He'd stood there in the rain for a minute watching the woman walk away, the business card in his hand getting soaked and soft. It wasn't until he could feel the rain permeate his underwear that he started to walk again, carry on home, giving up on the newspaper substitute for an umbrella and binning it as soon as he could.

One of those days really didn't cover this.

He wasn't sure what to make of the brunette, and Larry's story, and if he should just disregard the card as a neat magic trick and Dr. Magnus as a kook.

He'd met enough kooks in his time at the hospital though, and there was something about her that just didn't fit. Probably the eye contact, his patients always had a terrible time making eye contact with him. This woman had walked right up to him, with clarity in her eyes and her conversation, and had told him there was a boy.

Maybe he was still asleep in the staff lounge, but the damp feeling in his boxer-briefs really gave the (damp) impression, that he was awake and still heading home.

Forgetting magic tricks, brunettes and psychopaths for the moment he ran the rest of the way, the sooner he was home, the sooner he could get dry and get to bed. Maybe it would all make sense in the morning.