HELLO darlings! So I took an effing long break from this story and from my beloved fanfic universe for a couple of reasons, not the least of which was that I ran out of fun ideas. BUT I found this little miniature chapter lurking on my computer and I'm hoping it will be able to spur me into more chapters of awkwardness and fun if I post it. Also because I'm still getting messages from you awesome people saying I better continue or you will be very, very sad, I offer you this. So, thank you from my crazy geeky heart and sorry for any sad I have caused in these long months/years.

Love to the 'verse

Alex was aware of little beyond the fact that her tongue was suddenly coated in glue and stuck to the inside of her mouth. She wanted water. Pausing during this witness, however, would only work to make her look like she was faltering. And Alex never falters in court. So she pushed on, biting the inside of her cheek from time to time thinking a small, sharp pain might kick her salivary glands into working order. It kind of worked. Until she remembered who was on the stand.

The attorney peered through her glasses at the detective, letting the faint darkness around the edges of her vision become a sort of barrier between them. Luckily it was not necessary that she speak directly to Liv during the whole interview, or she'd undoubtedly have gotten lost in the whisper of cleavage that peeked out from the brunette's neckline. Or the new shade of lipstick she was wearing that left a deliciously subtle sheen on her perfect lips. Or the depths of her dark brown eyes that seemed, somehow, darker and more powerful than ever before. She asked all the questions, got all the answers. ... She thought. No, she was pretty sure, because within a reasonably appropriate amount of time, Alex was sitting down again and Liv was being cross examined. Alex reached for the pitcher of water beside her briefcase but found her mouth was no longer dry.

Sitting was much easier, she decided, and took a slow, silent breath to gather her thoughts. She flipped over a page or two on the table to get ready for the next witness, and then settled back and decided to pay attention to the defense's questioning of Liv in case she needed to redirect.

Unfortunately, Alex had had too much Irish in her coffee. No, she didn't blurt out something about Liv's boobs to the court, but she did find herself thinking rather unprofessional thoughts as she scrutinized the detective's features, body language, voice. Her eyes settled at the delicate gold chain that floated on Liv's smooth neck and draped just below her collarbone. Oh to be that necklace.

Defense sat down and Alex blinked and looked at the Judge, who reflected her expectant expression. She had no idea what had just happened. The attorney looked at Liv and saw the detective wore a slightly satisfied expression, her eyes twinkling and proud when they caught Alex's.

"No further questions." She said, and Liv got down.

"Shit, she thought as Liv walked past her, if this is how it's going to be all day, I'm gonna have to do something to distract... is she wearing new boots?"

Liv's inner monologue was nothing but a stream of profanities. All day, she had to do this. All fucking day. Sit here on the stand and listen to Alex with the glasses and the lawyer voice, watching her strut her stuff, and somehow keep herself from stuttering, blushing, and -


Liv caught a glimpse of the attorney out of the corner of her eye as she was being questioned by the defense. Alex was leaning back in her chair, her arm slung somewhat casually over the arm rest. Her blue eyes were burning holes in Olivia, but their focus wasn't at the detective's eyes. They were at her mouth. Liv watched as Alex bit her bottom lip, her cheeks pinked slightly, and her eyes began a trail down her body. Before they could come back up and meet hers, she turned her attention back onto the pudgy defense lawyer and his questions.

She was more relieved than she could explain when Alex didn't have any more questions for her. She got down from the stand and walked by the attorney on less than steady legs, catching a tiny hint of her perfume as she wobbled out of the court room.

All fucking day. There was no way in hell she could do this all fucking day.