BOOM! Went the kitchen pans again.

"Mum can you stop that, I'm trying to do my homework"

Well I was not really doing my homework i am actually in the basement looking through my dads old treasure chests.

Last night I was looking through one that was dad's favourite he always said, "It is the one that would make him rich", so I decided that it would be the one that I would open. I opened it and a key fell out of the lid and it had an old fashioned scroll with it, and it read,

This is the key

That will open the

Secret door that is

In this study…

I knew that it would be this study because we have a secret door and because this chest was found in the study when we bought the house.

Along with the scroll came a map from the 1850s and it told us where the door was but I already new where the door was but I still read it and like I said it led right to our door……. I forgot to tell you my dad has not been seen since 1989 and know one has heard from him either.

When I got to the door, I put the key in and it, surprisingly, fit the lock I went into the door and found myself in a dark black room. I felt around and put my big fat fingers on something slimy…


I knew it, it was a snake. I stepped back and fell down a deep hole which led back into a room, my room I realized quickly, and slowly stood up and went out to my mum to have my tea.

I never told anybody about this but at night I sometimes think about telling someone.

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