Setsuna was surprised at the response. She half expected to hear Konoka say she would think about it, but to get an answer that fast meant something. Konoka felt the same way about it. A flash of happiness and excitement ran through Setsuna. It was the best thing she had heard all year since she first asked Konoka out. Setsuna realized just then that had she not acted upon the feelings that started back during the school trip to Kyoto and Nara she would have never been truly happy like she was now.

Setsuna's next thoughts were about how to explain this to Konoka's family. Fortunately for her Konoka solved all that when she spoke again. "Hey Se-chan, let's go tell Gramps, I bet he'd be delighted!" Setsuna's thought immediately went blank. Konoka's grandfather was Mahora Academy's headmaster and on top of that was the Elder of the Kantou Magic Association. This knowledge caused Setsuna some mild panic but when she got her thoughts going again long enough to speak, she found herself being dragged by Konoka toward the Headmaster's office.

"Ojou-sama, wait I…but…uhh…Headmaster is..." Setsuna brokenly spoke her nervousness now getting the better of her. Falling back to her original way of using an honorific toward Konoka was only part of it. Setsuna could barely form a coherent sentence. Her mind was racing. 'Surely the headmaster will disapprove and then I'll be sent away and never see Kono-chan again. I might even get sent to the magical world as part of the banishment. Why did she have to pick the Headmaster? Calling her father Eishun-sama would have been easier than going to meet Headmaster. Oh…what to do...' Konoka looked at Setsuna and smiled. All of Setsuna's worries just seemed to go away in that moment. She was with the one she loved and that's what mattered most.

Upon entering the Headmaster's room Konoka spoke up almost immediately. 'Grandpa, Se-chan and I have something to tell you. Go ahead Se-chan." Setsuna was almost rendered speechless and then found her courage to speak. "Headmaster, I don't know how you will take this news but it is important that you hear it. I have formally proposed to Konoka and she accepted. With your blessing I would like to have her as my bride." Setsuna bowed her head slightly to show respect to the Headmaster. He looked at her with his piercing eyes. His stroked his long beard thoughtfully before speaking. 'If this is what both your heats truly desire then I shall not stop you from doing as you wish. Konoka, Setsuna. You have my blessing. I would advise the both of you to let Eishun know about this as soon as possible." Setsuna bowed and thanked the Headmaster and took Konoka's hand and walked out of his office.

"Well Kono-chan, we have the Headmaster's good graces now all we need to do is go talk to your father." Setsuna spoke as they walked through the halls of the school. Suddenly it seemed as though everyone in 3-A had surrounded them barraging them with questions. "Did you propose to her Setsuna-san?" asked Yuna, "Did you give her a ring?"asked Makie. A deluge of such question all came to the girl's attention all at once. Everyone in 3-A had somehow found out about the proposal. Setsuna had no idea who could have found out about it and then realized something. She had seen Haruna out of the corner of her eye earlier that day. They had been followed all day and Setsuna hadn't even noticed.

After they had extricated themselves from the masses of unanswerable questions they quickly made their way to the dorms. They entered into the dorm to find Negi and Asuna standing there. Setsuna stopped as soon as she entered the room. Asuna spoke first. "What's this I hear about you proposing to Konoka-san, Setsuna-san? This has the smell of a typical Haruna rumor. Is it true?" Setsuna smiled at Asuna and told her the truth. "Yes it is Asuna-san. I proposed to her today in fact and she accepted. We also got the Headmaster's blessing on it."

Setsuna couldn't stop smiling. She was so happy that words could not being to describe it. Negi was the next to speak. His opinion had a lot of weight considering he was their teacher and at the same time he had probationary contracts with both of them. 'I think that's great for the both of you. You found happiness in each other and you want it to remain that way. Good for you." His approval would finally seal up any of the looser ends.

Plans were made late into the night as to what they would do for a ceremony and it was finally decided that it would be a small one. It was to be held at Evangeline's resort and the only people they wanted to attend it were the members of Ala Alba and the Headmaster to preside over it all. All they needed now was a date but that could wait for a little while. Setsuna and Konoka had some planning to do of their own. "If you would excuse the both of us we'll be leaving now." said Setsuna.

Setsuna took Konoka back to the dorm that she lived in. Negi's dorm had been great while he was gone but now that he and Asuna were back Setsuna's dorm became the default winner as for where to spend a night together without interruption. Setsuna walked in and waited for Konoka to do the same and then shut the door behind them. She walked up to Konoka and grabbed her around the waist and then whispered in her ear. "I hope you're in the mood for a little late night fun tonight"

When she said this she slid off Konoka's skirt and panties in one slow motion and turned her around to face her. Konoka smiled and then kissed Setsuna and returned the favor of removing Setsuna's skirt and panties. The two of them continued making out and undressing each other. Finally the two of them stood in front of each other without anything on. Setsuna gently pushed Konoka down onto the bed and got up on top of her. They continued making out and it was Konoka that got thing rolling a little faster. She started to play around with her hands all over Setsuna. Setsuna gently moaned and then started to do the same.

The night was young and the mood was getting more and more intimate as they continued on. Now on both of their minds though was the fact that they were to be married soon and both of their lives would change forever.

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