The earth has changed since we defeated the aliens and laid their spirits to rest. The Mother Erath Spirit lies shattered and broken from the numerous wars that have scarred her surface and made her barren. We all know it will take years for her to heal from the wounds that us humans have inflicted on her.

The human species has all but died out. Those few survivors that escaped the carnage at New York have been rounded together under military rule as they attempt to eek out some sort of existence and rebuild what we lost. It seems that chief among their plans is repopulation of the world.

A breeding scheme has been quickly drawn up and the remaining single humans are forced into participating after being tested for fertility. I have entered into the programme with great reluctance but I am doing my duty. My heart still bleeds for Gray and I grieve for him all the time.

I have been given a brief respite from the military plan due to my condition. I have been fortunate enough to grasp at precious time needed to adjust to Gray's death and to the circumstances that are going to force me into unity with someone I don't know. Many have not been so lucky and have had no time to recover their loss. This precious delay that has been afforded to me is even more precious in what it is.

My baby girl Aiko. She looks just like her father. She has his eyes and his hair, and when I look at her I can see Gray looking back. She is what makes this new life being built bearable and I hold fast to the hope that if I submit to their rule over my life then she will never have to.

She is all I have left of Gray and my wish for her is only that she may grow and love as freely as we did.

That is my hope. That is my prayer.