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Sparks that Fly and Fall


"I'm back!" Hana shouted as she marched straight up to the Hokage's desk. The chicken-legged thirteen year old, whose features were only exaggerated by her short-shorts and long-sleeve shirt, had no trouble slipping past the large squadron of ANBU that stood in her way. They were there getting briefed on a new development in the North. Rumors were swirling that something big was about to go down.

"Hmmm?", the Hokage glanced to the side of his desk where the young blonde now stood. "Oh hey Sparky. Hold on one sec, kay?" He turned his attention back to the black op soldiers. "I want a watch at a minimum of 5 miles out from the village wall. Nothing gets closer than that without me knowing about it, understood?" The squad bowed and disappeared.

"Done now?" Hana impatiently climbed up on his desk.

"I don't know. You gonna get up off my desk?" He tilted his head in a condescending motion. "Just cause you're my little sister, doesn't mean you can just barge in here like that. Especially when I'm working."

"Ooo, look at you nii-san! Acting all tough. You'd think you take this job seriously or something." She laughed and jumped down. "Look, I finished my observations." She walked around the side of the desk, crawled into her big brother's lap and pulled out a scroll from her pouch. "Here, read."

He wrapped one arm around his little sister and scooted closer to read her writing. After several minutes, he finally spoke. "This is everything?"

"Yes, nii-san. I did just like you asked. I went to the northern forest, I watched the people there, and this is what I saw. I didn't leave out a single detail. I'm getting pretty good at writing pretty, huh?" She'd gotten hooked on writing ever since she had read a book called, The Legend of the Gutsy Ninja.

Her brother was a bit engrossed by the contents more than the organization of the writing. "And this here," He pointed to one sentence in particular. "You're certain that he had Sharingan eyes?"

"Yea. Speaking of which, I thought that the Uchiha were on our side in the war?"

The Hokage took a deep breath. "War's a complicated thing." He patted her head and hugged her tightly. "I'm sorry, Sparky."

"For what? Wait, did you eat the last piece of cake? Man, with Kushina about ready to pop, she won't make another one for a while! God, you're selfish!"

He laughed into her shoulder. "No, it's still there waiting for you."

Hana wiggled and turned around to face her brother. "So then, what could you possibly be sorry for?"

"I'm sorry that you became a 'sparky', Sparky." He was referring to the fact that his little sister was the human host for the six-tailed beast, Rokubi-no-Raijuu, the beast of lightning. She had developed a rather odd relationship with the entity. She could hear its thoughts and it could hear hers, like a kind of internal conversation, similar to having a conscience only it's much more aggressive and cruel.

"Oh nii-san." She held his face in front of hers. "Not your fault. Besides, it's not so bad. I may not get along with too many people around the village because of the thing, but I still have you, and Jiraiya-sama, and even Kakashi." She grinned widely and slid off his lap. "Speaking of… he's about to run through your door."

"Huh? How can you be so sure of that?"

"Rokubi told me. He says he can sense chakra… or something to that effect. It's lame; he won't teach me how to do it." She crossed her arms and started to mumble. "Stupid weasel, says I'm too much of goody-two-shoes. Hmph!"

A young Kakashi, no more than 14 or 15, came walking quickly through the doors to the Hokage's office. "Minato-sensei!" There was a quick bow of his head before he started to continue with his message.

Unfortunately, Hana had different plans for the conversation. "What? Am I not good enough for you to greet as well? Just cause you're some kind of a hot shot ANBU noob, doesn't mean you can just ignore Chunnin like me."

The 'hot-shot ANBU noob' stuck his hands into his pockets and glared at a blank wall on the opposite side of the room from Hana. "Wasn't ignoring you.", he grumbled from behind his mask and then turned to face her. "I was just doing my job, like ninjas are supposed to do. Not visiting family and goofing off."

Hana smirked, "I wasn't goofing off. I had to deliver a very important report to my Hokage." She gave a bright smile. "And hello to you as well."

He sighed and dropped his shoulders some, in defeat. "Hi."

"Kakashi, you wanted to tell me something?" The Hokage snapped his fingers twice to regain his attention.

"Yes, Minato-sensei. The head of Reconnaissance wanted to meet with you. He's at the Kita Tower waiting for you." He delivered his message with an air of utter seriousness about him.

"Alright then." He threw on his coat and started out the door, passing the two teenagers. Stopping at the doorway, he looked back at Hana. "Hey Sparky, go home for the day."

"What?! No way! There must be something for --" She stopped mid-sentence at the raising of her brother's hand. He would only do that to her if he were dead serious.

Minato smiled softly, "Go home, eat some cake, and keep Kushina company." Hana raised an eyebrow at him, mentally scoffing at him for thinking he could stop her from getting involved in whatever was going to happen. He got the message loud and clear. "Kakashi,", he ordered. "Make sure she goes home."

"Yes, sensei." He replied obediently. Minato waved bye and left the two of them in the room. Instantly Hana headed toward the door, only to have her arm caught by Kakashi's grip. "Where do you think you're going?"

She took a second to evaluate the expression on his face, or at least what could be seen of it. Deciding that it was better not to fight him on this one, she went with the next best thing, "I'm going to go eat some cake. The door's the only way out of here." …sarcasm.

"Uh, huh." He responded dully and led her back to her house.

The walk was quiet between the two, not because they couldn't stand each other; more because the streets were bustling with people rushing to and fro carrying supplies and necessities. It was a scene that avidly caught both of their attentions.

Hana walked in the front door with Kakashi following behind. She made a b-line for the refrigerator and took out the last piece of lemon cake. "Ahhh…" she took a deep breath as she smelled the sweet, citrus and perfectly made cake. "You wanna share it?" She offered. Kakashi shrugged his shoulders like he wasn't interested. "Oh come on.", she waved the slice about in the air before his face. "You know you like it."

"Yea, o.k." He walked over to a drawer and pulled out another fork. "But then I have to go."

Hana started the conversation while they sat at the kitchen table. "So what do you suppose it is?" She took a bite of the lemon cake.

"What do you mean?" He asked back as he slid down his mask to eat.

She glanced out the window over the sink. It was dusk; the sun would be completely gone in a couple of minutes allowing darkness to encompass the village. "What's going to happen? An attack, an invasion …something worse?"

"Don't worry about it. You're not involved." He took another bite.

Hana stood up abruptly, slamming her hands on the table. "The hell I'm not involved!" Kakashi raised his eyebrow at her sudden outburst. "I'm a ninja of this village and something really bad is fixing to happen. It's my responsibility to help protect it."

Very calmly, he swallowed what he had in his mouth. "To a point, yes. But you've got special circumstances. And right now, those special circumstances take effect. Minato-sensei wants you to stay home tonight. It's not safe."

The spiteful blonde sat back down. "What about being a ninja is even remotely safe?" Noticing he was about to try to answer that question, she continued. "That's a rhetorical question. Don't.", she raised her hand at him. He just shrugged his shoulders and continued eating cake.

Kushina walked in stretching her arms and yawning. "Well, hello you two.", she smiled brightly.

"Oh sorry, did I wake you?" Hana had forgotten that her sister-in-law always takes naps in the late afternoon.

"Yea, ya' did." She yawned deeply again. "Don't worry about it. I was going to get up eventually. So, what are you guys doing here, huh?" She took the last bite of cake from Hana, who proceeded to glare at the large woman.

Kakashi giggled slightly. "Is that a rhetorical question?" Hana's glare shifted over to him. "I better get going, it's already dark out. Goodbye, Kushina-sama." He stood and walked to the door. Hana dashed after him. "No, Hana." He held her back at an arm's length.

She smiled in a sweet, innocent manner. "What? No goodbye to me too?"

He sighed and let her go. "Bye." Turning and walking out the door, he called over his shoulder before he took off to his post, "And stay put."

Hana gave him a mock salute and walked back to the kitchen where Kushina was licking the plate that had the lemon cake on it. "Hungry much?"

"You have no idea." The very pregnant woman set the plate back down, now spotless. "Hey, why don't you run out and see if Ichiraku's is still open. I'm craving some ramen."

"What kind?" Hana cleared the table and put the dishes in the sink.

"All kinds." There was a moment of silence as Hana stared at Kushina and her completely sincere request. "Here.", she handed Hana some money and pushed her out the door. "Hurry up, I'm starving. I don't think I have more than 10 minutes to live."

"Uh, o.k." The door slammed behind her. "Guess I better hurry then." Hana started to walk into town. There were only a handful of people still out, excluding the ninja that were jumping the rooftops, patrolling the neighborhoods. She got to the Ichiraku Ramen Bar, but it was closed up, just like every other restaurant in town. She sighed and turned to go back when there was a sudden earthquake that shook the entire village. It felt more like something had struck the earth, than erupted out of it. Hana gasped as she fell to the ground.

Brother…, she thought and jumped back up to her feet. No, I'm supposed to stay with Kushina., she stopped herself from running in the same direction as the other ninja that swarmed over the rooftops. Instead, she ran back the way she came. The wind began to howl as it whipped through the town; the sky appeared to be moving in all directions at once. The earth continued to shake every few minutes as well; anyone could tell that a huge battle was raging just at the northern border of the village.

"Kushina!", Hana shouted as she ran through the front door. "Kushina, where are you!" She ran about, searching each and every room, but her dear sister-in-law was nowhere to be found. "Oh god... I… I…", she took a moment to gather herself. "O.k. I need to find Ani, I need to find my brother." She took off at a sprint for the front lines. The Rokubi's chakra slowly started to leak out, aiding in her want for speed.

A fatalist would say she arrived just a little too late, a sadist would say she was just in time. Alone on the field of battle, she saw her brother lay.

"Brother…?" She slowly approached the still figure and fell at its side. "No, brother…", she brushed some dirt off the side of his face. "…why?" The tears began to fall from her cheeks at the same that the rage and anger of the Rokubi started to push its way to the forefront of her mind. "No, no, no, no, no…", she whimpered as the beast inside her began to utter, 'Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes…' The young girl stood back up and glanced around, noticing for the first time, all of the other dead bodies that covered the battlefield.

"They're dead… they're all dead."

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