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Inspired by Bubblegum Girl by ilovewho, I wrote this little story. Let's get cracking!

Bubblegum (adj., usually referring to a girl) – Girls who dream about fairy tales, prince charmings, happy endings and finding their true love. Bubblegum Girls also tend to be very optimistic and selfless, but they are, essentially, stupid. (See also: Fangirls)

Chapter 1

Imai Hotaru had long decided that Hyuuga Natsume, unlike his best friend Nogi Ruka, would never ever fall for a bubblegum girl.

Unfortunately for her assumptions, Hyuuga Natsume, just like his best friend Nogi Ruka, had fallen for a bubblegum girl. Not just any bubblegum girl, though. The same bubblegum girl.

Now, Imai Hotaru normally wouldn't really mind if the two boys fought just because of a bubblegum girl – after all, bubblegum girls are very stupid. But, unfortunately, this particular bubblegum girl was her own best friend, and although Sakura Mikan is quite stupid, she is still Imai Hotaru's best friend, and, knowing Sakura Mikan, she would eventually find out and stress over which of the boys to choose. She would then proceed to pester Imai Hotaru to tell her which of the boys she should choose, therefore bothering Imai Hotaru.

Hence, Imai Hotaru was going to make one of the boys fall out of love with Sakura Mikan and instead fall in love with someone else.

Imai Hotaru decided to choose Nogi Ruka as her intended target, seeing as his family was not, unlike Hyuuga Natsume, killed by his very own Alice, and therefore had suffered less than his childhood friend.

Unfortunately, there was a slight flaw in her plan, and Imai Hotaru could see it. She would have to find someone for Nogi Ruka to fall in love with.

Normally, this wouldn't be a problem, since more than half of the Middle School Department (and even some from the High School Department) would gladly become the guinea pig in this particular experiment, mostly because Nogi Ruka was, Imai Hotaru grudgingly admitted, very good looking. But Imai Hotaru took into account the craziness of his fangirls and rightfully decided that the girls could poke a hole in her plan, even possibly exposing it.

Unfortunately, that left Imai Hotaru with one choice: herself.

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Stars of Gold