Summary: Tim gets an unexpected lesson from Gibbs. Warning: discussion of spanking of adults. Don't like? Don't read!

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A/N: This is part of my discipline series and builds on a larger plot arc. It should make sense on its own, but there are references to things that have happened in my other stories and it is probably best enjoyed after reading my other Tim-focused fics. This is set late in season 4, sometime after Cover Story and before Angel of Death. There's no tag to a specific episode for the events in this story, but it refers to the fact that McGee is a Youth Ranger leader, which we learn in season 5 in Lost and Found... I have trouble believing that Tim turning up with a bunch of kids was the first that Gibbs heard of that part of his life.

Thanks to draggon-flye for help with brainstorming.

Warning: this is part of a discipline series that contains the spanking of adults. If you have a problem with that, click on that 'back' button now. You've been warned.

Gibbs stepped out of the elevator and paused, surprised not to be the first member of his team in the office in the morning. He recovered quickly, though, and headed towards his desk.

McGee was seated at his own desk, which was covered with papers, and appeared to be reading off of two different computer screens, his lips moving slightly in concentration.

When he got closer, Gibbs could see that most of the papers were topographical maps and the rest appeared to be handbooks on how to read them. Somewhat perplexed, Gibbs set his coffee down on his desk and stepped over to stand beside his young agent. Reading over his shoulder, he could see that the computers were displaying more guides to map-reading.

'What's all this?'

McGee jumped, not having noticed his boss's approach. Gibbs bit back his comment about being aware of one's surroundings. He was curious about the sudden interest in land-nav exercises, and he knew he wouldn't get much of an explanation if he paired his question with a criticism.

'Oh... uh... hi, Boss. I... uh... didn't see you come in.'

Gibbs smiled, and waited. McGee finally realised that he hadn't answered the question.

'It's, uh... maps... mainly.'

'Well, yeah, McGee... I can see that.'

'And I'm... uh... trying to figure out how to... you know... read them.'


'Well, I thought it would be a useful skill to have... as... uh... a field agent...'

Tim trailed off, realising that Gibbs wasn't buying the explanation.

'And that's why you're here at 0700 on a Monday morning?'

'Ok... but don't laugh... No, of course you'll laugh... but... uh... never mind.'

'Tim! What's going on?'

Gibbs now sounded concerned, wondering what had his agent so rattled.


'What? Hold on. A little slower, McGee, ok?'

'I'm a Youth Ranger leader, and I need to take a bunch of kids out to work on their orienteering badges. Which means I need to learn something about... well... this...'

McGee waved his hands over his desk in a gesture of dismay.



'This Saturday?'

'Well, I was going to do all this earlier, but then we got caught up with the Daniels case... and... uh... yeah.'


Gibbs returned to his desk and picked up the first of the files that he had to review. He looked up every few minutes, watching McGee shuffle the various papers around his desk with an expression of utter confusion and despair on his face. Finally, the Director arrived and Gibbs bounded up the stairs after her.

When he returned, Tony was just sitting down.


He sprang back onto his feet.

'Yeah, Boss!'

'Take tomorrow off. You put in more than enough overtime on the Daniels case; you deserve a day's leave.'

'Uh... who are you and what have you done with my boss?'

'Seriously, Tony... you've been working all hours. Stay home. Sleep late. Watch a movie.'

'Uh... ok?'

Tony still didn't sound entirely sure that Gibbs was serious.

Gibbs turned towards Tim, who was looking at him with a 'what about me?' expression that made him seem much younger.

'I'll pick you up at 0600, McGee.'

The look of despair was almost comical.

'Uh, Boss?'

'Bring your hiking gear, and your map.'


'Because I'm going to teach you how to read the damn thing! You learn by doing, Tim, not by memorising something off the internet.'

McGee felt a rush of relief at the thought that his boss was going to show him what he needed to know.

Followed quickly by a rush of horror at the thought that his boss was going to show him what he needed to know.