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Don't Say a Word
Part 4: "Am I going crazy?"

"How are you feeling baby brother? Wing set a plate of Mac and Cheese on NoseDive's lap. Dive made a face.
"Like I just went through the spin cycle on the washing machine....Are you really gonna' make me eat that stuff?"
"Yep." NoseDive scrunched up his face even more.
"You know I hate processed cardboard! Who made it?"
"I think I'm gonna' be sick."
"Aw come on, can't be that bad. Besides Tanya said to keep your strength up."
"I'd rather keep my stomache in tact thanks."
"Come on Dive. Duke rarely cooks..."
"For a good reason."
"And he worked so hard to make it for you."
The classic guilt trip. A dirty and underhanded trip. That always worked. Reluctantly Dive scooped a spoonful of the
"Food" and put it in his mouth. He had to work really hard not to throw-up. This was worse then the regular stuff.
Dive pushed the plate away.
"I don't htink I'm hungery."
"Come on Dive. Can't e that bad."
"Wanna' bet?"
"Fine." Wing took a bite of it, chewed, then took off. He came back two minutes later with two large glasses of milk, and
two tacos.
"Tanya also said you should get more calcium." Dive muffled a snicker.
"I don't get it boss. What did you do to him?"
"I made it so that when he's fully recovered we'll have complete control over him."
"Like when Wraith took over that guys mind?"
"No you dolt! I have no control over hims mind. But his BODY is something else." The three minions looked at each other,
slightly confused.
"So...why wait for him to be completly healed? Wouldn't it be easier to nab him when he's weak?" Seige asked.
"It would be but it takes time for my prob to get complete contorol.
It had been days since his run in with Dragaunus and Dive was feeling 100%. Except for the fact he felt like he was being pulled
away. Like if he didn't go now something bad was going to happen.
"Stop it NoseDive," he muttered to himself, "Stop it right now. Whatever you're so worried about is just...AH!" Dive toppled backward
as a large shadow appeared infront of him.
"Woah! Woah! Easy there little bro! It's just me." Wing bent down and lifted Dive off his back.
"Don't do that!"
"Sorry! Didn't know you were so jumpy all of the sudden." As soon as the words were out of his mouth, he felt NoseDive go all
"Dive?" He immediatly snapped into a military attention that even Mallory would have approved of.
"Dive!" WildWing caught the look of panic in NoseDive's eyes right before they glazed over. Machanically, NoseDive turned on his heel and
started walking out of the pond.
"Dive! Dive! Get back here!" Wing started to chase after him. NoseDive strode out the door, and into the street. By the time Wing got to the
door, he'd lost him. Angerily he ran back downstairs.
***********************************(switching views)****************************
'Stop! Feet I command you to stop!' NoseDive thought. His feet didn't listen. They just kept marching where ever they were going. He tried
to move his hand. Nothing. Suddenly he realized it wasn't him doing anything. Not him breatheing, not him walking, not him seeing. He
could totally lose himself in his thoughts and be okay. Because somebody ELSE was doing all that for him. His soul began to quake. This
wasn't good. This was bad. Very bad. He tried to fight against whatever it was, but it was to strong. He felt like he was getting pushed back.
Pushed out. The thought startled him. Could whoever it was really push his soul out and keep his body going as an empty shell? No, no. A
body couldn't live without a soul, it just wouldn't work. So the thing needed him to stay there...didn't it?
'Wing? Duke? Grin, Tanya, Mallory!' No answer, not that he really expected one. Right then what he wanted, more then anything, was for someone
to come and wake him up. 'This is a nightmare. This has to be a nightmare. I can't be real. I refuse believe it's real. Wing! Wing help!'

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