She felt great. She felt happy. She had never felt more… alive. Not since before… no. She didn't want to think about it… to think about him. That was why she came here, after all. To distract herself. At this rate, she'd never have to go back to her now-empty home.

The hours flew by. Her mouth was dry, her eyes unfocussed, her movements sloppy and spasmodic. A dozen people were squished against her, alternately grinding and elbowing her in their own personal trances. Trying to forget their own personal tragedies? She could barely see across the packed room for the rapid strobe lights flashing in the dimness. Her head was thumping in time to the blaring music. Or was that her heart? It didn't matter. Nothing mattered but the Now. Especially not the past.

Kim shrugged off the heavy hand on her shoulder. Ignored the insistent yell in her ear. Tried to fight off the strong arms suddenly coiled around her waist, tugging her away from the crowd, away from the music…

…And into a toilet.

The sound muffled considerably once Shego shut the door. Kim was still struggling. She was a comical sight, waving off hands that were no longer pulling her. Shego took a deep breath, directed her eyes toward the heavens. God, give me strength.


The girl didn't answer. Shego snapped her fingers in front of Kim's dulled eyes.


"Whuh…" grunted Kim. Who the hell was this? Who the hell dared to drag the famous Kim Possible, rising star of GJ, out of the music? She squinted at the fool. Green and… green and black… and sallow skin… Hey


"Alright, alright, don't hurt yourself trying…"

Kim blinked slowly before bursting into a hacking laugh. "You always wuz a funny one…"

The hero lurched about, her heels tapping an unsteady rhythm into the tiled floor. Shego reached out and grabbed the girl firmly by her shoulders, stilling her. "Cupcake, where are your friends? Are you here alone?"

"Aw, don't be silly… They don't know I'm here!" A fresh wave of mischievous laughter reverberated around the walls. "I needed to get… to get some alone time with my boy, Ronald…" Kim looked around in a stupor. "Ron? Where you at, sweetheart? Where…" Her voice grew frantic. "No, no, no, he isn't dead, Shego, he isn't dead… He's here somewhere, I saw him, I… Ron? Ron! Ron, where—"

"Hush," hissed Shego, her hand pressed against Kim's mouth. She waited until Kim had calmed down slightly before releasing her. "You're drunk."

"Nooo, I'm not…" giggled Kim.

"Yes, you are."

"Nooo…" Kim trailed off, suddenly looking a lot more… serious… than she had a second ago. Her fingers lightly stroked Shego's forearm as she leant in slowly, eyes half-closed, her mouth soft and seeking and inviting and—

"You're drunk," declared Shego once again, her palm gently deflecting Kim's advancing lips. "I'm taking you home."

Kimmie's brow furrowed like blood blossoming from a bullet wound in a chef's double-breasted jacket. She clenched her fists feebly. "I'm nuh…I'm not going back! You can't make me! It's dark and empty and he's gone and…" She began to sob. Quietly at first, but slowly increasing in volume. "He's gone and it's all my fault! It's all…"

Shego sighed. "No, it wasn't."

"Y-yes it was! If I had just– just… reached him in time… I coulda…"

"You couldn't… look at me. Look at me." Shego brought her hands up to Kim's head, forcing it in her direction. "It was not your fault. You couldn't have reached him in time."

Kim stared up at Shego right then, her body still wavering slightly. Shego's eyes captivated hers, trapped them. She couldn't look away. "I don't wanna go home, Shego," she whined. "I can't… I can't take…" Her eyes glistened with fresh tears.

This was pathetic…

This was a friend.

Another sigh. "Alright, pumpkin. You can crash at my place for the night."

Kim was still sniffling. "You mean it—"

"Don't make me regret this." Her words were harsh, but her tone, gentle. Well, gentle for Shego, anyway. "I better not wake up to find you clinging onto me," she warned. Their eyes were still locked. Shego's gaze was steadfast, and deep, and soulful… almost tender. Maybe Kim would have noticed if she hadn't been so sloshed out of her mind.

But, even drunk, Kim could tell something was happening. Something was passing through the air. The winds of change, perhaps. A paralysing fear soon overcome, a gaping hole soon filled. She cleared her throat and looked away. The moment passed. Forcing sobriety into her voice: "Thank you, Shego."

"You're welcome, pumpkin. That's… that's what friends are for."

Man, I do have a thing for depressing fics, don't I!