Twilight fan fiction

Hi everyone! This is my very first story on fan fiction so I really hope you like it. In this story all the Cullens still have their powers, but they're human. That may sound a little strange but hopefully it'll be good.

In this story Bella is sportier and she's pretty intelligent. She has had boyfriends in the past and Charlie has been married twice since he was married to Renee, and he is getting divorced again. Basically the characters in my story are completely different to those in Twilight! It's really just the names that are the same.

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Chapter One

"Now Bells, are you sure you wanna do this hon? You don't have to, I mean you could, er…"

Charlie trailed off and I grimaced. Yeah, even Charlie knew it. If I didn't go to Cullen academy, I had nowhere left where I could go.

Phil and Renee were a couple now, they didn't want me, and Charlie… well lets just say it would be a little to awkward to live with Charlie as he went through another messy divorce.

I smiled at him "Char...Dad. I'll be fine. I mean it's just school. And Angie's going here to this semester, remember? And I trailed off as we turned the final corner and the school came into view. W-O-W! I gasped and stared.

It was massive! It was an entire campus! I saw a glint of blue in the distance and let out a squeal! A POOL! There was a pool!? No way! This was better than the summer camps I went to when I was a kid! This couldn't be a school? There were ice cream vans and tennis courts and a full size football stadium! There were sophomores giggling in groups on the grass and seniors wandering around laughing! It was incredible! Charlie gave a low whistle.

"Looks like you picked the right high school Bella!" He chuckled.

"Yeah, but I wish I'd picked it two and a half years ago instead of only coming now! I have another half a year and then I'm senior! A year and a half before I leave High school for good!" Charlie grinned and pulled up by the pavement. I slid out of the BMW and grabbed my bags. Charlie got out and looked uncomfortable. "Do you er, want me to help you… find your way Bells?" He asked, looking at the ground. Neither of us were very good at goodbyes.

"It's okay Dad, I can do it." I replied awkwardly.

"Well, have fun Kiddo." He ruffled my hair and pulled me into an awkward one armed hug. I suddenly felt tears prickling my eyes. Charlie evidently felt the same way because he said in a gruff voice

"Take care Bells. Remember, you can always call. I love you." I smiled at him as he kissed the top of my head and then hurriedly backed away.

"Thanks Dad. I love you too. Bye!" I waved at him as the silver BMW pulled away and I felt a sudden pan of loneliness. I felt like I was completely on my own.

I shook my head briskly and, pulling my bags behind me, walked towards the reception.

The reception was a cool, bright room, with comfortable, soft red chairs and a polished oak desk. It was all very tasteful and inviting. A smiling woman was on the phone behind the desk, and behind her was the school crest and the words "Tempus fugit." I racked my brains for my Middle school Latin. Tempus fugit. It sounded familiar, but I would need to look it up. I made a mental note to do just that, before glancing at the woman again.

The woman was fairly young, early thirties at most with pink lipstick and a fluffy pink jumper. She had long curly brown hair and the name plate on her desk read Miss Price. She had a kind face, and her desk was cluttered with papers. I liked her already.

The woman gave me a friendly, apologetic smile and gestured to the seats. I sat down and waited. She listened to the person on the other end of the phone for a few more minutes and then wrote something down before saying "Yes. Yes. Of course. Thank you Mrs Taylor, Goodbye."

She placed the phone down and rolled her eyes and muttered something under her breath before turning to me and saying breezily "Hello dear!" I smiled and stood up. "Now let me see… you are…?" She looked at me questioningly, whilst checking her list.

"Bella Swan." I answered.

She scanned the list and then smiled. "Oh yes Isabella. Good, good. Now then dear if you would just fill in these forms for me…where did I put those…?" She shifted some papers before grabbing a stack of forms and handing them to me, along with a pen.

I groaned inwardly. Paper work. I took the forms from her and sat down to fill them in. I was done fairly quickly, as it was all standard stuff, like what school are you coming from etc.

I stood up to hand them back to her and then noticed a boy was at the desk. I stood back and waited. He seemed to be arguing with Miss Price. I couldn't hear a word they were saying, but the boy was evidently winning.

Suddenly a stunningly gorgeous girl came into the reception and put her hands on her hips. She seemed to be scolding the boy who just laughed and turned round.

I gasped when I saw them both properly. The girl had a pixie like face and a crop of short black hair. Her eyes were a cat like green and her red lips shone in her pale face. She was tiny, probably only just five foot, and she looked so delicate in her mini skirt and sweater set, yet she seemed so fierce glaring up at the boy.

The boy looked like a god. He had flawless bronze hair that looked messy yet neat and fathomless, bottomless ochre eyes. He was tall, taller than me and I've always been the tallest in my year. He smiled as his eyes met mine and he said in a deep, rich voice that reminded me of chocolate "Hey. Sorry to keep you waiting." Turning to the stunning girl next to him he said "Come on Sis. I promised Em, Rose and Jasper that we would meet them at that Chinese place –whatyamacallits." The girl smiled and then her face darkened.

"Will Tanya be there? I am so sick of her trying to be in our group!" Oh. So these must be the popular group who let no one else in to their circle.
"Oh yeah, your sick of it. And you think I'm not? It's me who she's trying to flirt with!" Alice giggled.

"Oh, poor little Diddums!" She teased. "Are all the girls fighting over you again?" She playfully punched him in the shoulder and he groaned in mock exasperation.

"OW!" He yelled jokingly! "I would get you Alice Cullen, except for the fact that I would have your boyfriend ready to kill me for letting a little harm come to his precious Alice."

"OOOH! You being killed by Jasper! Where do I buy tickets?! It would only be what you deserve Edward Cullen!" Wait. Hold up. CULLEN? Like Cullen academy?????

I was just plucking up my courage to ask when Alice and Edward gracefully walked out of the reception, still bickering playfully. I stared after them, and was only brought out of my bickering by the receptionist smiling at me and saying "All finished then? Here you are, your timetable and room key. Your in dorm 752. Your lucky, that's got one of the best views on campus. Here's a map. That's your dorm block, see?" She circled a block of buildings, not very far from the reception. From what I could see it was in a prime location, near the swimming pool, the tennis courts and the mall… Wait. The MALL? This school had its own mall? I love Cullen Academy! I grabbed my bags and set off for my dorm.