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They had been at each other's throats throughout the entire case. Mainly because they both resented being used by the evil son-of-a-bitch that started the whole thing. He was currently suing for custody of the children he abused, and since no one could prove the bastard that he was in a court of law, he just might get them. He knew he was winning and had demanded Alex be his attorney just to rub their noses in it. After a pretty brutal fight in the squad room the day before, Olivia had taken to simply leaving the room whenever Alex showed up. This was making the attorney even angrier, and she finally followed her into the bathroom.

"I wouldn't do that," Elliot called after her, but she ignored him.

"What the hell is your problem?" She asked as she walked in. Luckily they were the only two in there, although neither would have given a damn if they weren't.

"Excuse me?"

"I realize we've been on rocky ground lately, but you leaving every time you see me --"

"Rocky ground?" Olivia interrupted. "It's not rocky ground, Alex. I'm fucking pissed."


"Because we have been after this guy for 3 years. Three years, Alex! I finally get something concrete to nail his ass to the wall, and you get it thrown out!"

"The evidence would never have gotten thrown out if you hadn't obtained it without a search warrant."

"All you had to do was lie a little, Alex. You've done it on tons of other cases."

"Don't pretend like this is all my fault. You blind-sided me with this, Liv. All you had to do was call me."

"And now he's suing for custody, and you're just going to bend over and give it to him."

"Do you honestly think I enjoy this? That bastard and the D.A. have me by the balls. I can't refuse this or I will lose my job. Do you understand that?"

"If it were me, that's a sacrifice I would make. I can't believe you are going to stand up and defend that bastard's rights when you should be --"

"Don't even begin to tell me what I should be doing, Detective. You have no right. Now I can't believe you are implying that I have any alternative and that I'm doing this by choice."

"But you are."

"What," Alex demanded. "What in the world could I possibly do --"

"You could lose." Olivia snapped. Alex shook her head in disbelief, clenched her jaw and threw up her hands, then slammed through the door and out into the hallway. She wasn't going to go around and around with a cop who obviously just wanted to bite her head off and gnaw on it for the rest of the week. But the blonde didn't make it very far down the High Road before her temper caught up. She came back into the bathroom with a hard assault on the door.

"Oh, Jesus Christ," Olivia swore from the vanity when she saw her. She had been leaning on it trying to calm down but now she stood squarely as though she might slug Alex if she came too close.

"You know what?" Alex began. But there were no words to describe the amount of rage in her.

"What?!" Olivia shouted. "Did you come back in here to hit me?"

Alex considered it, but shook her head, fumbling over a series of half-words and animal grunts. She was so angry that her own voice and vocabulary got scared and hid from her.

"What, Alex?" Olivia challenged her, "what in the world did you come back in here to say?"

That's when Alex attacked her, fluidly charging into her personal space and forcing her against the stall wall, then pinning the detective there with a forceful kiss. Her fingers grabbed onto Olivia's belt loops and pulled her hips hard into her own while her mouth did what it pleased to the detective's lips. Olivia didn't have time to register logic into this situation before Alex let her go and walked quickly out of the room.

"Liv?" Elliot's voice snapped her back into reality about five minutes later. She hadn't moved in all that time. "Liv, you okay?"

She snapped out of it to discover her lip was bleeding. "Yeah." Her voice sounded strange to her. Had Alex actually bitten her? She cleared her throat and stood up away from the stall. Elliot must have heard the funny tone in her voice because he opened the door and came in.

Her eyes were distant and unfocused, and Eliot was concerned. First Cabot had come out of here and gone straight home without a word to anyone, and now here was his partner with a bloody lip. "Liv, what happened?"

She was dabbing at her bottom lip with a Kleenex, and she looked at him and smiled. "I was just assaulted by the A.D.A."

"What?" Elliot started, "do you want --"

"No," she interrupted him, laughing a little. "Never mind." She escorted him out of the bathroom with a strange smile, then jumped right into work with the clear objective she'd been missing for the past three days.