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Chapter 60: The Adventure Never Ends

… … …

Harry smiled looking at the empty common room, he was a little nervous. He always was the first day of school when the new and returning students would come in. This year however, the castle was humming; she told him a special student was coming.

The doors to the common room opened and the room was filled with the loud happy sound of the students. He looked at them, Dante had already informed him that there were forty six new students, the lowest number in a while but Harry was always happy if one student was sorted into his house.

The prefects directed the students to sit on the wide array of bean bag chairs on the ground in front of him. He smiled.

"Welcome, my little ones welcome to Hogwarts and to those newly sorted, congratulations on being chosen to the family of Prince. I am Harry Prince founder of this esteem house" Harry said as he watched the students with black and white ties.

There was an excited murmur from the students as they looked up at the life sized portrait of the tall broad handsome man with emerald green eyes and long black and auburn hair. On his head was a plain shimmering band of white which matched his robes of iridescent pearl but he had a sword of pure black on hip. The portrait was standing, though there was a golden throne behind him. If one looked closely one would see the symbol of a circle inside a triangle with a line from the base of the circle to the inside tip of the triangle; this symbol was engraved on the throne. Behind the throne was a stained glass window with both the Potter and Black family crests. On either side of the throne was a post, on his right a pure white snowy owl, on his left a pure black owl with green eyes. Even the returning students looked in awe at the legendary Harry Prince whose Griffin animagus form was the symbol of their house.

"My other half Severus Prince should have been here already to greet you but got tied up in a meeting with the all of the former Headmasters and Headmistresses. He should be... ah if I am not mistaken here he comes" Harry said with slight amusement. Severus always liked to make a dramatic appearance.

The door to the common room opened and banged. The students all turned around and they saw the animals in the portrait at the door run to the side of their frame as the powerful scowling black eyed man in billowing black robes came striding through. He had shoulder length straight black hair with a stripe of silvery white; he too had on a shimmering white crown on his head. He did not have a sword but a dagger on his hip, it was as if made of pearl. He looked fearsome.

The students felt the magic in the room pulse. One little first year girl grabbed the hand of the little centaur sitting next to her, they were both scared... Harry saw the movement and chuckled. As the black robed man walked through the portraits the men in the shimmering cloaks shook their heads, another who looked a lot like him smiled with pride... he was briefly accosted by one wizard portrait who turned into a grim like dog and barked angrily at him. If they were looking at him closely they saw the slight upturn of his lips as he passed the beautiful red haired witch in green robes and give a wink to the absolutely stunning witch with long black hair and emerald green eyes. Finally he came into the frame with his husband.

"You are late" Harry said and gave his husband a kiss... they heard some of the girls giggle.

"Yes well Headmistress Jacobs-Newton and I had a strong disagreement on the Apprentices final year project" Severus said.

"I thought you and Susan agreed on Atlantis" Harry said in somewhat of a surprise, the portraits of the two former Heads usually agreed on everything.

"Yes well I changed my mind I want them to go to India" Severus said and Harry gave him a slight glare.

Severus saw his husband's look and quickly changed the subject. He looked out at the new and returning students and gave them a frown. "Looks like another group of dunderheads Harry."

"Well that would make it even more fun to help them become proper witches and wizards" Harry said with amusement.

Harry held his husband's hand and the two stepped out of their portrait and into the room. The first years, even those who grew up in the magical world screamed. Harry and Severus while obviously not alive and not ghosts, were standing next to them. A brave little boy reached out and touched Harry who felt solid. Harry chuckled; it always took a while for the first years to get accustomed to their corporal forms. It was something only he, Severus and Neville could do but they actually did not do it often, preferring to be in their frames. Harry knew the other four founders could as well but only actually did it that one time. Actually Salazar did it twice, the other time was to give Julieta away at her wedding. The other portraits would only be corporal in the RoR.

Severus pulled Harry back to the present by giving the students his warning. "You all better work hard. We have a fine reputation to maintain. We have won the house-cup eight years in a row and three hundred and thirty six times in the last four hundred and fifty years. I don't want to pass it to the other idiots. Salazar got the Prince twins and I know they are going to start raking up points from early" the man spat at the 'live ones' but his husband of almost five hundred years heard the pride in his voice.

"My little name sakes went into Slytherin? I was so sure they would have ended up here, they are Princes after all. Just goes to show that the sorting hat sorts you according to your own nature and not family name or heritage. Ah well I think I need to make sure they are okay... welcome little griffins, I would see you all around" a voice said from the side. The new students gasped as they saw the handsome man who had been sitting in the corner by the fire, stand up put his wine glass down on the side table and then went through the wall.

Harry and Severus heard the murmurs of "he is a ghost?"

Harry sighed and turned to a young lad who looked like a fifth year, who had been leaning up against the wall watching them. "Octavius would you please follow him, I don't want Professor Sampson-Black coming in here yelling about Valerian disrupting her welcoming ceremony. The teen ghost nodded and whistled and the shimmering form of a horse came into the room, he got on and like the man before passed through the walls.

"He is a ghost too!" a little boy shouted.

"Are you two ghosts?" another little boy who Severus and Harry knew was one of Brian and Justine's descendents asked.

"No, little Watson, we are not ghosts. We are the corporal magical forms of our former selves which live in the castle. Ghosts are souls that have for one reason or the other have not moved on to the realm beyond. Our souls are gone, we are pure magic" Severus said.

"When we died our magic was absorbed into the castle. While our body, mind and souls went to the lands beyond, our magic actually remained and became part of Hogwarts. We are a part of her. The magic of the six founders are a part of her. If she needs defending we can become corporal and fight to protect her" Harry explained.

"You would learn more about it in your Wizarding Culture class this year" Severus said. "However, there are also ghosts in the castle and Valerian, Octavius his horse Beauty and Emily are the ghosts which are associated with the House of Prince. Valerian is the ghost who had the glass of wine. He is an expert in Runes, Charms and Swords and is a great story teller. Octavius is the young lad, who with his horse Beauty protects the house. Octavius patrols every night so know that you cannot sneak out after curfew. No one and I mean no one escapes him and don't let his looks fool you, he is not fifteen but over a thousand years old. Anyone coming late to curfew will need to explain to him why you are late. However, little ones know that no one from any other house will be able to bully you, Octavius takes his job seriously."

Harry saw one little boy sigh in relief.

"The last ghost, looks like six and in fact behaves like six. Emily is a ball of fun and mischief. Some of you might have met her before the ceremony; she was the little ghost who was campaigning against the other houses. Right now because of that she is in a time out" Severus said.

"She may be a handful but she is family. Just like you all are and no matter how naughty you are you will always be family" Harry said with a smile.

The little ones saw Severus scowling at the older ones, many of whom were chuckling and rolling their eyes as they knew how much of a softy the black robed wizard really was. As a matter of fact of the two, Harry was really the strict one. Severus was serious in class and was no nonsense and not once in any of their knowledge had any of the students even the Apprentices, ever beaten him in a fight in Advance Defence. He was also known to step out of his portrait and gave a well deserving smack to anyone caught bullying. However he was the one who would comfort them when they missed home and would help them with homework and sometimes sing them a lullaby when they can't sleep or tell them a story if it was stormy outside. If they had any problems the students tended to go to him faster than to Harry. The older students were sure that by the end of the first week the new students in their house would be calling Severus, Papa Sev like they did.

Harry smiled at the little ones "As Severus said before, we have enjoyed eight years of winning the house cup and that is partially due to our fantastic Quidditch team led by our current Headboy Apprentice Michael Prince." There was a loud round of applause as the tall boy with onyx eyes and short black, unmanageable looking hair stood up.

Harry continued and officially started his welcoming speech. "Now for those of you who have just entered, Hogwarts is the finest school of witchcraft and wizardry in the world, it was founded over 1500 years ago by the four descendents of the immortals of Atlantis; Godric Gryffindor, Salazar Slytherin, Helga Hufflepuff and Rowena Ravenclaw. Nearly five hundred years ago my husband Severus and I along with Lord Neville Longbottom, the muggle Dudley Dursley Le Fay and the high elf Jarak Inatar defeated the immortal Amun and restored the balance of magic to the world. For our actions Hogwarts created a fifth house which we named Prince."

As usual there was excitement at the mention of the legendary names.

"It should have been Potter but that idiot had to change his name to Prince as if Potter is not a good name" a portrait of a young man with messy black hair and round nerdy glasses and a shimmering cloak said.

The beautiful red haired lady scowled. "Don't make me come over there James Potter or I will have Hogwarts ground you for a hundred years, you know she will do it." The young man scoffed but shut up.

A little first year boy put up his hand and Harry smiled and indicated he could speak. The boy stood up and asked with awe "Did you really know Dudley Dursley Le Fey?"

Severus scoffed and rolled his eyes and said "muggleborn".

Harry chuckled "Yes Dudley was my actually my cousin we grew up together... if you look in the corner over there..." Harry pointed and they saw the darkened corner light up and they saw the portrait of the tall muscular blond hair warrior in elven armour. He had a shining sword in his hand, a shield in the other and another sword on his hip. Around his neck there was a chain with an Egyptian Eye pendent. On the rock he was standing on there was a lotus flower, a conch shell and a strange set of gloves.

The little ones gasped at the sight of the portrait and the muggleborn boy looked at it in awe.

"That is Dudley, Hogwarts honoured him by making a portrait... since he was a muggle his portrait does not move or interact, but his greatness was honoured. His portrait is the only portrait of a muggle that exists in the magical realm, a copy of this portrait resides in the Ministry of Magic in London and the High Elf King's Palace. The Ministry also has a statue of him. When you get your tour of the school tomorrow and Michael Prince takes you to the Hogwarts Hall of Fame in the Heritage Wing you would see him on the tapestry of our battle and his armour on display... of course Excalibur is not there, she is back asleep. His other sword, his shield, the shell and the 'eye' are with the British King's muggle Ambassador to the Magical Realms which has been passed on from Ambassador to Ambassador. However his actual armour built by the legendary High Elf Feanor of Noldor is there."

There were a few mumbles of excitement.

"For those of you who are muggleborn or who grew up in the goblin realm or the elf kingdom, most of the stories and legends you would have heard are true but with slight variations. You would learn the real story in your History of Magic class with Professor Valandil Inatar who actually is the son of Jarak Inatar and the dark elf vampire Vladimir Daoi-Sith. As you would have heard at the sorting luncheon, Professor Valandil is a recent addition to our staff who is replacing his father Vladimir who along with his husband Jarak has retired after teaching here for almost five hundred years."

"Headmaster Malfoy did not tell us who would be our new Magical Defence Professor?" A seventh year female student said sounding panicked.

"Actually I would be. All Magical Defence Classes will be moved to the Room of Requirements and yes Apprentices I am still going to be teaching at Apprentice Level and yes you will still be assigned time to practice with Galen and the others. However Master Yue Fei and Mistress Zhou have agreed to spend a few months" Harry said.

The older students immediately went into an uproar and Severus looked at Harry with a smile, they knew that announcement would cause excitement.

When the excitement died down Severus said "Now all of you who wish to become Advance Masters of Defence; Michael, Toby, Rachel, Zate you know this is a once in a life time opportunity, do not disappoint us."

"I am sure you wouldn't... for you first years please look at the examples of our Newt and Apprentice Level students. Every year students of our house as well as from the other Houses at Hogwarts have gone on to the magical Universities at Atlantis, Japan, India, Babylon, Heliopolis and for some of those of elven heritage Alfheim. We expect the same of you all" Harry said with twinkling green eyes.

"Now this evening, first years you will be taken to the Room of Requirement where you will be meeting with Severus and I and the other four founders where your magical potential will be tested. Don't worry it is not painful and no we will not make you fight a Basilisk or a Griffin or a Lion or any of the other ridiculous rumours I know you would have heard from the older students. We will just be looking into your eyes, to see what natural magical talents you may have. Some of you may have necromancy talents or may be parselmouths or may have the potential to be an animagus or have healing ability, or may be an elemental or a combination of those talents. Second years to seventh years, your tests will be done tomorrow."

One little girl with bushy brown hair stood up and asked excitingly "Has there ever been someone with all of those talents?"

The portraits all turned and looked at Harry. Severus chuckled "Yes one... Harry."

The first years all looked at their founder in absolute amazement.

Harry cleared his throat (even though he did not need to). "Yes well I am sure that one of these years there will be another and that is why we keep testing you, most of my talents did not show up until I was over seventeen. In my day we were not tested as you are and my talent was left dormant until it came out when I almost died and Hogwarts helped me release it. Now we test you every year to see emerging talents and potentials so we could help you learn how to control and develop your magic."

The first years gasped when a three feet, six inches tall pointed eared house-elf silently appeared. The miniature grey haired elf had on rich black and gold robes, the sorting hat on his head and a black and gold staff in his hand. The older students stood and bowed and younger students followed. With a wave of his hand the elf told them to sit.

"Dante I was wondering when you were going to join us... First Years, I know you would have met him briefly at the sorting feast but I would like to introduce our most esteemed Head of Potions at Hogwarts, and Head of the International Potions Guild, Advanced Potions Master Professor Dante Potter-Black. Even though Professor Fairchild is the official Head of House, Professor Dante is the honorary for life Head of Prince House."

Even though Harry and Severus had officially changed their name to Prince and had offered to change Dante's name as well, he refused. The elf had said he was very proud of his name and would show them his certificates with the name on it. He had broken many barriers and his name was an inspiration to many house-elves and even goblins. Now the low-elf (as house-elves were now called), was well known throughout the world and was respected by millions of many different species including humans both magics and muggles. He still however refused to stop calling Harry and Severus Master and would say only when he was their equal would he stop.

"Master Harry please... I am way too old to be running after little first years..." Dante said with a smile but then turned to the students who were sitting in front of him. "However little ones if you need any advice on anything you are free to come and see me. My office is on the second floor behind the portrait of the large tree in the cemetery... but a warning to any of you including you NEWT students, Frederick Weasley, who decide to do any illegal brewing. I am very old school and keep a switch for those who decide to not heed my warnings and sneak into one of the many potions labs. I know everything that happens in my labs... EVERYTHING. It does not matter who your parents are Artemis Malfoy and Gideon McGonagall, you break into my labs you will feel my wrath" Dante gave them a glare which was identical to the one Severus was glowering at them.

Dante turned to the portrait and said in elvish "We need you and Master Severus to come to the Headmaster's office urgently."

Harry was about to ask his daughter to take over when there was a slight scream as a tall ghost in green and silver came in with Valerian and Emily in either hand.

"Tom?" Harry asked.

"I would appreciate it if you keep your ancestors here and not have them invade my Tower" the ghost Tom said.

"Yes well we lived in that Tower before you Lord Voldesnort" Emily said.

"Emily you will apologise to Lord Riddle Slytherin this instant" Octavius said coming in and the little ghost girl quickly mumbled an apology. Octavius looked at Harry and Severus "I am sorry Harry, he pulled rank on me" Octavius giving his ghostly grandfather a slight glare.

"Tom I am sorry, they would not bother your snakes for the rest of the orientation week" Harry said and the ghost nodded and left. Harry looked at the two ghosts, Valerian went back and sat on his chair and picked up the wine he had left. Emily happily went and sat among the first years.

Severus shook his head and mumbled "I told you to send them to Prince Manor; you are the one who wanted them here."

Harry ignored his husband who he knew absolutely loved his ghostly family. Harry turned to the ever calm looking young ghost in green and black riding clothes. "Octavius we seem to have an emergency, could you help the students settle in."

Octavius nodded.

Harry and Severus turned and jumped back into their portrait. They heard the students gasp. Severus chuckled but Harry turned to the beautiful black haired witch who stood in the next frame and said "Eileen Lily could you go through the house rules with them and explain the concept of school unity with them?"

"Of course Dad" the beautiful witch with long black hair and green eyes said and walked over and stood next to her parents in their frame. "They will listen or I will call my dragon Black Warrior for them" she said with a smirk. The first years gasped and looked at her dragon rider's armour. The little ones looked scared but the apprentices cheered and Harry shook his head; with Artemis and Apollo coming, they would most likely bring the dragon with them.

"Just make sure if he does come he doesn't burn down the Tower" Severus said giving her a knowing look.

"That only happened once" Eileen Lily said and hearing someone cough she said "the temple on Mount Olympus doesn't count, it's not a Tower. It's wasn't my fault; a temple dedicated to Zeus should have been able to tolerate a few lightning bolts."

"And Black Island?" Dante said sternly.

"That house crumbled it did not burn and that was Hyperion and Shiva not me, as well you know Dante" she said.

"You dared them" Dante said.

She was about to give a retort when Harry cleared his throat and both Eileen Lily and Dante fixed their clothes and neither looked at the man who had over four hundred and eighty years ago tanned their hides royally for that particular stunt. The sorting hat on Dante's head chuckled.

"Yes well if it didn't you would not have been able to build the beautiful potions research facility that stands there now" the portrait that had been a dog said.

"You always encouraged them in their mischief" Elijah Prince's portrait said with a frown and glared at Sirius.

"Hey it's what I do, I am a Marauder, I had to pass on the legacy" Sirius said and gave the students a wink. Some of the older ones giggled and a few others winked back to the portrait. "Right James" Sirius said looking at the other portrait who was his partner in crime.

"I admit nothing" James said giving his wife's portrait a scared look.

Lily shook her head and told her son "your little ones will be safe and would be told about school unity."

Harry nodded and then turned back to the student "Little Griffins, Severus and I need to leave you but we leave you in good hands. Michael Prince I expect you to ensure that they all go to bed on time."

Harry held Severus' hand and the two left their frame and went to Severus' frame in the Headmaster's Office.

Minerva looked at them and smiled "Nice group of younglings this year Harry?"

"Yes aren't they always. Your great grandson many times was sorted in our house" Harry said.

"Gideon yes I thought he would, he has a lot of potential. His dad told me he is already a cat animagus like my son David" Minerva said with pride.

Severus looked down at the Headmaster. Septimius Malfoy was the former Runes Professor and Head of Ravenclaw, he was tall, good looking and had the trademark platinum blond hair that the Malfoys were known for. He was a good and fair man and had often reminded Severus of his beloved godson Draco. As a matter of fact Septimius had gotten accustomed to the Founder of Prince House calling him Draco rather than his actual name. Not that he minded Draco Black was one of the most famous healers in wizarding history. The hospital Draco and his wife Hermione had founded, the Granger Black Hospital, was considered by all as the most advanced hospital in the world. It was only when he first came as a student did Septimius find out that the famous healer was born Draco Malfoy.

"You said there was an emergency?" Severus said as he settled in his chair.

"I am just waiting for Godric and Salazar to arrive" Septimius said.

Severus then turned to speak to the portrait of Neville. While not a headmaster, like Harry, Neville was considered a Guardian and was called whenever the various Headmaster or Headmistresses needed advice. Neville and his wife Luna had portraits in the Hufflepuff family quarters but Neville spent a lot of his time in his greenhouse or in the Advanced Research Potions Lab and Luna spent a lot of time in the North Tower with the divinations professor. They spent most of their free time with Harry, Severus and the other founders. Neville was currently telling Severus, of his and Luna's 'vacation' to the school in Atlantis. Severus told him of his and Harry's visit to the Parselmagic school in India, where their son Hyperion's portrait was located.

Harry walked over and sat in his ancestor's red and gold throne and spoke to Rowena and Helga. Two minutes after Harry and Severus arrived, the two best friends came in. Godric playfully picked up Harry, tossed him over his shoulder, walked over and deposited him on Severus' lap. Salazar laughed raucously. Septimius shook his head; the founders of the school were sometimes, just as bad as or worse than the students.

Septimius sighed "We have a problem; we had a new student come in after the sorting was finished... He missed the train and apparently flew to Hogwarts on a broom."

"He is a transfer student?" Rowena said.

"No he is a first year. I just thank Merlin that the statues of secrecy no longer exists otherwise we would have had serious problems. He apparently landed a few times to ask directions" Septimius said.

"I like this lad already" Salazar said with a grin.

"You would. He arrived with no luggage, no wand but with a snake around his neck and the broom. He is a parselmouth" Septimius said.

"Well he is mine" Salazar said.

"Hold your horses Sal, I have quite a few parselmouths in my house as well and let's not forget whose house has the Parselmagic games trophy" Harry said.

Salazar folded his arms and grumbled in parseltongue. Severus shook his head.

"Yes well the sorting hat could not sort him" Septimius said and all of the portraits sat up. The Headmaster continued, "He says his name is Zach Serpent, the sorting hat says his name is Zachariah St. John which is also what the Hogwarts Registration Book has. However I do not remember his name in the book before today or sending out a letter." The headmaster who had a photographic memory said.

"That is very curious" Minerva said.

"When you said the sorting hat could not sort him what did you mean?" Godric asked seriously.

"I mean when he put the hat on his head the damn thing took a few minutes, chuckled and said I cannot sort him" Septimius said.

"Well I say bring the lad in, lets took a look at him" Harry said.

Septimius called Dante and a minute later the Headmaster's door opened and the elf came in with a young boy who looked like he was seven but was obviously older, though not yet eleven. He had on a pair of pants that was held up by a piece of string; his shirt was three times too big and was falling off his bony shoulder. He looked like he hadn't eaten in a while but the fresh pudding stain on his shirt indicated he had just finished eating. The boy looked around and then looked up at the pictures.

Severus gasped; the little boy had brilliant twinkling blue eyes and long auburn hair. Severus looked at Harry who was staring at the boy.

"Do you know who he looks like?" Harry whispered to Severus.

"He looks like a young Albus Dumbledore" Severus whispered back.

"Who is Albus Dumbledore?" Septimius asked.

"NO ONE" Harry, Severus, Neville, Minerva, Godric, Salazar, Helga, Rowena and a few of the older headmasters' portraits shouted together.

The little boy at first looked shocked at the talking portraits but then he looked annoyed. "Where is my snake?"

"I told you little one, she is being taken care of. We have a serpentorium in Slytherin House where all the snakes in the school live" Dante said.

"Slytherin, that be the big tower with the Great One on the outside?" the boy said and Harry grinned.

"[Tell me ssson, who are your parentsss?]" Harry hissed.

"[You ssspeak?]" The boy said in astonishment.

"[Yesss, sssome of usss do, now anssswer the quessstion]" Severus said sternly.

"[I don't know I grew up in the Ssst. John'sss orphanage, until two yearsss ago when I ran away and I found Ssserpent, ssshe taught me magic and then a wolf told me to come here. I thought it wasss going to eat me and I usssed my magic and then the wolf ssstopped and told me to come here]" the boy said.

"[Well little one welcome to Hogwartsss]" Salazar said with a smile.

Harry looked at the boy and then waved his hand and a red beam engulfed the boy. The boy screamed but they knew he was more scared than anything; he was not in any pain. They saw images of the boy's life on the outside of the beam; being beaten in the muggle orphanage, him running and hiding in a corner, him stealing food from a garbage bin and then him running away. They saw him finding the adder and the snake teaching him magic. They saw both him and the snake literally disappear and hide as the officials from the Riddle and Potter orphanages came looking for him but could not find him, though they passed right in front of him. Outside of what looked like London, they met a wolf who spoke to the boy and told him he was a Great Wizard and that he needed to go to Hogwarts. They saw him stealing the broom with the snake's guidance.

Harry chuckled when he saw the expression on the boy's face when he went into the air for the first time.

Rowena smiled when they saw an eagle speaking to the boy in the sky and she showed him the way to Hogwarts. She gave Salazar a knowing look.

With a wave of Harry's hand the beam ended and the boy started cursing. Dante shook his head and with a flick of his hand the boy's mouth was filled with soap.

Harry turned to Dante who still had on the sorting hat and said "Give him the wand."

Dante raised his eyebrow but he silently disappear. The little boy gasped in shock but then turned and tried to look stoic. Severus chuckled. Dante reappeared and handed the boy a black and white box and told him to open it.

The boy looked at them all and when Harry nodded the boy opened the box. Severus felt Harry grab his hand in excitement. The boy looked at the holly wand with the phoenix carving and the blood stone. The wand practically leapt into the boy's hand. They saw the same look of rapturous joy on the boy's face that it had when he was flying. He glowed a bright gold. Harry and Severus looked at each other with identical grins. Harry's old wand had finally found a new master.

"Give it a wave" Dante said and the boy complied.

They all watched as gold, silver, pearl, red, blue, yellow and green beamed came out of the wand. The boy giggled when the rainbow of shimmering lights rained down on him.

Septimius looked at Dante who was smiling broadly and then at the portraits.

"Well Mr. St. John, you are a very special boy indeed. I could understand why our sorting hat could not sort you" Godric said grinning.

"Yes the last lad like him I was forced to sort ended up forming his own house" the hat said with a chuckle.

The boy looked confused but then adamantly said "I am not St. John... they only call me that because I was from the St. John's orphanage. I don't want to be named for them anymore. I ran away."

Harry smiled. "Yes you did and now you are part of the Hogwarts family, so welcome home, Zachariah Hogwarts. I suspect that if we test you, we will be amazed beyond anything we have ever seen, even me... Septimius, Zachariah will live with us in Prince House but will spend his years in each of the various houses as his magic grows. Contact Minister Longbottom and have the boy's guardianship be assigned to Hogwarts."

Septimius looked at him shocked "but that has never..." he stopped whatever he was going to say when he saw all six 'founders' glaring at him sternly. "I will do that right away."

"If Longbottom gives you any trouble, just ask Julieta's portrait in Slytherin Tower to go to her husband Teddy's portrait in the Minister's Office. He would help" Severus said smiling thinking of the man who he thought of as his eldest son. A young man who became one of the most powerful and beloved Ministers of Magic in the country's history.

"Zachariah, Professor Dante here will take care of you... you are home now" Harry said softly.

They saw the tears in the boy's eyes and boy looked up and tried to dry his tears and then bravely looked at them "My snake?"

"Your protector will always have a home with you, once she wants it, as will your wolf when he reaches here. Do not worry little one all will be well" Harry said.

"Look you see how the flowers are growing on the desk. That is the castle's way of welcoming you. Go on and pick it" Severus said and the boy looked as if he wanted to but he was unsure.

"Go on my child, it is for you" Godric said and the boy took a breath and walked over and picked the flower. He held it close as if it were made of gold.

Severus looked at Dante and told him to ensure the child had a proper bath and then organise, clothes, books and what ever he needed. Harry told him to make sure the boy visited the hospital wing and have the healer check him and prepare a special diet for him. Dante smiled.

"Come on little Zachariah Hogwarts" Dante said and directed the boy out of the room.

As he left Godric stated "Rowena I want when we take him to the Room, you do a heritage check. I want to know exactly who he is."

"And if he is a descendent of Albus?" Phineas Nigellus asked.

"I have never heard of Albus having children... and Aberforth's son and daughter died in the first war against Voldemort" Minerva said.

"It does not matter, a child should be looked at for his own merit and not for who his ancestors are" Salazar said sternly.

"Nor should they be blamed for their ancestors' sins" Severus said and gave Harry's hand a squeeze.

"Godric you said you waited a thousand years for a student like me, well I am happy I did not have to wait as long. I think my true apprentice has just arrived" Harry said and they all heard Hogwarts chuckling.

"I think ladies and gentlemen we just met the next evolutionary stage of magic" Neville said with a laugh.

... ... ...

Harry stood in the golden frame that Valandil had placed in front of his class. He looked out at the excited first years. He smiled; the class had humans, elves, centaurs, goblins, a vampire and a veela.

He saw the little boy Zach sitting laughing with a little girl who obviously had mermaid blood as she had green hair. He smiled and felt his husband's hand in his. He turned to Severus who was also looking at the class. He knew exactly what his husband was thinking... things had definitely improved over the centuries.

"Today we have a real treat. We will be learning about the war of the Atlantian Immortals from the heroes of that war. You all know them as the founders of Prince House and Professors in Advance Defence, Potions and Parselmagic but it pleases me to introduce, Prince Harry James Potter Black Gryffindor and Prince Severus Tobias Prince Snape both of the House of Prince" Valandil said proudly looking at his godparents' portraits.

As the class cheered, Harry looked at his husband whose onyx eyes were glowing with pride. Severus looked at Harry and saw the eternal love that shimmered from his emerald green eyes. He squeezed his hand and all of the students felt the loving magic which seemed to come not only from the portrait but also from the castle itself. Zach looked around sharply and Harry knew the boy heard Hogwarts musical laughter.

Still holding Severus' hand Harry turned to the student and with a smile said "Well it all started with a visit to Gringotts..."



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