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Chapter Fourteen

The next night everyone got ready for the Fall Fest. But, even thought it was supposed to be a joyful experience, everyone's spirits were down. Pogue and Kate were still in hospital, and Caleb was supposed to will away his powers later that night.

Sarah and Melissa were upstairs getting ready. The boys, plus Melissa and Caleb's mum were downstairs.

Melissa found out that Caleb had taken Sarah to the house and showed her their father. She silently wondered why that hadn't scared off Sarah. Never mind the fact that she had been told that her boyfriend has super powers. Melissa didn't know how Sarah could do it, but either way, she was glad Sarah wasn't scared off.

Sighing, Melissa turned to look at the dress she had bought a while ago. Tyler had asked her to the Fall Fest a few hours ago, in which Melissa already had a dress. So at least they didn't have to go out and find one for her.

Her dress was a deep red, which matched her brunette hair well, she kept her hair down but made it wavy, making it look beautiful. The dress was long and went to her ankles. The dress didn't have sleeves and showed off her shoulders, and it had a V neckline that showed off enough, but not too much that it was improper. She had black heels on that were easy for her to walk in.

"You look beautiful." Sarah complimented, making Melissa smile and turn her attention back to Sarah.

Sarah had her hair up and was wearing a white/cream dress, she had short sleeves and it was down to he ankles as well. The dress was low cut enough but not as much as Melissa's.

"You look just as beautiful, if not then more." Melissa told her, watching as she blushed.

"Are you ready to go down and stun the guys?" Melissa asked, giggling.

Sarah sucked in a breath and nodded.

"Don't worry; he's going to think you're the most beautiful thing in the world!" Melissa tried to reassure her.

"And your going to make Tyler's heart stop." Sarah said, smiling.

"Oh, I hope so." Melissa grinned. "C'mon, lets get down there, just gotta hope we don't fall and break our necks with these heels."

Sarah's eyes widened as she thought of the possibility.

"Sarah, I was joking." Melissa said, shaking her head. She held out her hand and Sarah took it. They walked out into the hall and came to the stairs.

"I'll go first, we want you to make an impact with the guys." Melissa said, smirking.

Sarah's eyes widened again and she shook her head, protesting.

"Ah, ah, ah. You get no say in the matter." Melissa said, before walking out in front of the stairs and slowly descending them, drawing attention to herself.

Melissa's main attention was on Tyler, but she couldn't help but glance at all the other boys, especially since there expressions were clearly showing on there faces.

Reid's eyes were wide open, his lips parted as he stared up and down her body. Caleb was staring at her, thinking how his little sister had grown up into a woman. Their mum was looking proud, with tears in her eyes as she looked at her daughter all grown up. Tyler's reaction was the best. His look was a mix between Reid's look and Caleb's stare. Tyler's mouth had dropped, but he was looking straight at her face, and not her body.

Melissa smiled softly to herself, getting the reaction she hoped for. She walked slowly over to Tyler, coming to a stop in front of him.

"Wow." He breathed out in amazement. "You look beautiful."

Melissa blushed, ducking her head. Tyler took a hold of her chin and tilted it up. He leaned forward and pressed a soft loving kiss to her lips, making Melissa sigh. She leaned back and smiled. "Im glad you like it."

"I don't like it, I love it." Tyler said, wrapping his arms around her.

"Wait until you see Sarah!" Melissa aid, loudly enough for Caleb and everyone else to hear.

She heard light clicking of heels and so she turned around in Tyler's arms and watched Sarah walk down the stairs.

"Wow." She heard Caleb whisper. He grinned at her and went forward to kiss her cheek.

"You look beautiful, my dear. Both of you do." Their mum said.

Sarah looked around the room, catching Melissa's eye, she smiled, which Melissa returned.

"Ready?" Caleb asked. Sarah nodded and they both left.

Melissa smiled and kissed Tyler once more before heading over to her mum.

"Melissa, you look beautiful, im so proud of you. If your father was here, he'd be so proud." She said. Melissa felt tears gather up and she gave a teary smile.

"Thank you, mum." Melissa went forward and hugged her tightly.

"Now, go." She said, tapping her back lightly. Melissa nodded and step backwards, turning to Tyler and nodded at him.

Tyler and Reid both walked to Melissa, taking each of her arm and she smiled at them.

"You both look so handsome." Melissa said, walking out the door with them.

They all got in the car, except Caleb and Sarah who were saying there goodbye's. The kissed and then Caleb opened the door for Sarah and she got in.

"Be careful. I'll call you." Caleb said, closing the door and backing away from it.

Right as Tyler was about to start the car, Melissa got out the door and ran to Caleb, shouting his name. He turned around and was meet with Melissa squeezing him tightly. He smiled slightly and kissed her hair, laying his head on hers.

"Caleb." Melissa said, not being able to think of anything to say to him.

"I know, don't worry, I'll be safe." Caleb reassured her.

"I love you, and if anything happens to you, I swear I will kick your ass all the way to Neptune." Melissa mumbled, stuffing her face into his jacket.

Caleb chuckled. "That won't happen. I promise. Now go, you be safe as well, he might try something else, anything to get me to will my powers."

Melissa nodded and squeezed him tighter. He kissed her forehead and then her cheek.

"I love you, big brother." Melissa said, pressing her hand to his cheek.

"And I love you too, little sis." Caleb told her, placing a hand on hers. Melissa pressed her lips together and gave him another look. She took her hand away and walked away from him, not looking back. She opened the car door and got in, ignoring the looks everyone sent her.

Melissa looked straight ahead, not blinking. "Drive."

~At the dance~

They were standing outside the school building that was holding the dance. Sarah was leaning against the wall and Tyler's hand held Melissa's tightly. Reid was on the phone to Caleb, keeping him informed.

"No." Reid said, staying silent as Caleb talked.

Melissa sighed and looked away, watching all the people who were just starting to come to the dance.

"Yeah, she's fine. Hang on." Reid said.

Melissa felt Tyler move and she looked back at Sarah, her eyes widening when she noticed Sarah wasn't there.

"She was just here." Tyler said. Melissa looked around, letting go of Tyler's hand.

"Caleb? Caleb?" She heard Reid's frantic voice. "Somethings happened." Reid said.

Melissa started to breath heavily, panicking. "We have to find her. She can't have just disappeared." She said.

Melissa grabbed Tyler's hand yanking him in the direction of the dance. "Reid, you check the outside." Melissa said, intent on finding Sarah.

~A while later~

Melissa and Tyler walked past the balloons, spotting Reid.

"Did you find her?" Tyler asked.

"No." Reid said, looking around.

Melissa sighed and ran her hand through her hair, frustrated.

Reid looked at his watch. "Twelve minutes past 11." He said.

"Happy birthday, Caleb." Tyler said, looking around.

"We have to go to him, it's the only way we know he's safe." Melissa said, looking at the guys.

Reid looked around once more before nodding. "Yeah, c'mon."

They all ran to the car and jumped in. "Putnam barn, here we come." Melissa whispered.

"Can you feel that? The power?" Tyler asked, they nodded.

"There using a lot, a hell of a lot." Reid said, staring out the window.

It took them a while to get there, they had speeded there but then slowed down when they saw sirens past the trees.

"You don't think?" Melissa asked.

"I don't know." Tyler said softly.

They managed to get there and they stared out the windows, looking for any sign of Caleb or Sarah.

A few firemen and police stared at the car, about to stop them.

"There! It's Caleb!" Melissa shouted, pointing out the window.

With the car still moving, but only at a very slow pace, Melissa opened her door and climbed out, making Tyler and Reid shout her name.

"Caleb!" She shouted, running towards him. She noticed Sarah too and smiled, thankful.

Caleb turned around and smiled when he saw her. He opened his arms and winced when Melissa made impact with his chest.

"Your okay! Im so glad, I was so scared. And Sarah! Oh, you guys are fine, I, I, was, and then, Im just so, I love you guys!" Melissa said, not being able to make word. Tears were running down her face. She grabbed Sarah and pulled her into the hug with Caleb, making Sarah let out a surprised gasp.

Melissa heard feet running in her direction and then stop. She looked out and saw Tyler and Reid standing there, smiling.

"Wow, she's crying, what a wuss. I mean, c'mon, we all knew he was going to be fine." Reid said, crossing his arms and smirking.

"Come here, you pricks." Melissa said, laughing with tears running down her face.

They looked hesitant, but once they looked into her eyes they joined the hug, making Caleb and Sarah groan with being squished.

"I love you guys." Melissa said, sniffling.

They all pulled apart, smiling. "Wait a minute, before we get too happy, though I think that's abit late for Melissa, where's chase?" Reid asked, frowning and looking around.

"They didn't find him. But, he should be gone. I hope." Caleb said, staring at what was left of the Putnam barn.

Everyone was silent until Melissa shouted out. "Pogue! Kate! Do you think there fine?"

Caleb smiled at her and nodded. "Yeah, they'll be fine. Just fine."

"So, everything's back to normal then?" Tyler asked, wrapping his arm around Melissa.

"Yeah, as normal as we can get." Reid said, snorting.

"C'mon, lets go to the hospital, check up on Kate and Pogue." Caleb said.

They all nodded and got into there separate cars.

Melissa pulled Tyler into the back seat and got Reid to drive.

She sighed and smiled up at Tyler when he wrapped his arm around her shoulder.

"Sleep, it's been an eventful week." Tyler said, kissing her forehead.

Melissa smiled at him, love in her eyes. She blinked a few times, not wanting to give into the sleep. Not being able to stop herself she let her eyes slowly slip closed.

Thinking of all her loved ones, she fell asleep with a smile on her face, knowing that she and her friends were safe.

At least for now.