Not Cancer - House – fishtank36

Warnings: Season 3 spoilers (if you can call them spoilers at this point) – Half-Wit, HCam, also unbeta'd.

A/N: Set sometime after the kiss and before they find out he faked cancer. Spawned from discussion of the recent Huddy promo... I really like writing House / Wilson conversations, hopefully they're in character :P (And yes I stole the title from a recent episode).


House breezed in letting the door swing shut as he plopped down lengthwise on the couch. Wilson glanced up from his paperwork, "It's... nice to see you to."

After several minutes of silence Wilson could no longer continue pretending he was paying attention to the forms in front of him. "So..." He began, setting his pen down, "are you here to talk about your cancer?"

"God, everything is about cancer with you oncologists." House replied, still staring at the ceiling.

Wilson shrugged, "What's it about then?"

"Can't I just be here to avoid work?"

Wilson briefly considered the notion before shaking his head, "Uhh... no. Not with a savant to study and when you're actually avoiding work you don't let me work either." When House didn't reply Wilson turned back to his papers figuring he would open up on his own without him pushing.

"Cameron..." he started, eyes flickering to Wilson's.

"Look – I didn't know she was going to tell everyone," Wilson defended, "I mean she... cares about you, they would have found out eventually."

"It's not about that," House said quietly, gaze returning to the ceiling.

Wilson frowned, "What's it about then?" House absently rubbed at his jaw, not really wanting to discuss it openly. His fingers gravitated to his lips as he remembered what had happened. "Oh my God!" Wilson said suddenly, shooting up out of his chair. "She kissed you, didn't she?"

House rolled his eyes and pulled his hand away from his mouth, "Oh please," he said, trying to play it off.

"She did!"

"Yes," House sighed, relenting.

"Oh my God!" Wilson repeated. "What did you do?"

"What do you think I did?" House snapped. "She's hot..."

"She's Cameron... the-the woman you've been trying to deny since you hired her."

"She thought I had cancer," House reasoned, trying to dismiss it.

"You do have cancer."

House threw up his hands, "Which is exactly my point, she thinks I'm dying."

Wilson frowned, "But... she kissed you."

"She tried to stab me."

Wilson's confusion grew, "What?"

House shook his head, "Uh – blood, you know, for tests."

Wilson's hands moved to his hips, "Now you don't know why she kissed you."

"She kissed me to get blood."

"She liked you before, is that what's confusing you?" Wilson asked.

"It has nothing to do with that," House said firmly, "I have cancer."

"Well you kissed her before, right? You even said so yourself – at the end of your date."

"That was forever ago," House replied petulantly.

"Yeah, and?" Wilson shrugged, "How did it compare?"

House remembered it distinctly. The awkward meal after his little speech but despite what he had said the tension remained, lingering between them as he accompanied her to her front door (after all it was supposed to be a proper date). Taunting him, compelling him to lean down and kiss her – pressing her into her apartment door as he cupped her cheek. Still trying to deny it in his head as he worked her mouth the way he wanted to since he first locked eyes with her.

House got up abruptly and limped out quickly without a word, letting the door slam shut behind him.

Wilson sat down and eyed his paperwork, "It wasn't about the cancer, was it?"