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11 months later…

Daniel laid awake in his room thinking about the long lonely night ahead of him. Ever since he and Betty had first got together there hasn't been a lot of night like this. She was most nights in his apartment, and some they spent in hers, but apart there really haven't been more than 20 nights all together, and they all pretty much sucked in Daniel's opinion.

Ever since Betty took the job as editor of another Meade magazine (Daniel did offer her his job so she wouldn't leave mode, but she was set on the job) the nights apart had increased a lot. And although he tried to talk himself into thinking that two editors in a relationship were bound to spend a few nights apart, he also decided that he hated that. Nights without Betty were next days with big circles under his eyes and he did not care for those either. But this special night he decided to put in good use.

It's been a month since Daniel decided he would propose, and it's been also one month since he hadn't been able to decide when and how he would propose, and years since he decided he wanted a family. And today without Betty seducing him he would have enough time to decide how he would make all of those dreams a reality. He knew Betty wouldn't demand a big romantic on his knees type of proposal, but he decides although she wouldn't demand, she definitely deserved on.


Outside of Manhattan Betty arrived at her dad's and as soon as she got home, not even going in first she called Daniel to let him know she got home fine, just like she always did when she didn't go home to him.

-Hi baby.

-Hi. Did I wake you? I did, didn't I? I just called because you insist on me calling as soon as I arrive.

-I wasn't asleep. I can't sleep without knowing you got home ok. So are you at your dad's?

And then Daniel heard Hilda screaming over the phone: "Betty, it's here. It arrived. Are you going to open it?"

-What is Hilda shouting? What arrived?

-Oh nothing. She ordered some new hair dryers for the beauty shop from amazon. It's probably that. Bye, see you tomorrow.- And Betty hung up not even waiting for Daniel to say good bye.

-Ok, bye- Daniel said with a big question mark on his voice. He wanted to talk more, ask about her day, but she sounded anxious to see those hair dryers, so he didn't mind that he said bye mostly to himself.

-Hilda, where is it? And please when I'm trying to be discreet about something try to not scream so much about it.

-Whaaaat? I didn't say what arrived, plus I didn't see that you were on the phone, and papi is not home, so I thought that there wasn't a big deal.

-yea, ok. Just give me the envelope. – And then Betty took from Hilda, opened it with shaking hands and read it's content.

-So? What is it?

-It's positive. I can't believe it. I'm pregnant. How could this happen?

-I thought papi told you about the bees. I can tell you I guess.

-No. It's just that… How could this happen? We just stopped using condoms a couple of months ago, and I've been on the pill for years. Oh Jesus.

-Betty calm down. It happens sometimes. There is nothing you can do now. Except stop taking the pill as of today.

-What am I going to do? What am I going to say to papi? To Claire and Alexis? Oh God, how do I tell Daniel?

-Betty first you've got to tell Daniel. Then together you'll decide the next step.

Betty started to cry. She had dreams and hopes for her future, and of course they included a baby, but in her dreams it came after the dream job and the dream wedding. So she just laid her head on Hilda's lap. Both on the couch thinking about everything.

-Oh mami. Don't be like that. Everything is going to be fine. I wouldn't change my life for anything in the world, I mean Justin is my world. And that baby is going to be your world, yours and Daniel's. Just talk to him.

Betty laid thinking what she would do. She felt so tired, and yet like she wouldn't be able to sleep anytime soon. So she decided to go to Daniels and get that over with.

-Hilda, I can't wait, I have to go to Daniel's now.

-Are you sure mami? Maybe you should rest, a lot of emotions for one day.

-I have to. I won't be able to rest with this on my mind. I should have told him when I first suspected.

-Ok, go. But just remember that if his first reaction is to be scared it doesn't mean that he is feeling like that. It won't mean that he doesn't want the baby, ok?

-Come on Hilda. If he says he doesn't want the baby, I will respect.

-Please mami? Just give him time ok? Tell him, wait, and then you guys can talk. You've had weeks to get used to the idea, give him more than a minute.


One hour later Betty arrived at Daniel's apartment, and went straight to his room. Since he was asleep, she thought she would wait until he woke up. So she just claimed on the bed and tried to sleep . In the morning when he opened his eyes and saw Betty asleep next to him he felt so happy, that he had to kiss her, waking her up.

-Hey. Good morning. I missed you, so I just came here instead of sleeping at my dad's.

-Marry me- I can't believe I asked her like this after all the planning I did last night. But she looks so good in the morning, and she caught me off guard.

-Oh God. Hilda told you. She told you. God, I can't believe.

Daniel just stood frozen. He didn't understand what she was talking about. How could Hilda tell him that he was going to propose.

-Betty, I don't know what you are talking about. This is not how I planned on propo…

But Betty didn't listen to him, she just interrupted him and continued talking.

-I know she was afraid you would freak out about the baby, but to actually tell you. Daniel we don't have to get married just because I'm pregnant. I mean you don't even have to be a dad.

-Betty- Daniel said with his low horse voice.

-I mean, I am having the baby, but you can choose if you want to be a part of the baby's life.

-Betty, Betty- Daniel said louder, and that got Betty to stop and listen to him- Are you saying I'm going to be a dad?

-Not if you don't want to- Daniel wouldn't listen to it again so he just prevented her from talking more bullshit about him not wanting their child with a hard kiss.

-So you're pregnant?

-I am. Hilda didn't tell you?


-Me screaming about it is the first you heard about it?


-And you were asking me to marry you just because you want to marry me?

-Not just because Betty. You are the most important person of my life. I asked you because without you I am nothing. Because I hate when we don't sleep together. Because I want to spend the rest of my life with you. With you and our Child.

-Oh Daniel. I'm sorry. I just… oh forget it. I'm sorry. Are you really happy about the baby?

-I am very happy. I've wanted a family for so long, and I've wanted you to be the mother of my children for over a year now. So yes, I'm happy about the baby. The only thing I'm not happy about is the fact that you have yet to give me an answer on whether or not you will marry me.

-Yes, of course I'll marry you.

-Ok. Thank God.- And Daniel proceeded to treat Betty to a lot of kisses, with special attention to her stomach.

-So little girl? When are you going to come and meet dad?


-Yes, I think it's a girl. So, how far along are you?

-I haven't had my ultrasound so I don't know exactly, but I think I'm about 6 weeks.

-When is your appointment? I hope you know I'm coming to all of them.

-It's not until next Thursday-Betty was so happy, her dreams were all coming true after all.

-Ok, I'll tell Amanda to clear my schedule, bacause I'll need time to meet my baby. Ok, ultrasound checked. And wedding? When would you like? It's probably best not to have a spring wedding.

-From my mother's pictures, I think the sooner the weeding the best.

-Ok, tomorrow it is.

-Daniel, don't joke. I just don't want to look really pregnant when I walk down the aisle, I am catholic, I don't think the priest would be very happy about it. I think one more month is fine.

-I can't believe. In a month I'll be mister Suarez.

-You know you already are. Ok, time to call Alexis, Claire and papi. Who's first?

And both said:

-Empanadas dinner with the family.- ever since they have been together, their families became one , and empanadas dinner were everyone's favorite. Well today, the empanadas wouldn't be the most important thing at dinner. And Alexis would be glad she started buying baby's clothes a long time ago.


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