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-Hi baby.

-Hey. You know what I was thinking?

-How much you love me?

-Yea, that and that maybe we should go away for the weekend. We never have time alone anymore.

-Daniel, as much as I know you are right, I also know how much you have to do before next month's issue, and as your assistant I can't let you go without warning you it is not a good idea.

- Ok. And how about as my girlfriend? Do you think you can overlook the fact that my assistant doesn't think we should get away?

- Well, as your girlfriend I would tell your assistant to kiss my ass, and you to close those blinds and lock the door because the weekend getaway is about to start

Daniel moves as quickly as he can to obey his girlfriend, and immediately starts kissing her. As she start to take her shirt of…


-Oh shit. What the fuck? You just couldn't wait ten more minutes before going off, could you? Ok maybe twenty- Daniel says in a very angry manner to his alarm clock while considering the long cold shower ahead of him.

Two hours and a long cold shower later he walks into Mode and passes right by Betty who shouts after him not understanding the rush.

-Hey Daniel, what's wrong? Did you need anything? What can I do to help?

-What's wrong is the fact that you're not in love with me. I need you to respond to my love and if you could just help me make you my wife that would be great, thanks.- Well at least that's what he would have said if he wasn't such a coward, but what he said instead was:

-No Betty, everything is fine, I just need to make a phone call, would you please excuse me?

As soon as Betty reached her desk her phone starts ringing. When she looks at the screen she sees Daniel's number on it. Not understanding what's going on she looks at him with a questioning look, which he responds by mouthing "just answer it please".

-Hello, Betty Suarez here, what can I do for you?

After turning bright red at the thought of something he would love for her to do , he says:

-Hi Betty, it's Daniel- you stupid teenager-like asshole, she knows it's you- I was just wondering if you were doing anything?

-Actually I'm not. I just came back from my weird boss's office and the phone rang and here we are.

- What? Oh, no. I meant what are you doing tonight? Are you free?- as embarrassed as Daniel felt, his playboy's essence kept him going on with his sexy voice.

And that was enough for Betty to totally freeze. Was Daniel asking her to babysit for D.J.? Was he asking her out? No, probably the first and less crazy option. But what's with the sexy voice? Maybe just a dry spell before tonight's big stupid date.

-I was actually just going to watch "Jane Austen's book club".

-What's up with women and Jane Austen?

-Well she writes about second chances, hidden loves and opposite's attraction, what more could a girl want? But don't worry I can totally take it and watch at your place.- Why the hell are we still on the phone?

-Well ok.- thank God she got it, I thought I was going to have to explain my intentions and ask her father permission for taking the love of my life out. And she actually said yes-I would really love to watch a movie that talks about opposite's attraction.

-Oh, Ok. I guess I can leave it there and you can just give me on Monday, or whenever.

-What? You don't want to watch it tonight?- looking thru the glass window he searched for an explanation on what was going on, but it came from words, not images:

-I mean, I'll watch tonight while babysitting for D.J. and when I leave I can just leave the dvd so you can watch. And don't worry neither you or D.J. will lose your manhood over it.

-Oh, oh, oh- just think of something to say Daniel- I, I, I… I think it will be fine.

-Ok then, can I hang up the phone? My boss doesn't really like when on my phone for to long.

As bad as Daniel felt that Betty didn't even consider the possibility of him asking her out on a date, he couldn't help but smile.

-I think your boss wouldn't mind. He seems like a good person and a sexy, sexy man.

-yea, he's ok, but I have to go give him his messages. Bye.

Daniel felt like a teenager. For two months now, ever since he found out that his palms didn't sweat when he was close to Betty because the air conditioner was broken, he's known of his love for Betty. And sixty of the hottest dreams he'd ever have, and a lot of cold showers later he had finally found the guts to ask her out and she didn't even realize what he was doing.

Daniel has always been a player and knowing how to ask women out came with the territory, but with Betty everything felt so different. Ask one more night stand out was easy, but to ask the women you saw yourself marrying needed to be something more elaborated. Well, desperate times called for desperate measures, he was going to call Becks.

Becks has always been an ass man, and as he putted once: "if there is one thing Mrs. Suarez was good at ,was walking in front of you, looking all nice and giggly", so he would certainly understand his infatuation over Betty. Well, maybe Becks wasn't such a good idea. If he remembered well that was actually the last time they talked. Becks wasn't very happy with the sucker punch Daniel gave him. But he did need to talk to someone. Alexis.

-Alexis, I need to talk to you.

-Danny, I don't have time for your "I didn't play enough ball with my dad, so I can't commit" speech. I'll see on Monday at the editor's…

-I'm in love with Betty-Daniel interrupted his sister.

-What? Betty? Have you told her? Did she say it back? When are you guys getting married? I want to be your best man, maybe I should be the maid of honor. Oh Danny, I'm so happy for you. I've got to call mom.

Daniel never had time to answer, but he was happy someone believed he was good enough for Betty. He was not only happy his sister though so, but she actualy believed so much in his love that she was about to go shopping for babies' clothes, and as he was thinking that, Alexis hung up.

-Oh shit. I couldn't even explain the rest. She's going to call mom, and mom is going to call Betty. Double shit.

And for the second time that day he rushed past Betty, who for the second time didn't understand and shouted. But this time she didn't catch up to him. He got straight in the elevator, no explanation.

As he got to Alexis's office , she was already hugging and laughing with his mother. He went in already explaining what actually happened. But they didn't loose the smile oin their faces.

-What are you guys still smiling? Didn't you listen to me? She doesn't think I'm good enough. She'll never think I could be in a serious relationship, especially with her.

-Little brother, you got all off that out of her not understanding that when you asked her something that you asked so many times, with a different meaning, you meant: "I love you, please marry me"?

-You really think that if I asked the right way she would have said yes?

- Are kidding? I'm still going shopping for my grandchildren's clothes I'm so confident. Did you ever think I would get to have more granchildren, Alexis?- Claire Meade was so happy, just like her martini happy state, but no martini in sight or smell.

-Ok, wait, wait. Don't go choosing our wedding date. First you got to tell me how do I do this? How do I turn babysitting night into hot date, kiss at the door date?

-Don't worry, you came to the right women. We will have you giving a goodnight kiss before the main course, and maybe a different dessert than just chocolate cheesecake. Oh, start writing, chocolate cheesecake, I'm sure it's Betty's favorite.

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