Eleventh Night

Yuuki could faintly feel the presence of cold steel pricking her shoulder menacingly. She was not bleeding…she knew that. But the pain of something bitingly icy piercing her skin…it almost appeared not worthwhile to go on living and endure it. Warmth seemed to seep into her body simultaneously though, as she could weakly open her eyes; like lifting a heavy boulder to lessen the weight. Like a picture being drawn with various things and settings, items and people, flooded before her hazy glance. She could distinguish the appearance of three people in the room of which she now took comfort in: the Headmaster, Kaname, and…Zero. Joyment of seeing them mixed in with confusion lapped itself into her. She opened her mouth to speak, but words conceived as infallible.

"Oh! Yuuki! Thank goodness you're finally awake!" She heard the delightful voice of her foster father exclaim with a hidden tint of relief.

"Nothing major would harm her." Kaname spoke with seemingly perfect eloquence. "She was only shot with an anti-vampire gun; so the sudden shock of its pain should subside in awhile. It only hurts vampires, anyway."

"I-I know that, Kaname!" The Headmaster stiffly proclaimed.

"Yuuki…" Yuuki suddenly felt a warm hand place itself over her forehead as she realized that it was Kaname. "How do you feel?"

"I—" She stuttered one word, but then recapped her thoughts for a moment, proceeding as thus,

"I'm fine." She smiled weakly. "You said the pain will disperse soon, so…"

"So you know everything, then, too? About the Tsumi…"

"Huh? Oh…yeah. Then…is it true? About the Kuran, Hiou…and Tsumi?"

"Yes, it is. But the vampire was taken to the Council—they'll decide what needs to be done with the wretched thing…"

Yuuki could sense the weariness in Kaname's face as she drifted her eyes about the familiar room—which, she now noticed that it was the Headmaster's private quarters. Her drifting glance soon caught sight of one person though, whom she desired to speak to the most.

"Z-Zero!" Yuuki called out in a small voice; still lavishing the anguish of the cold pain. Complacent Zero only turned his head slightly and looked at Yuuki with an undetermined expression of meekness. Yuuki thought for a moment, that perhaps he was angry with her for interfering so recklessly earlier. However, amidst in her swirling thoughts and assumptions, she felt a gentle hand alight on top of her tousled hair softly. Her gaze lingered upwards as she heard Zero's voice say in a coaxing tone,

"What you did was so rash, Yuuki." Yuuki prepared herself for another one of Zero's meager scoldings, but she was quite taken aback when he whispered into her ear in a lilting voice,

"But…thank you. It'd probably be…the end of me if you hadn't coincided with the bullet."

He pulled back away from her, removing his hand from her head in the process, as Yuuki could very faintly see the small hint of a wavering smile maintain itself on Zero's kind face.

"Z-Zero!" Yuuki stammered in a desperate call as she grabbed his hand quickly just as he was turning away. "Please…come back to the Day Class! P-Please…" her voice began trembling as she tried to contain it. "Please be a prefect with me again! It's so…lonely…without Zero…"

"You think it's that easy?' Zero spoke in reply in a quiet voice. His reaction quite assundered Yuuki as her expression became blank. She lessened her grip on Zero's hand very slightly; a barrier restricting her want for him to stay. Her face fell in growing disappointment, but was suddenly rendered surprised as Zero added to his beforehand statement,

"But maybe it is that easy."

"Wha—" Yuuki began saying but then was interrupted by the Headmaster as he seemed to speak in a cheery tone,

"That's right, Yuuki. We've already decided that…Kiryuu-kun can return to the Day Class. And, also, resume his position of a prefect."

Sweet words that wallow within a precious treat filled Yuuki's ears as she almost unwelcomed them with disbelief. But she chastised that meander doubt away, as she looked back at Zero, inquiring if this was true. Zero only looked ahead with a small, seemingly pleased face, as Yuuki could not help but smile inside of herself with a vibrant sigh of pure relief.

That exhausting day traversed into an exhilarating day as Yuuki now felt cleansed of her small pain from the anti-vampire bullet. For once, Yuuki felt eager to proceed to her class, because of the sole reason that Zero would now be attending with the Day Class once again. And it was so. Zero apprehended the classes and studious routines like usual—Yuuki was glad, for she saw that being in the Night Class among the vampires did not changed him at all. Zero was Zero.

Fiery emblems of soft flames captivated the sky dauntingly in its radiant prowess. Twilight now rapidly approached once again; every evening in perfect synchronicity with the horizon sun. The whole day was bliss for Yuuki, an unending tranquility, as she anticipated the duties of the prefects—for, likewise in class, Zero would be with her once more. With time to spare, Yuuki took her time approaching the Moon Dorm, as the vampires would be emerging soon for their studies, when she ran into a most wonderful person in her eyes

"Kaname!" Yuuki exclaimed as her gaze met the elegant appearance of the pureblood. Kaname stood a little ways from the gates of the Moon Dorm as he steadily encountered Yuuki now in a matter of seconds.

"Yuuki…" Kaname smiled warmly at her presence.

"U-Um…the gates have not opened yet." Yuuki stammered.

"Oh, I left early because I need to speak with the Headmaster about an issue. Is that all right?"

"Y-Yes! Of course! I was just wondering." she smiled nervously.

A brief silence devised itself between the two, as Yuuki timidly asked,

"Kaname…about the Headmaster's nephew…"

"Oh, yes. The real Reitsu retrieved his body back safely."

"R-Really? I see. That's good. I…" she paused, pondering upon whether she should appraise this statement or not. "I guess it's kind of hard to tell whether that was the real Reitsu or not, huh?"

"It can be…the power of purebloods is quite beyond understanding."

"But Kaname's a pureblood…"

"Yes…that's true. But sometimes…" a mysterious tone seemed to enter into his voice. "Sometimes I do not understand my own powers."

Yuuki looked at him quizzically as he merely smiled once more and patted her head lightly.

"By the way, Yuuki, thank you."

"For what…?"

"You had faith in me all along when I was suspected of turning that student into a vampire. The Headmaster told me you did."

"O-Oh! It was no problem!" Yuuki reproached. "I…knew that Kaname wouldn't do anything like that."

"You think? Anyway, the others should be coming out soon. Thank you, too, Yuuki, for your hard work."

"It's not just me." Yuuki smiled waywardly. "It's Zero also."

"Yes, Kiryuu-kun. Well, I shan't keep you any longer." He swiftly turned walked past Yuuki as she watched him leave with a seemingly happy aura of satisfied content.

"Hey, Yuuki."

Yuuki knew that only Zero would address her in such a manner with no politeness at all. She whisked her back around to where she heard the voice.

"Zero!" she exclaimed happily. "So I see you're not going to be late today!" Secrecy of a smile resided with her remark as she took a few steps nearer to him. Zero did not say anything in reply, remaining mute; as he stood there with, like always, a calm atmospheric vibe wavering about him.

"Hey…Zero…" Yuuki said in a slow, quiet voice, her smile resorting to a fading disappearance. Her eyes flexed as she inspected Zero like seeking a hidden desire, troubled by it so.

"What—" Zero began saying in respect of her odd behavior, but was cut off shortly as Yuuki shook her head and resumed her smile.

"It's nothing. Well, come on." Her steps trekked past Zero in a hesitant motion, as Zero grabbed her hand just as she was passing him.

"Zero?" Yuuki inquired.

"What is it that you want to tell me?" He said in a soft tone of voice.


"No, I can tell, Yuuki."

"I…I just wanted to know…" her voice became sober. "If everything…if nothing has changed between us."

"What do you mean?"

"Zero!" Yuuki wrenched her hand away as she turned around and faced him now. A defiant look marred her now sternly serious face.

"When I told you….I…loved you…d-did you really think I meant it as only a family-like affection?!"


"I don't love…Kaname like that at all. I love…you."

Yuuki felt her face grow hot as she declared those words. But she tried to keep a calm composure as her mind aimlessly wandered at what Zero's reaction would be. To her surprise, he merely grabbed her, enclosing her within a warm embrace in his arms. Yuuki felt startled for a moment, but only returned the compassionate embrace, as she fully well knew that Zero did understand her true feelings for him. The feeling of a soft kiss brushed against her lips, like almost before long ago, but this time, no hesitation intruded upon its unspoken term of affection.

Things did not change. But perhaps, some did. An indulgement of Yuuki finally becoming exposed to Zero's hidden love became that small factor of "change" between the two. Wavering emotions that finally decided to meet, and come to a firm standstill. A vampire and a human; it was like blood being poured next to the forbidden sin, but this, was no disputable concern to them that conspired maliciously to separate them. No. Being a human…a vampire…none of that mattered. At all.


of, ~Blood Next To Sin~

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