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A Father's Intervention: Chapter 1


What was a father to do? With three successful sons, all incredibly smart and handsome; you think one of them would have figured it out. Haven't their mother and I been a fine pair of examples? Didn't we create a loving atmosphere at home that many would give anything to have? I thought I had done a better job at raising them; and my poor wife, she loses sleep over them. All of her babies have grown and left the nest, and my dear Esme longs for grandbabies to spoil. You think one of my so called bright sons would have given her that simple gift; it really isn't that much to ask for.

My name is Carlisle, and I have three sons who have tested my patience long enough. I gave them time, I told them of the joys of marriage and parenthood, but have they listened? I'm afraid they haven't, and now it's time for me to step in.

It's time for a Father's intervention.

Let me introduce you to my three sons; I'll start with Jasper.

Jasper is the oldest of my boys, and by far the most mature of the group. He takes his life and his job very seriously, no time for work or play. History is his passion. He's spent years traveling the world, finding his own treasures to open his very own museum and library. He spends hours working, and traveling; always trying to discover new secrets about the past. Some might think he's adventurous, and to a certain degree I would say that he was. But not in the way most would think. He always works alone, and never mixes business with pleasure.

I've picked him out a live wire. This little spit fire is going to throw him for a loop, and turn is organized world upside-down. She doesn't live by the rules, and you never know what she'll do next. She's the god-child of my Aunt, and she's perfect for my Jasper.

Next is Emmett. What can I say, except he is the polar opposite of Jasper. He lives by the seat of his pants, and flies through life never thinking of how it affects others. He's had many women, and when I say many, I mean it. He's a ladies' man through and through, and always gets what he wants. I must tell you though, my Esme didn't raise our sons to be disrespectful. Even though Emmett has had his fair share of women, he never hurts or betrays them.

Emmett isn't going to know what hit him when my little beauty is through with him. She's strong, independent, and will see right through Emmett's charm to the man he is inside. She'll bring him down to size, and take hold of the reigns. Did I mention she's downright gorgeous? She's my auto mechanic, and a good one at that, and I couldn't think of anyone better suited for the job of taming Emmett.

And last but certainly not least is my youngest; Edward. Esme has a soft spot for her 'baby boy' and I had to tread carefully. No woman is too good for her Edward. He's going to be the hardest nut to crack. Of all our boys, he's made the biggest name for himself. He's become a world famous pianist; much to his mother's delight. He travels the world giving concerts, and performing for sold out audiences all across the globe. He has women everywhere who would literally kill to be with him, but our Edward won't give any of them a second look. He feels he's better off alone. No woman could deal with his rigorous schedule. No woman could deal with the girls who throw themselves at him. And most importantly, in his opinion, no woman would ever want him for more than his fame and fortune.

I've chosen very carefully for my Edward. This beautiful young lady is the daughter of my best friend and college roommate. She comes from money; old money. You'd never know it though, because she's as humble as they come. She's trying to make a name for herself as an artist, and a fine artist she is too. But don't underestimate her; she's got an edge to her, make no mistake about that. She'll have to be strong to take on Edward, because he'll put her through the ringer. She's a tough one though, and I know that she'll work her way into Edward's heart, just as she does to everyone who knows her.

Now, I better get a move on, because I, and these girls have our work cut out for us.

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