The darkness that swirled in the Condor was met with silence, the silence that could only be mustered from the sleeping bodies of the Storm Hawks at 11:00pm at night.

Everyone except Radarr that is…

Deep in Aerrow's room Aerrow slept soundly his mind drifting between the realms of his imagination.

But he was unaware of the quiet whining that came from the furry sidekick curled up in his basket. Radarr shook violently thrusting his arms out trying hard to block the imaginary demon that seemed to be plaguing his mind, but he could still remember it, as though it happened yesterday. Him waking up covered in Aerrow's Vomit, Finn lying on the floor water practically gushing from his mouth, Junko's swollen eyes staring unforgivable at him, Piper outstretching her hand trying hard to numb the pain, Stork lying derelict covered in the Protective Suit, and himself falling victim to the Radiation watching his fur pile on the floor and his body self-destruct, and all through there was something, a voice, a laugh. So taunting and so evil that as soon as it screeched madly into Radarr's ears he woke up letting out a loud scream.

He sat up panting frantically sweat pouring down his head and arms, he looked up, then around, then he quickly grabbed his arms and placed them on his face madly, closing his eyes he let out a sigh. 'I'm alive' he thought quietly. But opening them he let his breathing slow and a solemn look infected his face.

This was his sixteenth night without sleep and it was starting to become rite of passage for him when he tried to sleep, he had done his best to hide it from Aerrow and the others but one night Aerrow had found him on the floor shaking violently his face twisted in a catatonic style. It was hard to not notice it.

He yawned and rubbed his head, slowly getting up Radarr tugged at the small clock near his basket. '11 O'clock, oh give me a break!' he thought, slamming the clock down. It would be a futile attempt in trying to sleep again, his nightmares would only repeat themselves and he would have to face the aftermath of letting Aerrow watch his best friend lose it, he would think that Radarr was going crazy. 'BUT I AM!!' Radarr's voice echoed in his mind, he let out another sigh and decided to go for a walk.

Maybe the crisp night air would allow some sanity.

The moonlight shone brightly down onto the bridge of the Condor illuminating the outdoor observation walkway, the stars twinkled and provided an extremely relaxing view for the small furry silhouette sitting on the rail of the Bridge. Radarr looked into the open night sky, a small wind quietly rustled through the Bridge, Radarr's ears buffeted his face, but he couldn't care less really, his mind was more pre-occupied on other things.

The accident with the fuel rod happened 1 month ago yet the memories were still fresh in Radarr's mind, nothing not even the conflict with the Cyclonians could tear Radarr away or make him forget what had happened. It was agonising, truly agonising and he was beginning to lose this war against total insanity, but Radarr would fight, fight to the end if need be it.

A figure appeared at the doorway of the Bridge, Radarr turned startled by the surprise rustle which he was greeted with as the figure approached. But as the moonlight came into position he found himself staring at a red haired young man setting his deep green eyes upon Radarr giving an empathetic look.

Radarr turned his troubled eyes away.

He felt a hand rush through the fur on his head, it was comforting and Radarr looked up at Aerrow.

'You can't sleep' Said Aerrow.

Radarr nodded.

Aerrow sighed, he didn't like to see his pal suffering. What's more he didn't like to see him suffering in silence.

'Come on, a quick blast of a Chloma Crystal will help'

Radarr nodded again and jumped off the Bridge walking back to Aerrow's room, he knew that an Exposure to a Chloma Crystal would render Radarr unconscious but it was his only option. Crude and somewhat Cruel Radarr didn't really like it, but it helped kill the hours and had become his method of sleep for the last 7 days.

But Deep in the engine Room, a certain Merb was working on something, something that would propel the Storm Hawks into the Age of Modern Technology…

But would only traumatise Radarr more.