A/N: Yet Another Lengthened short from the abyss of the AS Nanoha FFT. Features Fate, Hayate, and Nanoha. Not much else.

Warning: Shoujo-ai. Still nothing that would scar innocent kiddies. Unless they understand my innuendoes. If so, they were already farther gone than anything I could have done.

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Feito No Hana

(Fate, Hayate, and a scrambled NaNoHa, also means "Fate's Flower" or "Flower of Fate" :3)

Pt. 1.

W-what?" Fate looked around nervously. "N-no one told me about that."

Hayate giggled as she flexed her hands. "Of course they wouldn't. It's nothing too… worthy of mention. Just step forward and it'll be over before you know it."

Fate mumbled, "Where's Shamal? Wouldn't she normally do this?"

Hayate waved her hand hurriedly as she wrote off Fate's concerns. "She's off doing more critical things. Besides, I'm a perfectly good judge of a healthy body. Haven't I had enough doctor's visits in my life to know that much? Now come on, Fate-chan… I'll give you a lollipop afterward"

"Mou…" Still blushing, Fate checked to make sure the blinds were all secured before slowing unbuttoning her dress shirt. "You're abusing your position, you know that?"

"Abusing? Nothing of the sort. I'm off duty right now." One could almost see Hayate's tail wagging in anticipation. "So how are you and Nanoha doing these days, Fate-chan?"

Fate stopped mid-unbuttoning and suddenly pulled her shirt away from herself and looked down her shirt. Relieved that she didn't find what she was looking for, she continued unbuttoning until she was able to let the shirt slip off her shoulders. "We're fine." Looking up with bright cheeks and only a simple lacy black bra to cover her chest, Fate whispered, "This… this is okay, right?"

"Mmhmm. Let's see now…" Hayate stepped forward, her hands gently cupping Fate's breasts as her voice distracted her 'patient'. "Ooh, now this is definitely a nice consistency. Not too soft… not too firm… full and round…"

"Hayate…" Fate looked away, biting her lip to keep from saying anything that might give away how good it felt to be touched.

Hayate seemed to notice anyway. Her hands slipped down to Fate's waist, moving up and down Fate's curves as she whispered, "Does Nanoha leave hickies on you? Does she leave marks on this beautiful skin?"

"Not… only sometimes… when she does it on purpose…" Fate squirmed a little. "Are you done yet?"

"Hold on, I have to check /everywhere/ to get a good measure of what your BMI is…" Hayate's lips fell against Fate's bare shoulder as a hand traced her arm. "I have to determine where the muscles start and where the fat begins… Patience, Fate. Patience."

"Nnhh…" Fate felt her legs start to give out on her, and she gripped Hayate's shoulders to brace herself. "Hayate…"

"Hmm?" Hayate carefully unzipped Fate's skirt.

Fate moaned softly as Hayate's hands found a sizable mass of flesh just south of her tailbone and her grip tightened. "I… I missed you…"

"But you have Nanoha now. You got what you always wanted."

"Mmmm…." Fate closed her eyes to gather her wits about her. "I know… but it's not the same… I miss your hands over my body as I sleep… your lips against my ear… it's just not the same with Nanoha."

"Because we're different people."

"And I love you both. Yet… differently." Fate opened her eyes, finally gathering the courage to say what she had been avoiding these last six long months. She even placed her hands over Hayate's so that they wouldn't distract either of them. "Hayate, I have to tell you something. I…"