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It was a lovely day at L.M.E but all was not calm in Sawara san's office.

"This is the last time I recommend talent to you, Sawara san," screeched Kamio Kamiko, angrily.

"I'm sorry Kamio san but your niece isn't exactly what we're looking for," said Sawara san, trying to sound calm.

"If that is what you think about my judgment, then I should probably leave this agency and find one which respects my opinion." The stout older actress got off her chair and strutted out of the room, her nose in the air. The office door shut with a bang

"Over-paid, over-rated divas," muttered Sawara Takenori, sinking into his chair, exasperated, "Think they're the brains behind their agencies." He knew Kamio san wouldn't fulfill her threat to leave L.M.E, but he wished she would. She was such a pain.

A voice came on the intercom.

"Sawara san, Kyoko san is here."

"Let her in," called Sawara san.

The door opened and Kyoko peaked in anxiously.

"You called for me, Sawara san?"

"Yes yes, Kyoko chan, come in," Sawara san loved this part of the job. Telling a performer that she has a new gig.

The girl in pink overalls shut the door softly and sat down in front of Sawara's desk.

"I have some really good news," said Sawara, " 'Big Brother' has been finalized."

"Eh? But I don't have a big brother."

"NO. 'Big Brother' the reality show."

"Never heard of it," said Kyoko.

Mr. Sawara rolled his eyes. Just like Kyoko to not know something important like this.

"Kyoko chan, Big Brother is a reality show which has been famous in many countries. Recently there had been plans to buy the rights to show for Japan. It is going to be called 'I love my Niisan'. Don't you read the news?"


"Well, I just wanted to tell you that you were chosen to star in its first season."

"Um, what do they do?" she asked, doubtfully.

"It's just a bunch of people living in a house. A member gets evicted at the end of a given period. The objective is to keep yourself from being evicted till the end."

"I really don't know," said Kyoko who didn't quite like the idea of living with a bunch of strangers, "I suppose it might increase my popularity..."

"Er, Kyoko chan, you're not going as yourself. You're going as...Bo."

Kyoko felt her stomach drop, "How long do I have to..."

"In most countries, the show spans over a duration of about three months but the Japanese version is going to have duration of two weeks."

Kyoko stared for a while in horrified silence and then sputtered, "You mean I have to wear that stupid costume for two weeks? I'm not doing it."

Mr.Sawara pretended to sigh, "I didn't want to this. But since Bo is a part of Bridge Rock, Bridge Rock gets a part of the show's proceedings, which it plans to donate to the Children's cancer society. Japan's Big Brother has a special feature where the audience can bet their money on the different contestants. The contestant earns money for every day he or she spends in the house. If you can really pull it through, Bridge Rock can really raise a lot of money-" he gave a huge sigh "-for the poor sick children who can't afford to get treatment for their illness. You won't disappoint sweet little children, will you, Kyoko chan?"

"Fine, you win," said Kyoko, darkly, knowing that she had been manipulated into giving up, "But I won't like it."

"Suit yourself," said Sawara san, happily. Kyoko was putty in his hands.

"So when is this thing?"

"One month from now."

"Since I'm going, does that mean that I can't feature on Bridge Rock or Dark Moon for those weeks?"

"I'm afraid so. We've informed Director Ogata why and we plan to tell everyone else that you have an emergency situation and won't be back for two weeks."

Kyoko looked relieved. She didn't want anyone to know that she is Bo, especially a certain someone.

I can tell Moko about this since she already knows I'm Bo. What do I tell Tsuruga san? I can't personally tell him the two-week emergency fib; he always knows when I'm lying to him. I just have to avoid him for a month.

Kyoko groaned to herself. It's going to be a looong month.


Note: Kamio san is that horrible lady in Volume One who made Kyoko carry her luggage and then stamped the Love Me penalty points on her (Kyoko's) face. You'll remember that Mr.Sawara thought she was a headache.