It All Started With A Visit To Gringotts

Disclaimer: No matter how many times I wave my wand, I do not hold any rights to any of the Harry Potter series but I am grateful to JK for writing them.

Summary: Voldemort is dead and Harry has finally graduated from Hogwarts and is ready to live his life but his world is turned upside down when he realizes friends can become enemies and enemies become friends; the one he loved he now hates and the one he hated he now loves; poor men become rich; the one he trusted the most was the one who did him the most harm. A new dark lord appears and it turns out to be an ancient evil. And it all started with a visit to Gringotts. HP/SS, DM/HG, NL/LL.

Warning: Rated for mild slash and some mild naughty stuff along the way. If you think characters are not acting as they should it's because I'm pulling their strings.

Canon up to DH Final Battle, except Snape doesn't die neither does Fred.


Chapter 1: A Visit To Gringotts

Harry was excited, he was in love, in two days time he was marrying the girl of his dreams; Ginny. Ginevra Weasley was the most beautiful girl in the world, clear creamy skin, chocolate brown eyes, long red hair and even longer legs. She was perfect and she was all his and in two days they would be bonded together for all time. For the last eight years Harry had felt that he was part of the Weasley family but in forty eight hours he would really be family – he was going to have a family. It was a little over a year ago Harry had defeated Voldemort for good. The prophecy fulfilled, Harry the Boy Who Lived, the Chosen One was now the Man Who Defeated the Dark Lord. He was a symbol of the Light and with the death of Dumbledore he was considered the greatest wizard alive.

Life was good. He had spent an extra year at Hogwarts and completed his education and in six weeks time after a month in Paris on honeymoon he was going to enter Auror training. Ginny wanted a June wedding but Harry wanted to graduate first so they were going to get bonded on June 30, the last day in June but Ginny would still be a June bride. Life was good.

Today he was going to Gringotts to meet with his account manager. Harry was surprised a week ago when Mrs. Weasley handed him the Gringotts letter that had arrived at the Burrow. It was the day after graduation and Harry had spent the night after he Ron, Ginny and Hermione had partied until early in the morning. They were students no longer. The bird with the Gringotts envelope had come early in the morning and Mrs. Weasley gave the letter to him at lunch (they woke up too late for breakfast). The letter explained that it was the custom for all Potter males to meet with the Potter Account Manager before they got bonded to make arrangements for their new bride. An appointment was set for Harry two days before the wedding and was considered a formality.

Ron had volunteered to go with Harry but had been invited to a Chudley Cannons practice match that very morning. Ron was obsessed with the Cannons and was surprised when the captain of the team had sent an owl inviting the war hero to the practice. It was no secret that Ron had hoped to be a professional Quidditch player but he was not in Harry's opinion good enough to go professional. Harry loved him as a brother and wanted no better person to stand beside him in a fight but he was the first to admit that as a Quidditch player Ron was not the best but the Cannons were the worst team in the league so Ron would fit in.

As he walked up the stairs to the white marble building Harry fondly remembered the first time he came to Gringotts with Hagrid. It was eight years ago and the then 11 year old Harry was new to the wizarding world. Walking into the building nothing seemed to have changed since that day eight years ago. The goblins went about their daily work, while witches and wizards were waving to him, pointing him out to others and some even tried to shake his hand. He laughed, normally he didn't like all the attention but today he smiled and shook hands. He was happy.

Harry walked up to the counter and greeted the goblin. "I am here for an appointment with the manager of the Potter account."

The goblin bowed to him and greeted him politely. "Good afternoon Lord Potter please have a seat and Grobrick will be with you shortly."

Harry turned to go to the proffered seat and saw the one goblin he knew. "Why hello Griphook how are you?" The goblin looked shocked, no one took time to remember the goblins names and he had only met Harry once before.

"I am fine Lord Potter. I hope your dealings with us today will increase your gold."

Harry laughed goblins only thought was on gold. "Well Griphook I hope that our dealings will increase gold for you, your family and all who deal with Gringotts."

Griphook smiled a rare smile. Harry had unknowingly given the goblin a wonderful blessing.

"I thank you for your blessing on our bank Lord Potter" said a voice behind him. Harry turned and greeted the new goblin who he assumed was Grobrick the Head of the Potter accounts. He was taller than Griphook, his clothes were of a rich royal blue material and he had an aura of authority about him.

"You are quite welcome. Grobrick I assume."

The goblin gave a slight bow. "Please sir, come this way."

Harry was led to the back of the bank and into a large office, where two other goblins were seated. Like Grobrick both were well dressed. One in deep purple robes and the other was much older than the other two and had on a silver tunic which seemed to match his hair, he had on black leggings, leather boots and on his waist a jewelled dagger. Grobrick introduced the purple robed goblin as Magnus Head of the Black accounts and the other as Fireforge Head of Gringotts special accounts. As Harry bowed to both goblins he suddenly had a thought that this was no ordinary meeting. Harry sat quietly waiting for Grobrick to begin. All three goblins watched the young man intensely.

Fireforge was first to address Harry. "I am very happy to see you Lord Potter, I have been trying to have a meeting with you for the last eight years."

Of all the things Harry expected that statement was the last.

"Eight years. I'm sorry I never received any correspondence from your bank until late last week asking for this appointment."

The three goblins looked at each other with knowing looks.

Grobrick turned to Harry "I am sure it was an oversight Lord Potter. There are many things we would like to discuss with you today concerning your accounts."

"I am sure gentlemen that I could schedule some time when I get back from my honeymoon to go over the Potter and Black accounts with you but I don't think I could give you more than an hour today. So if we could discuss the procedure for adding my future wife to the accounts, I would appreciate it."

Magnus looked fiercely at Harry "Lord Potter what do you know about your fortune?"

Harry knew he had inherited the Black fortune and while he didn't know the extent to what Sirius had left him, he knew it was enough for Ginny and himself to get a good start in life. As for the Potter fortune it consisted of a single vault which was nearly empty after eight years of school. He knew the Potter name was an old one so he was still subjected to the traditions of the pure blood families.

"I know enough, could we please just discuss Ginny so I could go and I promise I will speak to you as soon as I return from Paris."

Magnus looked like he was going to scream but Fireforge simply placed his hands on the younger goblin's shoulder. The silver haired goblin smiled at Harry. "Of course Lord Potter, we will just discuss your beautiful bride. Congratulations by the way. It has been a long awaited marriage and I am sure the wizarding world will be talking about your wedding for years to come."

"Thank you Fireforge, so if we could begin".

The other two goblins looked at the older goblin and let him lead the proceedings. "Yes, lets. Firstly Lord Potter I am assuming that the future Lady Potter would be pleased to wear your great grandmother's wedding dress. It was hand crafted using the finest acromantula silks inlaid with gold and silver runes."

"It sounds beautiful but I am sure that Ginny already has her dress ready."

"Oh, I'm sorry. The dress was sent to her over two months ago, so it could be fitted for her."

Harry shook his head "you must be mistaken I only proposed a month ago." Harry had proposed after their last exam.

"Again I am sorry I must have the time wrong. Well no doubt the Potter wedding rings of the Lord and Lady have been cleaned and polished."

"I didn't know such rings existed. I never saw them in my vault. I must tell Ron about them he said he was getting the rings as a wedding gift to us."

"Well I am sure everything is fine. And your home Potter Manor all decorated and waiting for the happy couple."

"I don't have a manor but I have the Black's townhouse at Grimmauld Place. I decided to leave it as such and not name it Potter Manor and yes Kreacher and Mrs Weasley have been busy cleaning." Harry heard Magnus let out a frustrated sigh. Harry saw him shaking his head, no doubt not approving the house of the Noble and Most Ancient House of Black going to a non family member.

"Ah well all seems to be going well. So the last thing we need to settle is your wife's allowance."

"Her allowance?"

"Yes all Potter wives are given an allowance to take care of their personal needs."

Harry nodded "Well that seems ok. How much should I give her?"

"Well you are currently giving her an allowance of 100 galleons a month as well as a further 500 galleons a year for school fees. I am assuming you want to increase that figure. "

Harry looked at the three goblins as if they were crazy, he must have heard wrong. "Did you just say I have been giving Ginny 100 galleons a month?"

"Yes and 500 a year for school fees" Fireforge confirmed.

Something inside of Harry lurched. No this was wrong, the goblins were wrong, not his Ginny.

"Of course that figure does not include the allowance to her family I am assuming that will also continue."

WHAT no it must be a mistake not Ginny, it must have been a provision in Sirius' will, yes that it, she must have been getting the money from Sirius.

"This money is it coming out of the Black estate did Sirius set it up?" Harry asked.

"No, it has been coming out of the Potter estate, for the last seven years" the goblin answered.

"Seven years! Ginny has been getting an allowance for the past seven years" Harry said in shock.

"Every month as well as the payment of her school fees" the goblin said calmly.

Harry was silent and the asked, "the Weasleys also have been getting an allowance for seven years?"

"No for eight."