Kim Possible: Throw me something mister!

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Chapter 1: Mornin' Princess, how'd you sleep?


Sensations … snippets of sensations start darting about in a.. sour.. jagged.. murkiness…

Feels.. like.. dropped.. deep dry well.. left.. for.. while…

Eyes closed.. painful.. darkness.. that I.. 'see' somehow. Flashes ... light.. shooting.. through.. painful darkness…

Curled.. up on.. side on .. softness.. wrapped in ... film.. that warms and shields..

Somewhat familiar.. body.. pressed against.. back. Arm.. loosely wrapped around.. at the waist. Warm.. breath.. upon.. neck… slow.. steady.. rhythm..

Eyes still closed.. head.. moves.. quickly…from.. rest..

'Aaahhhh!' immediate regret .. Sharp PAIN!! .. from.. slightest movement… that body.. part?

'Brain-pain! ... Ohhhhh …y.. head!' .. scrunch.. back into ..fetal coil as .. arm.. curls slightly around.. body presses… closer.. into back.

'Why…head.. hurts… like this? What..heck.. happened..?' as a moan escapes a desert-dry throat and a queasiness tweaks a stomach that just isn't recognized'. 'Throat…belt-sander? Stomach… gorchy?… Bleeaaauugh!' as a surge from within is held down.

'Where.. am… I? Ooooooo.. my.. hhhhead. Ok… don't… move.. it… too fast… yeah.. that'll.. work.. somewhat. Tummy.. sooo.. queasy. ' Eyes scrunched tighter, I begin to sense more of me and where I am. Start to take personal inventory and stock of my position.

'Lets see… Lying on my right side, on a bed… Head feels like someone wearing baseball cleats… been kicking it from the inside… Stomach.. spin cycle..mystery meat.. in ... zero gravity.. free-fall.. Feel all arms and legs… but .. bit sluggish… No other pain.. 'cept for what's going.. head… and.. "Umph", stomach…'

"Urp".. 'Why does my stomach feel this way?' Fighting another wave of nausea, hand over mouth…

'Dark room… light through curtains… no sensation of threat… air conditioner running… occasional soft footsteps.. nearby but not in room… doors opening or closing randomly, also not in room… water running close by…now off…'

'On a bed.. under a cover.. wearing… old.. baggy shirt..and.. shorts…

What's.. left of.. head… resting.. on.. pillow…'

' Someone.. behind me… pressing against.. back… arm around… waist… familiar.. not too familiar.. with body.. or arm.'

'Funny… Soft.. pressed against.. upper back… hand and arm.. smaller.. than.. remember.'

'Breathing on neck… Warm.. rhythmic… Eewwww!...Rannnkkk!.. Breath!.. Yuuuuck!'

'Got.. see.. who.. behind… me'

'Slightly.. pull away.. from body.. Not.. try.. hurt head…Yeah.. that's.. it. See who.. it is…'

'Just… a.. little.. more.. Ok.. keep tummy… calm. Little.. more. There.. ya.. go…'

'Okay… now.. slowly.. slowly.. turn.. head.. over shoulder… almost there…'

'Look.. back… (pause) Must… stop.. hurl factor….'

'There.. Now.. focus.. focus.. Coming into… view.'

Coming into focus, looking back into Kim's eyes, at a distance of nearly twelve inches, is the rumple-visaged, bleary-eyed, wind-twisted-bed-headed, looking almost as bad as the redhead feels, face of the woman, known to so many as Shego.

"Mmmmhhhhmmmm." Biiigggggg Yaawwnnn('Ewwww! Breathmints! Please!') Loonnngggg full body-cat-stretch up against Kim..

"Smack, smack", mouth.. tongue randomly licking lips.. clearing away morning 'fog' within. Sleep swollen, smug, '?', tired smile, look upon her face.

"Mornin' Princess. How'd you sleep?"

"Gaaaaahhhhhhh!" as Kim shoots away from the woman, taking all the sheets and covers with her as she tumbles onto the floor, leaving Shego, in her night clothes, with pillows, on the bed.

Door opens. Lights on. Coffee cup in hand, a 'Ferret' pajama'd, messier-haired-than-usual Ron Stoppable looks on as a hand-over-mouth, 'green' Kim rushes through him, trailing her 'tail' of bed linen, to what is mercifully hoped to be a bathroom door.

"What's the matter with her?" from a bewildered Ron to a sluggishly shrugging Shego, as the door is nearly ripped one-handed from the doorjamb by the frantic young woman.

"I dunno…. Mmmaybe something she ate?" mumbled the bemused brunette in sleepy sing-song as they both look at the backside of the kneeling, crouching redhead.



A/N: Yep, its morning, Kim has awakened in a bed, under some really suspect circumstances, and she finds she may have been bunking with Shego. What the heck happened the night before? Starting next chapter, we're going to find out, won't we.

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