It's so quiet. Peaceful. After all those gunshots, it's almost... almost as if the world had ended and here we are, the fools that didn't realise what'd happened. Or maybe we are the chosen ones that have come to a sacred place for the last pilgrimage before we, too, turn into dust?...

It's too quiet. Somebody should be crying. Or, may it be I just can't hear anything anymore? Because one look at my comrades, at those people that came here with me – and I can see the tears they so desperately try to hold. Cissnei fails first, and it is understandable. She'd lost the most out of us all. She'd lost hope, ideals, she'd lost belief. I see her tears and it's still so quiet.

This place is sacred and we are pilgrims that came to give him the only funeral he will ever have. We will not forget. I will not forget.

It's as if a war had ended and we're on a battlefield, standing around the corpse of our... beloved leader? Our hero that was supposed to live forever. The war had ended and we are the side that lost. We had been defeated and the only thing we have left is mourning. So we mourn, remembering our lost ideals, our lost hopes, our lost wishes that died with him.

Reno is the second one to cry, and it's surprising, because he never cries. And I never knew they were close, Reno and him. But, Reno is emotional. He hides it well behind the silly demeanor, but he's probably the only one of us that will still be able to feel anything when this... is over.

I'm sorry that we didn't manage to help you. To save you. I'm sorry we were too late. I'm sorry I didn't try harder. I'm sorry your smile had to fade away. I'm sorry I couldn't have granted you freedom. I'm sorry you had to become a hero this way. I'm sorry your grave is just a shallow hole in the ground here in the wastelands, when you obviously deserve so much better. I'm sorry you had to die. I'm sorry your dream won't live on.

I'm sorry, Zack. I promise you. We won't forget.

It's so quiet and peaceful, like a war had ended... How I wish I could hear your laugh once more.

A/N: I'm sorry, it's angst again... I simply can't seem to write happier things when it comes to this game. I mean, FFVII as a whole. I wish I could draw... Then I would be able to draw a doujinshi of this. But I'm not a manga-ka, so... ;

Dedicated to the people that make me feel special: Nimorid, Moiranne Rose, Turkaholic and others. If you read this - you are one of those people.