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Part 1: Secrets/center

"Please kid you've got to help me." The man, maybe 1 year older then WildWing tugged on Nosedive's pant leg. "Please sir. You can't let them take me."
"I...I..." Nosedive stumble back. He was 15; he shouldn't have to deal with this. So much hate, so much pain. All around him death and destruction.
"I have a son, two daughters, a wife. Don't let them kill me! I can still work! I know I can!" Tears welled up in Dive's eyes. Yeah he had a family to.
Had being the key word there. His mother shot down infront of him while protecting him. His dad? Traded places with him for the death chamber. His brother, WildWing?
He didn't know. They'd gotten seperated during a midnight bombing attack. Nosedive had no idea whether his brother was alive or not. He'd been in this place for
3 years (I don't know enough about MD: TAS to tell you exactly the years. This is just an estimate). 2 of which he'd spent alone, staying alive only because he hoped
That one day he'd find his brother. He knew the man's pain, knew his suffering.
"I'm sorry." He whispered. Guards came and seized the man under the arms.
"No please no!" The man cried. A girl, from further down the mine, came running up.
"Papa! Papa!" Nosedive caught her as she passed, but she struggled against his grip. "No Papa! Don't leave me Papa!" The girl turned and began to sob in NoseDive's shirt.
She didn't know he was, he didn't know who she was. It just felt good to have support. Suddenly a shot rang out and the girl went limp in his arms.
"Unless you want the same fate boy I suggest you get to work!" Going into slight shock NoseDive lay the girl down on the floor, picked up his pick, and got back to work.
No he wasn't going to die. He was a survivor. He'd find his brother and they'd live happily ever after. That was what he was thinking, until he heard a sharp crack, and felt
A hard thump on his head.
NoseDive awoke with a cry, bolting upright in his bed so fast he hit the model airplane he'd hung on his ceiling the night before. He gave a sharp cry of pain.
"Oh! Ow! That really hurt!" He told the now swinging airplane. His door opened, and WildWing stuck his head in.
"You okay in there baby bro?"
"I hit my head on the darn airplane when I tried to sit up."
"I told you it was to low."
"Yeah, whatever."
"Go back to sleep Dive." With that WildWing closed the door. It had been to dark for WildWing to see his brother's pale face (Don't ask me how a duck with white feathers can be pale.
I just decided that he can) and he had been too tired to notice the slight shake in Dive's voice. Dive took deep breaths, trying to steady himself. If had been a nightmare, and had only
Happened once he wouldn't have cared so much. But it was a real memory, and they were coming back more and more often. The camps, the mines, that things he'd seen there and the
Pain he'd dealt with was sweeping over him every night when he slept. He could tell Wing; after all he'd been through some awful things himself. But he couldn't bring himself to see the
Look of pain on WildWing's face. It was a part for Dive's life that both wanted to erase from his mind. In an effort to wipe that pained look off his older brother's face he told him he'd
Put it all behind him. But that wasn't true. The faces of the dead, the dying, the soulless people haunted his dreams. Sometimes he saw them when he battled Dragaunus. When his team mates
Where crying out in pain. He could hear the screams, the mournful cries, and the silent acceptance of the young and old alike. It hurt him when he wasn't doing anything. When he had time to
Think. That's why he did what he did, like teasing Mallory or reading comics. If he helped then all the work would get done faster and he'd have time to sit and think. He didn't want to think.
Thinking was bad. Thinking was painful. Thinking made reality more real.
He didn't fall asleep again that night. He just sat, curled in his blankets, reading a mindless comic book by flashlight until his alarm went off. He pretended to be asleep until Wing came into wake
him up.
"Morning Dive." Wing grinned. Dive pretended to grunt sleepily. He'd become a good actor. "How's your head?" Again he grunted. Wing just chided him playfully. "You better get up or Duke will eat all
the Ego's." He sat bolt upright (careful to avoid the airplane model this time), a pretend expression of horror on his face.
"No not my Eggo's!" He toppled out of bed, really tangled in his sheets. His flashlight clattered to the floor. Wing picked it up, and tossed it behind him, before helping Dive off the floor.
"What am I going to do with you kiddo?"
"Try wuving me?" He said innocently. WildWing nudged him gently, which almost knocked him off his feet.
"You've gotta' get more sleep baby bro."
"Tell me about it," he shot a look at wing, "On second thought no. Don't tell me about it." The pair walked into the kitchen, grinning broadly. In the morning it was easy for NoseDive to be happy. He
was doing something. He was with his brother, the place he was happiest. He wasn't thinking.
"Hey I am one hungery mundo duck!" He said, sitting down, and grabbing his cereal box.
"You're always hungery." Mallory said, reaching for her toaster strudel box. Seeing what she was doing NoseDive walked to the cupboard nearest the door. WildWing noticed this, and all of the sudden,
became more interested in Mall opening the box. As soon as she got the flaps up...
AH! A LIZARD! GET IT OFF!" The lizard sprung out of the box and onto Mal's face. After she got it off her face (she threw it, Duke caught it), she turned angerily toward NoseDive.
"NoseDive..." She growled slinking toward him
"Can't you take a joke?" He grinned, right before running out the door. Mal was quickly on his tailfeathers.
"I'm gonna' kill you! Get back here and face me like the duck you are!"
"He is facing her like the duck he is," Duke chuckled, "a fast one." With a sigh WildWing go up from the table.
"I'll be back."
"We hope." Duke chuckled again, shaking his head. As soon as he was out the door he had to jump against the wall as two speeding ducks zoomed past. By the look on his face it was clear NoseDive
was rather enjoying this. And with a glance at Mall you could tell she was dead serious about killing him this time. With a few seconds hesitation (for a good reason ;)) Wing picked his little brother
up and held him abouve his head. WildWing was shocked at how light he was. Excpeacilly since all he ate was junk.
"Put him down WildWing!" Mallor growled, pulling out her puck launcher. NoseDive whimpered and made himself as small as possible.
"Come on Mal. He didn't mean it."
"Didn't mean it? Erg! That's what you say everytime he does something like this! Sometimes I think we would've been better off with Canard!" Mallory stormed off. The brothers looked at each other, then after
Mallory. With a sigh WildWing put NoseDive down. Sighing agian, he started to walk away. After watching Wing walk away for a minute, NoseDive ran after him.
"Hey bro! Penny for your thoughts?"
"Got one?" NoseDive pulled a penny out of his pocked and placed it in his brother's hand. WildWing looked at it, smiled, then sighed (again).
"It's about what Mal said."
"About you saying I didn't mean it all the time? 'Cause I really didn't mean to dye the water in her shower green the other day..."
"No. About Canard."
"Oh." WildWing wass to absorbed in his thoughts to notice the spite in his brother's voice.
"I sometimes think it's true. That we'd have been better of with Canard. Doing everything Canard's way."
"Like leaving me behind?" Even WildWing (poor guy) couldn't miss that statement, or the hurt and hate that went with it. He looked at his brother suddenly.
"Aw Dive! I didn't mean that! Never in a million years would I have left you there! I couldn't have left you there!" WildWing saw the hurt in NoseDive's eyes, and scooped his little brother into an affectionate hug.
"I'm sorry. I didn't know that still hurt you that bad."
"I hate him! I hate him for all he to me! I hate him!"
"It's okay. It's okay to hate him. He did some awful things to you."
'You don't know that half of it big bro." NoseDive thought to himself. Suddenly WildWing pulled him out of the hug and looked at him.
"You turned the water in Mall's shower green?"
"I didn't mean to! I was trying to clean out the paint and accidently used Tanya's bottle of green skin tint instead of the cleaning spray." Both brothers cracked up.