It was worse, actually, waking up in the early hours of the morning, straight, sober and in a completely strange room. Alone.

He wasn't sure how that worked. He was pretty sure someone else should be involved. And not just in the strange dreams he'd been having about dark haired doctors and hairy beasts from his childhood that just wouldn't leave him alone.

Not that he'd had time for anything as fun as waking up in a strange bed should be but still, it was nice to dream.

Or it would be if his childhood would leave him alone. Fifteen years of therapy down the drain for a brunette with a business card and a nightmare that served tea.


He could see himself in another fifteen years, recommending patients for therapy, then bumping into them in the waiting room the next week.

To say something strange was going on was an understatement and Doctor Helen Magnus was sat at the bedside drinking tea, while her business card sat at his bedside on the other side of the Old City.