A/N: This was my dream early on Sunday morning, and I remembered it so vividly and it was so funny that I had to write it down before I forgot it. I realise now, that it is a rubbish storyline, but it was funny at the time, and it was fun hanging out with the Cullens :) Haha for some reason, Rosalie and Emmett weren't there. Kind of OOC.

Disclaimer: I do not own Jasper or Alice or Edward or Bella. Or Forks. Or Ireland.

I watched Edward fighting with the football players – well, fighting was an overstatement, seeing as the boys seemed to be playing nice, and trying, it looked like, to give him gifts. Edward was the only one fighting. For some reason, Alice was giggling, and Jasper was suppressing laughter.

When Edward finally came back towards our lunchtable, he glared at his adoptive siblings, saying, "That was not funny."

"Oh, but it so was," Alice said, laughing even harder.

"What? What happened?" I seemed to be the only one not in on the joke.

"I directed a "nice" beam at the football players over there, and made them want to give you a graduation gift, via Edward. He wasn't interested, and he knew you wouldn't be either, so he declined.

"But then, they insisted he take it, unless, they said, he declined and defended you in an Irish accent, which he did."

"Like I said, not funny."

I tried to imagine Edward with an Irish accent, and the thought made me giggle. It was one of those giggle-fits that you never thought would stop. Mine did though – I had my own personal calm-radiator.

"Thank you," I mumbled to Jasper, now perfectly calm.

I had scarcely taken a bite of pizza when I began to giggle again, but Jasper hit me with another wall of serenity.

"I'm sorry," I apologised to the whole table, "I can't help it. You…" I started giggling again, pointing at Edward, "…with an Irish accent!"

Jasper laughed as he drowned me in calm yet again. He didn't seem to mind: perhaps my laughing fits brought him amusement.

"Thank you," I said. "'S ok now, I'm perfectly alright."

"You won't be soon."

"Don't, Alice. You'll have me going again!"

But Jasper got me before I could start.

Fit over. I took a bit of pizza, my brain numb.

I didn't see the siblings glance at each other. All of a sudden, the rest of the table burst into laughter, and Jasper jabbed my shoulder with the blunt end of his knife.

"Haha!! He defended you…with an Irish accent!!" The Cullens were teasing me, laughing and jeering.

I couldn't help but laugh.