DISCLAMIER:I do not own Twilight

DISCLAMIER:I do not own Twilight.

Chapter 1

The light was dim and hazy but my mind was bright and alive. I watched the dawn brake across the clear sky changing slowly from pink to orange. Beautiful, I thought just like him mmmm. Scolding myself for thinking about him . Not when he left me three months ago with his unborn child. I guess I should explain.

I'm Bella Swan. Edward left me because he didn't love me any more not good enough for him or something. I went in to zombie state not really living just going through life in a haze. Then for a couple of mornings I kept being sick just in the mornings. It confused me so I went to the doctor and guess what he told me. Yes I was pregnant. I know you could never guess what I was feeling Edward was the only one I had ever been with so it was his all right.

I didn't know what to do at first I thought about telling Charlie but that was out of the question. No, I had to do this alone.

So that's where I'm at now sitting on my bed watching the sunrise. I have moved to England now to the sea. I loved the sea sparkling and glinting. It reminded me of him in the sunlight. Even though it was torture I couldn't move away now.

I have a job at the lifeboat shop and am a volunteer out on the lifeboats too. I live above the shop in the single bedroom apartment.

Getting up from the bed I put on my clothes red mini skirt black shirt and black beanie. (Hat duh) I slipped on some black flats and headed down the stairs to open the shop.

It was very warm so I opened the front doors to let some of the heat out while I made toast in the back room.

The day went pretty smoothly and many people bought charms, pens, pencils ect. I was just closing the doors when suddenly Jake (Jake is not in love with her more brotherly type and is not a werewolf) burst in. "Quick Bella call all the lifeboat volunteers there is a small row boat with many toddlers in it going far out to sea. I nodded quickly and called all the numbers. I had told no one not even Jake about the baby so I was going too. We all ran into the lifeboat building that was next to the shop and got on all the gear. Launching the lifeboat we where sea born!

The warm weather earlier was now taking it's effect huge waves would come up and down the boat drenching us. My job was to look out for the boat and suddenly I saw a flash on the horizon. "There" I shouted pointing towards the boat.

Quickly Jeff; who was driving the boat steered in the direction. As we approached the screams of the kids could be herd. Abby did all the normal things trying to carm them down enough so that we could all grab them.

There were six kids so we all had to grab one. I leant over and grabbed a little boy about four or five. But the boy struggled, as he was so scared. Trying not to loose him the murky depths below I managed to get him in the boat but just as I did that a huge wave knocked me over board. The heavy clothes where pulling me down and I was struggling for breath when suddenly voice where yelling at me in my head. 'Tell go of your oxygen' 'No air belongs down here' 'Welcome back princess let go let go' The voice made no sense but it was my last chance and I let go on the little air I had left and slipped into an unfriendly darkness.

Please tell me what you think and if you want me to continue. My other story's will get finished soon but this just came to me.