. They waved before swimming away. After much greeting of underwater passersby, they reached their destination.

The underwater palace was a sight to behold. The entire building was made out of a long-extinct coral, which shimmered with an unnatural glow. The algae creeping up the pillars of coral twisted and turned, much like vines above the surface. Happy denizens of the sea swarmed in to hear their king's latest speech.

"Luffy. The palace awaits you. We shall make one final announcement to the people, and then… we return." Luffy stared.

"We're finally going back?" all thoughts of the life he had led, once hidden in the haze of time, came rushing to the fore. "We're…" he stopped in the water. Gold roger dragged him along.

"You can have an emotional breakdown later! Right now, you put on your 'happy' face like I taught you!" with great effort, Luffy forced his face into a smile as he waved to the millions of underwater sea folk. Gold roger waved down to them. "My people! It is on a day of greatness that we gather here today! Today, we celebrate the birth of a king!" he yanked Luffy forward as the crowd cheered.

"Many of you know him well! He has mingled amongst yourselves, shared your hardships with you, and celebrated through your times of joy. Today, we celebrate the birth of king Monkey D. Luffy!" the crowd erupted into applause and cheers as a crown of coral was lowered onto Luffy's head. Gold roger made a motion, and the crowd fell silent.

"And yet, not one of you here will live under a day of his rule. Nor will your children, nor your children's children, nor many of your descendants." The crowd murmured confusedly. "But someday! He will return! He will return, and you shall rejoice! You will not be able to tell who he is by name! For he has many names, and he has no name, for they drift away with the currents!" the crowd cheered. "Cheer for your future king! Cheer for the king of the future! Cheer for your king from the future!" gold roger put a hand on Luffy's shoulder, twisted the Kronos Hourglass, and the two kings of the sea disappeared from a thousand years in the past. Back to the time that they belonged in. back to the golden age of pirates.

Bang, beng, Bing, bong, bung, done!

This is the first chapter of what I hope will be a story that inspire many more one piece fans to write their ideas. If it's canon, (real story, and not made up characters) and has enough back plot to explain where your ideas come from, it's probably going to be a good story, and you should post it on fanfiction! That's what this whole place is about!

Hope you guys enjoyed the first chapter of The Will of D! This is The Animaniac Dude, signing off!