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Naruto was trudging out of the hospital, having finally been released after the failed attempt to retrieve Sasuke. The general civilian and shinobi populace, if possible, was treating him worse than ever. As if they knew - 'Which they probably do,' thought Naruto - what had just transpired in the hospital as he was being discharged.

Flashback Technique

As he was getting changed into his regular clothes in the changing room, Naruto heard the sound of Tsunade arguing with what sounded like an old man and woman. Curious as to what was being said, Naruto hurried to finish, mentally reminding himself to thank Shizune for grabbing him a clean, untorn jumpsuit from his apartment. ' I'd hate to have to walk around in that bloody and torn one Kakashi brought me here in. Even the hospital gown would be more comfortable than that.' Closing up his jacket, he leaned his ear against the door to better eavesdrop on the conversation.

"How could the council do this without my approval! They didn't even give it to me to veto before putting it to petition for the populace- and there was no week-long wait to give everyone the chance to vote... They can't do this!" Tsunade spoke with heated restraint.

'Strange... When baa-chan is angry she usually either yells it for the world to hear or talks in that 'so cold hell would freeze from the chill' voice. She must really not want any random person to hear whatever they're talking about.' He didn't realize that Tsunade might not want him to hear the conversation, either.

"We're sorry Tsunade-sama, but while Naruto and Jiraiya went out to get you to become Hokage, Danzo managed to get some small laws passed to give the council more power. In the absence of a Hokage, there was no one to veto those laws before they could pass; this is the result of one of those laws passing. We came to tell you so you could... break the news to him more gently, before the council calls him in to tell him to his face or sends a messenger to inform him by simply throwing him out of the village gates," came the voice of an old woman Naruto had heard before, but couldn't quite put a name to.

'She sounds like that old lady that I sometimes saw with ojijisan... Wait, 'throwing him out of the village gates' ? Someone's getting banished by the council without baa-chan's approval? I've got a bad feeling I know the unlucky guy...' Naruto's expression saddened; he wasn't an idiot about how the vast majority of Konoha's ruling council loathed the very air he breathed. Naruto quickly stepped out calmly, drawing their eyes to him.

Tsunade practically burst into tears at the look of defeated acceptance Naruto pointed at her. Homura and Koharu also visibly became more distressed at the sight of a defeated Naruto, though not to the point of tears. Seeing this, Naruto knew it was as he suspected - he was the one being banished.

"Why now?" Not even Naruto recognized his own voice for a moment.

"The failure of the mission - one of the new laws allowed the council to decide the punishment given to individual shinobi for failing a mission. If they first get the approval of more than half the village civilians and shinobi, they could do so without consulting the Hokage, but only if the punishment were banishment or community service. Those who feel you are the contained rather than the container claim you let the Uchiha go to weaken the village. Danzo informed those who were neutral about the topic that you used a sizable amount of the Kyuubi's chakra during your fight with the Uchiha, claiming that the seal must be weakening and that is was only a matter of time until the Kyuubi could either corrupt or control you. There are still a good number of us who consider you as the Yondaime wished and trust in the Shinigami's seal to hold, but apparently there isn't enough of us to stop this; certainly not enough of us on the council," the old man spoke, sounding worn down.

Flashback Technique, KAI!

After that, they had told him why - other than for emotional support - they had chosen to come and tell him before the council could do it. Once the council officially informed him of his banishment, he would have an hour to leave the village. Doing it this way, he had time to seal up or pack his belongings and prepare himself for a long trip, so that he could use the hour after the council informed him to let his friends know he was leaving the village.

After he escaped Tsunade's 'embrace of death', Koharu had handed him a dozen empty storage scrolls to use in his packing and two in-use storage scrolls. Koharu explained that one of the scrolls was some stuff to help him get by on his own at first, while he said the other one had a time-lock seal on it that he would be able to break after he was sixteen and was from the Yondaime.

The two elders then left, saying they would delay the council calling him to give him more time to 'take care of what matters.' Naruto managed to pack most of his stuff while on autopilot.

'What will I do? Where will I go? What if they send hunter-nin after me once I'm outside the village walls? Crap, that would be just like the council to do. What to do?' Naruto stood as if dazed at this point, trying to figure things out.

He knew that being banished meant that he would no longer legally be a part of Konoha. So while they couldn't consider him a missing-nin and send hunter-nin after him, the laws of Konoha would no longer protect him outside its walls. Not from any ninja who might 'just so happen' to cross paths with him while on a 'mission from the council.'

'Shit! There goes ojiji-san's law to keep the truth about the Kyuubi and the seal secret! Now even my friends will hate me... maybe I should leave before the council summons me, to get a head start. Since the elders have already informed me of my banishment, I can just leave a letter saying that they told me and that I left peaceably like they asked. That way the council can't charge me as a missing-nin for leaving before they banished me.'

Sitting down on the floor and picking up a piece of scrap paper he was going to leave behind, Naruto began to write hastily.

An hour later

Morino Ibiki and Mitarashi Anko were not happy campers.

They were standing outside of an apartment, banging on the door. They had already checked everywhere else in Konoha for the gaki who they were ordered to escort to the council room.

"I don't care if the gaki is mourning the loss of his teammate or his mission's failure has him moping. I'm busting down the door if he doesn't answer it in the next thirty seconds!" Anko yelled, seething.

Half a minute later, Ibiki and Anko were looking at a dirty but empty apartment, the door laying busted on its floor. Quickly, Ibiki looked at the paper with the address that their current 'target' lived at on it, and after quickly comparing it with the number on the door on the floor, said, "Well, it is the right room."

"Then where the hell is he? Better yet, where the hell is all his stuff?" Anko was fuming as they looked through the empty apartment. 'Did the gaki move and tell no one? Then again, I can't blame him for it if he did...'

"I don't know, but-" Ibiki cut off as he noticed what appeared to be a note sitting on the kitchen countertop. Anko apparently noticed it too, as she picked it up and began reading quickly. Then her eyes bugged out for a second and she was out the door rushing towards the Hokage tower, Ibiki right behind her and wondering 'What got into her? And why does she look even more pissed than usual?'

Between Konoha and the Valley of the End

Naruto was running along the same path he had not one week ago, mainly because he figured this was the last way they would expect him to go.

He couldn't go to Suna or Wave, because those were the first places they'd check.

He was worried about heading for Iwa, since he does resemble the Yondaime and their hatred for anything reminiscent of the man was known throughout the shinobi world.

He wouldn't head to Kiri, because he remembered Haku talking about the bloodline purges that cost him his family and his chance at a happy life.

He hated the Mizukage with a passion for that.

'That leaves Grass, Ame, Kumo, Waterfall, Snow, and a few other small independent countries and islands. Seeing as I killed Aoi, and he was an Ame Jounin, that country is probably out. Maybe Kumo. They've been on shaky terms with Konoha since the 'Hyuuga Abduction Incident' anyway, so they won't care that I'm on the run from Konoha... But since Grass is closer right now, I'll go ahead and see what's there and make my decision based upon that. If Oto is in Grass instead of beyond it, I'll be better off elsewhere.' With that thought Naruto jumped down into the large clearing ahead, gazing forward on the spires of bone that littered what was once a small, grass-covered flatland in the middle of a dense forest.

Noticing a reddish upper torso with bones sticking out of it's shoulders and back and a large bone spear on one arm, Naruto moved in for a look after he noticed that there was no breathing motion coming from the body. 'Kimimaro. I remember now what it felt like. To have no purpose. I'll search out a new purpose in this world, but I'll remember to not let someone like Orochimaru dictate or be my purpose. Even if you didn't mean to, you taught me that much.' As Naruto gazed upwards into Kimimaro's lifeless eyes, he felt something strange in his mind and his chakra pool.

At first, it felt like they were stretching outward, through his eyes and towards Kimimaro's corpse. Before he could seriously consider what was causing the feeling, there was a sudden pull and yank on his mind and chakra pool, followed by immense pain as it felt like they were both torn in two halves and one half of each blasted out of his body from his eyes - and towards Kimimaro's body...

Back in Konoha

Tsunade had just sat back from finishing up her last stack of paperwork on her desk.


The doors to the Hokage office burst open and Anko stormed in waving a small piece of paper with writing on it. "Hokage-sama! What is the meaning of this?" Slapping said paper onto the Hokage's desk, she glared at Tsunade.

Ibiki chose that moment to finally make it to the office, panting at having chased Anko all the way there.

Tsunade picked up the note and read it. Her hands' grip tightened, her eyes narrowed, and her eyebrows formed a crease between them.

Looking up she saw Anko pacing furiously, grumbling about 'damn council bastards' and the like, while Ibiki looked on with an eyebrow raised to show his curiosity. Mulling over her options, Tsunade decided to go for the direct, honest approach.

"Yes, the council banished Naruto."

Ibiki looked shocked, while Anko looked ready to explode at her, Hokage or not.

"No, I couldn't stop it."

At this she received a skeptical look from both people in her office.

"I thought the Hokage's approval was needed for any punishment of that severity," Ibiki said, closing the doors, then leaning against them with his arms crossed.

Tsunade sighed and rubbed her forehead, feeling a headache coming on. "Well unfortunately for us, between sensei's death and my appointing as Godaime, the council passed a few laws to give them more power in certain... situations."

Anko and Ibiki were silent, waiting for more information. Although Anko was much more tense now. 'Not that I could blame her,' thought Tsunade, 'next to Naruto, Anko is the second most unjustly hated shinobi among our ranks by the biased fools of the council.'

"The new laws allow them to assign individual punishments for shinobi who fail their missions, and if they get the approval of more than half the village civilians and shinobi first, they can bypass any need for the Hokage, but only if the punishment is either community service or banishment."

Anko had a sharp intake of breath at this, and Ibiki winced in silent sympathy for her.

"What I want you two to do is go out and 'continue looking' for Naruto for another hour to buy him some more time. At the end of the hour, return here. The three of us will then proceed to the council chambers, where I will... inform them that I told Naruto myself and he has already departed from the village." Tsunade had a smirk on her face when she said this. Ibiki and Anko almost felt sorry for the council members she would 'inform' of her view on the matter.

Ibiki and Anko left the Hokage's office quietly, both planning to 'ask about Naruto's whereabouts' at their own favorite hangouts. The bar and the dango stand, respectively.

Naruto's Mindscape


"It's about time you awakened, kid. Maybe now we can figure out why the hell he is in here with you."

At the sound of that voice, Naruto's eyes shot open. He'd only ever heard it once before, after ero-sennin shoved him off that cliff, but he doubted anyone could forget this voice after hearing it once. "Kyuubi..."

"What the hell were you doing that you pulled a full two tails of my chakra and pushed them out in a single second. I didn't even know you ningen had jutsu that could use that much chakra in one go..."

"...what hit me? All I remember was..."

"Naruto-san." The presence of the third voice was so unexpected, Naruto almost pulled his neck from the speed he turned around to face it's source. When he saw the speaker, his jaw practically left his face.

Pointing a finger at the source of his shock, Naruto stammered out, "Y-y-y-you! You're d-dead! H-how can you be here?!"

Staring apathetically at him from a short distance, was Kimimaro. Sans curse seal.

(A.N.: This is originally where I planned to end the chapter, but I decided to continue on from here. Kudos to anyone who has already guessed exactly what kekkei genkai I just gave Naruto. Those who haven't are about to find out. And yes, I know I majorly changed the original operation of the bloodline (as far as I understand).)

"I know no more than you, Naruto-san."

"but...you...dead...me...huh?" Naruto's face was contorted in a manner that reminded one of a donkey. That along with his words made it clear that he was confused to the point that even his thoughts weren't coherent.

"Maybe I should come down there and look more closely at this. Something's off about your eyes, kid."

Naruto turned back to look at the fox, but before he could even ask what it was talking about, it's massive silhouette simply vanished. Near panicking at the thought that it wasn't in the cage anymore, Naruto was even more stunned by what happened next.

"Hey, kid. I'm down here."

Even though the voice was still obviously Kyuubi's, it also held a certain femininity to it that Naruto wasn't expecting at all. Looking down, Naruto's eyes widened even further.

Wearing a kimono covered with a design of red, white, and black roses on thorny vines was a woman of 5'11" with, from what Naruto could see, a toned, lean body with a generous bust size. Her hair was black, straight, and went to the middle of her back and her eyes were a reddish-orange with slits for pupils. On her face were six whisker marks just like his.

If it weren't for the fact that she had fox ears on top of her head, nine bushy fox tails behind her, and she was on the other side of the bars, Naruto would have just assumed that he had a really attractive visitor to his mind.

'Kyuubi is a woman!? And a really beautiful one at that...'

Kyuubi's own eyes widened even further as she could now clearly see what was off about Naruto's eyes. A single black ring around the pupil told her all she needed to know. A small, vulpine grin made it's way onto her face as she thought, 'By Kami! I didn't even think any of that bloodline still existed anymore. This changes so much, and much more makes sense now.'

"Well that explains it."

"..." Naruto was still trying to wrap his head around all the surprises that had been in it recently.

"What? So I'm a woman. You thought the strongest of the biju was actually a man, didn't you?"

"Huh?" Naruto shook his head as if to clear it, then got a focused look on it as if thinking hard, "...what explains what?"

"Everything." Seeing him about to burst into a bunch of headache-rendering questions, Kyuubi decided to beat him to the punch by answering them.

"Your eyes are the mark of your bloodline activating - the Rin'neggan - and that explains the chakra drain we felt, the pain that caused you to pass out, and what Kimimaro is doing here in your mindscape when he's supposed to be dead and passed on. The last human I knew of having this was the Six Paths Sage. I honestly never expected to see that Kami- and Shinigami-blessed gift again."

"Kami and Shinigami blessed my kekkei genkai? I have a kekkei genkai? What does it do and how does it explain this?" He gestured to Kimimaro's presence in his mindscape to expand on what he meant.

"Kami and Shinigami did bless this kekkei genkai. How else would it be able to pull the minds and souls of the dead out of heaven and hell?"

Naruto almost lost his jaw again at that.

"There is several aspects to this bloodline. First off, you will gain several bodies, from the corpses of powerful warriors, to fight for you. The pull on my chakra must have been to erase Kimimaro's curse seal while keeping the stage two form and the benefits without the downsides. Your chakra that was pulled from you revitalized Kimimaro's chakra pools, healed all physical and biological damage from his body, and sealed away his body for you to call out when you need it, so it can rest when you don't."

"Second, each body will have an independent chakra pool of it's own that will be the same size as your own pool at peak. This chakra pool refills like a regular body's, with food and rest, but also refills without those things when it's sealed within you."

"Thirdly, each body you get will specialize in one form of jutsu and one chakra type, usually an elemental type. Kimimaro I would say would be your kenjutsu body, and would be your earth chakra type. What this means is that Kimimaro's body can control earth type chakra, even if it isn't his own, by focusing his eyes on it and willing it to do what he wants."

"Fourth of all, all your bodies will share a single mind, yours. You will experience all the senses of your other bodies at once and will control them all with a single mind. This is one of the strengths and weaknesses of the bloodline. Because of this aspect, when one of your bodies-even your own- is killed, all you have to do to revive it is pump enough chakra from any of your bodies into it to repair the damage. Since your mind is shared by all your bodies, even if your original body is killed, the other bodies still carry your mind, so you can still revive it."

'Wouldn't my brain overload from the sensory input?'

"Fifthly, it brings back the soul and mind that originally owned the body and cages it within your mindscape so you can learn to use the body to its fullest from them. If they refuse to teach you, you'll absorb information from their mind as you sleep, but otherwise they can teach you while you're awake by instructing through mind-talking. The mind and soul are only released to go back to their place of judgment when you have mastered the use of their body, but if you die with them still in your mindscape, they'll simply cease to exist."

"Last of all, until you master a body, it will only be slightly better than you in it's chosen area of expertise. The bodies are better than yours because they are either better built or they have been better trained in that particular specialty. Call it muscle memory or chakra coil memory. But you can't use them that well because you don't know how to consciously do so."


Guilt. That was the main feeling she had right now. Well, that and worthlessness. She had failed both of them, each in their own way. Sasuke, she wasn't good enough to convince him to stay or strong enough to force him to stay. Once again he left her in the dust. But worse, was Naruto. She made him make that promise, knowing he was the only one good enough, strong enough to get Sasuke back. She made him make that promise, knowing it crushed his heart to do so. That promise, because of it, he held back for her sake, and she had lost them both- her first love and the guy she had begun to see as a big brother.

"What good do you think your moping around is gonna do?" spoke her inner voice.

"What else can I do?" Sakura was alone in her room, and she spoke quietly, so she knew no one but her inner persona could hear her.

"Get off your ass, train yourself into the ground, and go drag Sasuke's ass back here. Then, when they're applauding us as a hero, tell them you want Naruto back as your reward. It's the perfect plan, CHA!"

In the silence that followed, Sakura began to think about what her inner self had said. She knew her only chance of beating Sasuke was getting training equal to being the apprentice of a Sannin, but she figured Tsunade was too busy being Hokage to help her and she'd sooner go to the Hebi-teme himself than ask the super pervert for personal anything. The only thing she could think of was becoming a wandering-nin. They weren't limited to a single area's specialties, they had all the privacy needed for intense training in the wilds, and they got toughened up by having to live without the amenities of a hidden village.

"And we could run into Naruto! Together, nothing could stop us from bringing Sasuke back! Plus if he helps, the council won't have any choice but to see him as a hero equal to me for bringing Sasuke back! They'll have to let him back in, CHA!"

Figuring that this was her best option, Sakura started packing her things for a long-term mission. Unnoticed by her, Kakashi stood on a tree branch, having stopped by to check up on his last remaining student. Seeing her pack up her things, he quickly left to inform the Hokage of what he thought was taking place.

Outside Sakura's house several minutes later

Sakura stepped out of her family's house to find a pair of ANBU waiting for her. "Haruno Sakura, please follow us to the Hokage's office, immediately. Any resistance will be met with extreme force."

"I have no problem coming with you." This was met with a questioning 'hm?' from one of the ANBU. "I was going to have to talk with her anyway. This way saves me from waiting or making an appointment."

The ANBU shrugged, then one laid a hand on Sakura's shoulder and shunshined to the Hokage's office doors. "Go ahead and enter. She's waiting for you."

Sakura stepped into the office to face an angry looking Tsunade. She jumped when the door slammed behind her, revealing a frowning Kakashi who leveled her with a stern gaze. She briefly wondered what was wrong before realizing that they could see her stuffed full pack. She quickly took a proper formal stance before the Hokage and began to speak.

"Hokage-sama, I request permission to take an indefinite leave for the purpose of training outside the village."

Sakura wished she had a camera. The look of shocked surprise on Tsunade's face was a once in a lifetime view for most people.

"Haruno Sakura, your request is declined."

"But, Hokage-sama-"

Tsunade slammed her hands on her desk, silencing Sakura's protests. "I will not have you chasing willy-nilly after that Uchiha!"


Tsunade leveled Sakura with a critical glare as she calmed herself to better make her argument. Editing out anything about her inner voice, Sakura bared the skeleton of her plans to Kakashi and the Godaime.

Naruto's Mindscape

"- and that's how I can help improve your kekkei genkai. Although I can only do this because you're my host, otherwise Kami and Shinigami would get pretty pissed that I played around with their gift."

At this point both Kimimaro and Naruto were speechlessly staring at Kyuubi with eyes the size of dinner plates. Kyuubi simply stood with her arms crossed waiting for the reaction she knew would be coming.

Blinking, Naruto breaks out of his dumbfounded state. "Why would you do all that? I mean, what's in it for you, or... what's the catch?"

Putting on a fake hurt expression, Kyuubi asked, "What makes you think I'm doing this at a cost to you?"

Naruto narrowed his eyes at her. "I am familiar with how bloodlines were made. They were given to humans who either did something on their own that a superior being favored, or they had to perform tasks to repay the being who gave them their bloodline. You guys don't do this kind of stuff for free."

Kyuubi chuckled for a few seconds, then smiled at Naruto. "Good, your mind has gotten sharper from this. Yes, I'll be getting something out of this. A little freedom. And, no, I won't be fully free of the seal, because all that would accomplish is pissing Shinigami off. That's not something on my to-do list."

Naruto squinted into space, a slight frown on his face and his head tilted to the side in thought. "Now that you mention it... my mind does feel like I'm thinking better. Why is that? Did you do something-"

"No, that's actually a facet of your bloodline, as well as a safeguard Kami placed into it. Your brain is designed for extreme multitasking. I mean, you do have multiple bodies sending constant sensory input into your brain, while at the same time you have to send complex instructions to each individual one of those bodies on how to move it's muscles and mold it's chakra while at the same time interpreting what it's senses are telling you in order to determine what that body should do next. Multiply that by however many bodies you have in addition to your own, and you can see why simply transplanting the eyes into another person won't work."

"Oh... if my brain is so great, why'd I have so much trouble with focusing it in the academy?"

"Because you tried focusing like a normal person focuses. Think of your mind as divided into segments. You consciously focused a segment on the lecture, but all the other segments kept doing their own things, distracting you because you weren't controlling them."

"Oh... then how is having a divided mind a good thing?"

"Let me give you some examples from your 'moments of genius' that have gotten you called the 'number one most surprising ninja.' During your first fight with Zabuza, when you came up with that plan to free Kakashi, a part of your mind was watching for you to get attacked, a part was watching for Tazuna to get attacked, a part was worrying about your teammates and sensei, a part was thinking about what you had on you, and another part was trying to figure out how to get Sasuke and Kakashi out of their situations. The last part, your conscious mind, put the input from all the separate parts together, allowing you to form that plan, saving both Sasuke and Kakashi. Heck, even your ability with Kage Bunshin has partly to do with this. Even with enough chakra, most ninja can only divide their minds so many times, further limiting the number they can create. Since your mind was made to be divided, however, you can make far more Kage Bunshins. Or even how you figured out the first and last stage of the Rasengan. The first stage, one part of your mind was trying to figure out how to pop the balloon while another part was watching the cat play with one, and the third part was listening to the first two to give you the idea for how to do it. And the final stage, after a week of focusing on nothing but completing the third stage of the Rasengan, you get in a life or death struggle against Orochimaru and Kabuto, where your mind is divided amongst your personal fight with Kabuto, Tsunade's and Shizune's welfare, watching out for any more 'hungry snake' attacks, and figuring out how to hit Kabuto with a Rasengan when you need two hands to hold it steady, and suddenly you figure out how to perform a complete Rasengan? By this point, I was wondering what was up with the repeated odd timing of your flashes of genius, but since I assumed the Rin'neggan was no more, I never would have guessed the true cause."

"That... when you put it that way, it actually all kinda makes perfect sense. I guess you were right, me having this gift does explain everything."

"I sense we have spoken more than enough. You should awaken now, or else you'll lose the headstart you gave yourself over anyone the council sent after you."

"Um... yeah. How do I 'wake up' from this?"

"Like so." A sudden burst of red chakra flew out of the cage and blew Naruto out of his mindscape. An image of Naruto standing there, looking at Kimimaro, remained in Naruto's mindscape. If Kimimaro or Kyuubi wanted to communicate with Naruto to help train him, this piece of his mind was there to do it with.

Back to the physical plane

Naruto opened his eyes slowly and pushed himself off the ground to look around. The only thing he found off about the clearing was the disappearance of Kimimaro's corpse. Seeing as several hours had passed (he judged from the position of the sun in the sky), Naruto quickly took off in the direction he was last headed - towards Grass.

'I'll find out more about my bloodline and practice it some there. Better to get out of Hi no Kuni before I get caught by a patrol or one of the council's lackeys.'

Unknown to Naruto, three Konoha shinobi followed in his footsteps not ten minutes after he left the clearing.

Rice Country

Having made his way to being within sight of a small town in Rice Country, Naruto stopped and went into the woods by the side of the road. Finding a small clearing, Naruto sat in a meditation position, closed his eyes, and prepared to talk to his 'tenants'.

"Time we got to work, kid."

'Alright. So how do I call out Kimimaro's body or use this bloodline?'

"Just pour a little chakra into your eyes and repeat after me..."

Having sensed the use of chakra in the nearby forest, the three Konoha ninja went off the road to the city to investigate it. Right as they were within sight of the small clearing Naruto sat in, they heard him say something.

"First Path of Sacrifice."

There was a large puff of smoke, which cleared to reveal a level two curse seal Kimimaro facing Naruto, his eyes a vibrant blue with one black ring in the iris.

The kunoichi shrieked and the two shinobi gasped, "A demon!"

Naruto's eyes snapped open and both his heads jerked towards the sound of those voices. Naruto and his other body (Kimimaro) were face to face with Jiraiya, Sakura, and Kakashi.

Author's Endnote: How will they react to this awkward meeting? Will Naruto get the chance to explain what is happening or will his old mentors and friend react to the situation too fast for words to be traded? And what will they think of his location in the country they suspect Orochimaru is in? To find out, you'll have to wait for the next chapter to come out. So please review my work and let me know what you think. Constructive criticism appreciated, compliments welcome, and flames will be either laughed at or ignored.