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Also, this is an alternitive ending to Lancelot. You guys are gonna have to pretend like its got to the point where Arthur has realsed Lancelot and now has to fight off the big Griffiny thing. Merlin is practicing trying to get the magic right while Arthur is getting ready to go.



Merlin focused on the stick he was currently trying to transform into a weapon.

This time, this time...

He slid the words off his tongue, staring so hard that everything else around him blurred and wavered.

And nothing happened.

Tearing at his hair, he turned and walked in a tight circle, fustration rising up in his chest in a tidal wave. Gaius sighed and clasped his hands together in front of him. Even though he still said nothing, Merlin could tell that he was getting tired of this endless repetition too.

"Don't worry Merlin, you'll get it."

"No, no I won't!" Merlin moaned furiously, spinning to face him. "There's no way to do this! I don't think its even a spell."

"You'll get it eventually-"

Merlin snorted and sat down on the stone steps leading up to his bedroom. He ran his hands through his hair, shutting his eyes tightly. "This is impossible..."

"No, its just very hard magic. This is more than you've ever tried to do before, Merlin. Just keep trying."

Merlin rolled his eyes. Gaius rose to his feet. "Let me look at the book, maybe there's something in there we missed that might to help."

"Yeah right," Merlin muttered.

Gaius chose to ignore his apprentice and retrieved the book from his shelves. He flicked through it to the Griffin page and trailed a finger down the colums of narrow script, frowning as he read. Merlin lifted the stick again and gazed at it angrily.

"Bregdamn arielle diffelluek. Bregdamn arielle diffelluek. Oh, come on!"

Gaius was still reading. This his eyebrows raised and he said a short, "Oh."

"What?" Merlin snapped. "If you're gonna tell me I've been reading out the wrong spell-"

"No, no," Gaius said quickly, picking up the book and walking over to him. He held out the book. "Read it."

Merlin threw down the stick, took the book and scanned the page. Then he looked up again. "What?"

Gaius was rubbing his forehead, anxiety flickering in his eyes. "The last part. Right at the bottom."

Merlin leant over the book again. He ran his eyes over the faded letters along the bottom of the page.

Be warned, magic to kill such a mighty beast can be fatal. It should only be used such magic in the most desperate of times and only by an extreamly experienced sorcerrer.

Merlin blinked at the words for a few moments. Then he looked up at Gaius again. "Do I count as experienced?"

Gaius shook his head worriedly. "I don't know."

Merlin wet his lips. Then he shut the book and put it down, turning his face away from it. "It doesn't matter. I'm the only one who can do it, and I'm not leaving Arthur to die."

Gaius moved to sit down again, wringing his hands. "I know," he said softly.

Merlin sat in silence for a few moments. Then he reached for the stick and picked it up again, but this time the words wouldn't come. When they finally emerged from his mouth they were twisted and bloated, gobbledegook. He swallowed hard, scowling at himself, and tried again.

"Bregdan ariel... no, bregdamn arielle diffelluek." Still nothing. Merlin cradlled his head in his hands. "I can't do it. I can't do it!"

For once, Gaius didn't say anything.

At that moment, the door flew open and Gwen appeared, moving quickly into the room, panic lining her features.

"Merlin, the Griffin! Its come back, and Arthurs leading his knights against it. Lancelots gone down to fight, but they won't let him..."

Merlin leapt to his feet, his heart jerking. He'd failed. He was too late. "Its here now?"

She nodded.

Merlin glanced at Gaius, and then ran for the door. Gwen fell into step beside him, her cloak billowing out behind her as they veered into the corridor.

"I don't know... if they've started yet," she said between breaths. "Merlin, what are we going to do?"

Merlin kept his eyes ahead of them, terrified to look at her. How could he look at anyone if he failed to protect Arthur? His hands curled into fists.

He had to try. He had to.

Even if it killed him.


Arthurs eyes followed the Griffin as it circled high above the village square, its powerful wings beating rythmically. Almost hypnotic...


He turned to see Lancelot sprinting towards him, his eyes flashing with determination. He skidded to a halt before Arthur, panting.

"Sire, let me help you! Please, Sire! You need me!"

Arthur gritted his teeth together. Yes, he did need Lancelot but if his father found out he would surely have the man beheaded. Hating himself for it, he shook his head.

"No, Lancelot, go back."

"But Sire-"

"I said go back!"


Arthur span around at his knight's call, forgetting about Lancelot in an instant. The Griffin had completed its last circuit and was lining up for a dive, its beady eyes fixed on their pitifully small group. Arthur was only partly aware of the crowds gathering along the edges of the buildings to watch, whispering fearfully to each other. He caught sight of Merlin and Gwen among them and shot them a shaky grin. Merlin stared back at him with a strange agony in his eyes, but Arthur didn't have time to investigate. The Griffin was coming.

"Hold ranks!" he called over his shoulder. He caught a glimpse of Lancelot trying to join their group. "Lancelot, go!"

The Griffin was swooping down towards them, an earsplitting screech howling down to greet them. Arthur tightened his grip on his sword, crouching defensively behind his sheild.

"Forwards!" he ordered, praying that his voice wasn't shaking. Once he lost faith, his men lost faith, and he couldn't let that happen.

Their formation moved cautiously forwards, and the Griffin spiralled down to meet them. It collided with his team like a cannon ball, scattering them like rocks. Its tail whipped across Arthur's chest, sending him down to the floor. He rolled up to his feet, swiping at it with his sword, and it whirled to face him. Its tawny golden eyes gazed into him, glittering with triumpah and victory.

As if it had already won.

Defiantly, Arthur jabbed at it with his sword. It pulled back, and then snapped at him. One of his men leapt forwards to defend him and its hooked beak sank into the man's tunic. Before the knight had even understood what was happening he was jerked into the air and thrown into the stone walls of the castle. He fell to the ground and lay still.

Helpless, Arthur watched as another of his men was knocked unconscious, and then another pinned beneath the Griffin's huge talons. Desperately, he launched himself forwards and slashed at the monster's belly. It whipped around and faced him, screeching into his face.

We can't beat it...

The cold rezalation hit him like the hooves of a horse. He stood motionless, staring into the golden eyes in horror, his sword hanging from his hand. He could dimly hear Lancelot screaming at him to move, to move but his body wouldn't obey his brain. With another cold, jeering screech the Griffin knocked him to the ground and pressed its talons down on him, slicing easily across the crest of his tunic. The claws grated against the metal of his armor, and he shuddered, the noise kicking him back into reality. He tried to cut at the huge foreleg, but his sword bounced off the body and skittered to the floor, useless.

Panic kicking in, Arthur struggled wildly against the monster's grip. A knight ran forwards to help him, but the Griffin swept a huge wing across his path and knocked him backwards.

I'm going to die, I'm going to die...

Arthur froze as the Griffin lowered its head to look at him. It was almost as if it were taunting him, challenging him to try and free himself again and, again, to fail.

The Griffin lifted its head, the sunlight catching the smooth, hard surface of its curved beak.

This is it... Its all over...

That was when Merlin broke free from the crowd and sprinted towards them, a harsh yell ripping from his lungs.

"Arthur! ARTHUR!"

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