It was like a resemblance of a soft cloud, as it hung so low, yet so high, in the vast night sky. White. Pale. A selenite rock of stone. Crystalic. But, it's existence seemed to display that of one who is…tormented by loneliness. It's pure seen giving vivid color to the pitch empty dark; like a small flicker of hope. Peaceful, quiet, unmoving. As my eyes glinted faintly from gazing upon the "cloud" so intensely, I realized then, how greatly I would miss your presence. And, the loathe of it's heart-reading disappearance. Four years of being by your side…and you, by mine. Four years into four hours. Four minutes…four seconds. Never have I desired for the wind-wisping night to not come to a curtain-closing end as strongly I did tonight. Because after tonight…this last night…it'd only be me and the night's "cloud." Silently, sorrowfully, with sympathy, of understanding one another's pain of the cell of solitude. A pitch tranquility by unbreakable chains of frozen shackles.

First Night

Cross Academy seemed to glimmer with extraordinary—or rather, unordinary—mystical airs tonight. The wind swaying in unison of an unknown voice singing a heart-throbbing melodious song. But the only and absolute figures present at the heinous beautiful night, was that of the bloodthirsty—always craving with lust for that velvet liquid, blood—vampires. The presence, existence, even the faintest glimpse of a lucky sight of these graceful, majestic creatures set the whole academy as sundered with utmost respect, and highly exceptional adoration and admiration. Here, at Cross Academy, they were known as students attending the "Night Class." All of the Day Class, giggling, girls, made a horrendous fuss over these superbly beautiful, (as if the word "flaw" had no contradiction to them) students, that prefects, or "school guardians", had to be a must-hired to control the girl's ridiculous prancing upon these graceful people. Those prefects were only but two of the average, extremely low in-class, Day Class students: Cross Yuuki, and, her "partner" (as Yuuki bashfully referred to him as), Kiryuu Zero. Yuuki was the adopted daughter of the Headmaster, who ran and established Cross Academy a nigh few years ago. "Adopted," yes, because, prior to an event that maliciously occurred ten years ago, young innocent Yuuki was brought into Headermaster Cross's care and homely warmth. But that event was the last image in Yuuki's fractured mind, as she could no longer remember anything or anyone before it took place. Broken, lost memories. Zero, on the other hand, was bestowed with much worse misfortune, as a collision of deceitful trickery robbed him of his family right before his fright-filled eyes. A rampaging vampire gone berserk and losing it's sanity, ravaged the Kiryuu's home, mercilessly killing the family that Zero cherished. But, one way or the other, Zero somehow had survived the vicious attack, and was then too taken into Headmaster Cross's care. Consequently, he did not escape unscathed. For the vampire had devoured his own luscious blood, thus changing Zero's course of life for forever.

However, now, tracing back to the melodious night at mysterious Cross Academy, there was, among these elegant vampires, as ascribed earlier in the context, a mere two humans. Yes, they were, without a shadow of a doubt, the two diligent prefects who protected the academy, and it's secret, with quiet ease. The hidden secret of the witty Day Class never discovering that, in the face of truth, the Night Class were all vampires. Beautiful elite students who are intelligently knowledgeable—that, is what the Day Class assumed (and were told) that these mystical vampires were.

"Everything is peaceful tonight." Yuuki's voice resounded as her and Zero stood amidst between the courtyard that divided the Sun and Moon Dormitories. Zero did not utter a single word of Yuuki's statement as his vermillion eyes glistened with the moon's shining radiance; casting long, gleaming strokes upon the night. What could be on his perhaps too-serious mind as a lost tint of hollow sorrow shadowed his face? His silver-gray hair obscured his stern expression with a graceful swift as he turned and looked at Yuuki, who stood a few yards away from him. The naïve prefect brandished Artemis; her weaponry of an iron rod, to evade back unexpected attacks that may occur during the duty of the prefect's night patrolling. She gripped the end of the rod in small, but strong, hands tightly in a horizontal angle. Presently, she noticed Zero's firm eyes gazing at her melancholy, who seemed to appear as one who is hypnotized.

"H-Hey, Zero!" Yuuki stammered, her cheeks flushing to an undetectable faint pink. "What're you looking at?" She impatiently trotted up the stricken Zero—clanging Artemis on the ground in a careful maneuver—as she waved her flimsy hand in front of his awry face childishly. As if shaken out of a deep theoretical thought of complicated direness, Zero grabbed Yuuki's waving hand, holding it by the wrist tightly, but with such careful gentleness.

"Yuuki." He spoke above a whisper in a soft tone of voice, like a cooing pigeon. Yuuki paused in her actions abruptly as Zero still gripped her wrist in his hand's own grasp.

"W-what, Zero?" She managed to smile nervously as she felt her heart begin to beat in a tedious pace, for, some unknown reason; even unto herself.

"You seem depressed about something!" She kindly, not in a rude manner, wretched her tingling wrist from Zero's contemplating sudden reaction of grabbing it a mere minute before.

"I'm sorry." He said, still in a low voice as his pale face looked away from her distantly. Yuuki opened her wry mouth to speak, but then dimly shut it as she quietly reached her hand over; alighting it in a seemingly sympathetic way on top of Zero's head. Zero did not even flinch or move his hand away in cold reaction, like Yuuki had suspected with blunt dryness. But then again…perhaps "he" was not so cold towards "she" as might have been crucially concluded.

"I need to tell you something." Zero's deep, but light, voice broke the silence like a very fragile piece of ice about to break even by the small movement. Without even giving the bewildered Yuuki a chance to reply, he nimbly grabbed her hand and began to pull her as such a strong force that Yuuki did not even (surprisingly) want to contrive a rebuking speech. She only wondered, whilst this long-term friend of hers held her own hand so tightly and warmly, why her own heart's beat resounded so loudly within her chest. It's just Zero, right? This…beating…this frailty and wavering nervousness…the only time she had ever felt these two consecutive emotions was when she was solely, and only with…Kaname.

Zero began to pull Yuuki further and further away from the territory, so to say, of where the Night's Class' Moon dormitory was; and, the building where their advanced sophisticated classes were held in session. Much to Yuuki's growing displeasure, and the oblivious annoyed feeling deflecting on Zero's strange sudden behavior, she reluctantly let Zero drag her on her feet all the way to the entrance door of Headmaster Cross's—also known as foster father—office.

"The Headmaster?" Yuuki thought to herself quizzically as Zero put his other hand on the knob of the door, turning it slowly, as the door opened most quietly. The Headmaster, who, seemed quite busy, sat at his desk working diligently, or so it would appear. He looked up with a sly cunning grin on his glassed-face as he saw Zero and Yuuki enter his…"humble" office.

"Yuuki!" He exclaimed lovingly, most enthused, as he rose to his feet in a reproachful manner. "And Kiryuu-kun." He added unlovingly, most unenthused.

"Head-" Yuuki began saying, but then stopped abruptly and checked herself, as she continued on with a forced smile, "F-Father…" The Headmaster seemed to leap for joy at that one, single word spoken by his most beloved cherished daughter, as he also exclaimed once again, in the happiest of tones,

"Yuuki called me 'father'!" Quite contrary, he was indeed, obviously, making too big a deal out of the whole conniving matter.

"R-Right…" Yuuki responded with a now, weak, if not embarrassed, smile splayed across her flushed face. "A-Anyway! Zero's acting like a total weirdo!" She jerked her hand out of his in a repulsive manner, quite forgetting in all of the hustle and bustle of conversation that they were even still holding one another's hands. She defiantly pointed at the empty-faced Zero—who's violet eyes now gazed distantly away again—as if she were issuing a serious task for him to accomplish.

"He's acting all depressed! Saying, 'I'm sorry.' Then, then! Grabbing my hand rudely, telling me he needs to tell me something, and the pulling me all the way here to your office!" She ended her odorous explanation with puffs and gasps of small breaths as Zero, secretly looked at her out of the corner of his eye. A very unnoticeable, small smile escaped from his lips at Yuuki's component behavior of flustering.

"Yes, that's right." The Headmaster remarked in some agreeable way as his glasses gleamed with sheen. "I wanted to talk to you and Kiryuu-kun tonight." Yuuki looked up at the Headmaster with eyes of sheer confusion at the ponderment of his words, which left her even more stricken; thriving for what he meant in his speech.

"Talk to…Zero and me?" She asked slowly, as if suspicious of some none-serious scheme of her predictable father. The Headmaster looked at the still distant Zero, as he shifted his gaze back to Yuuki solemnly. The seriousness that the Headmaster displayed, from his usual nocturnal behavior, frightened Yuuki in a weird, vague way.

"After tonight, starting tomorrow tonight, Kiryuu-kun will be…" he paused, as Yuuki screamed inside of herself demandingly,

"What?! What?!"

"…attending the Night Class." The last few words fell from his lips in a seemingly somberly tone as Yuuki's body, thoughts, and feelings rejected them in disbelief, and utter ignorance.

"Z-Zero will…be…w-what?" Her words spoke so weakly, as if they came from a very lament of sorrowful verses; conveying into mixed feelings of sudden unexpected sadness, and a splash of dread. An excruciating pain slowly began to pull at her heartstrings deviously.