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"Ne, Kukai?"

"Hmm, yea?"

A soft voice filtered through the midsummer evening followed by an even softer reply. The sky had already taken on hues of pink and orange and the wind was no more than a whisper as busy men and women retired for the day. However, two lone figures remained hidden beneath thick layers of dandelions which were growing up to the sky. Another gentle breeze blew threw the meadow taking the pollen of many of it's inhabitants along with it and with a soft sigh, Yaya raised one hand above her lazy form and tried subconsciously to reach the blowing pollen. Failing, she released a deep sigh and rested her tanned arm on her canary yellow sundress, eyes trained on the sky just above. "Summer's over."

Her voice held hints of both sorrow and excitement and as she released another exasperated sigh, the boy lying beside her opened his shocking jade eyes and stared blankly up at the sky. She was right, the summer was over and the following day both Kukai and Yaya would once again be thrust into the crazy world of school, groups and homework. A world full of scolding teachers, laughing friends and boastful coaches. The days would no longer hold a never ending laziness to them and beaches and pure laughter would fade just as the dandelions pollen did in the wind. Staring up at the sky for a moment, Kukai yawned loudly, his head resting against his arms and his eyelids heavy. It was days like this that he enjoyed, there was nothing to do and nobody to impress. Just him and her; her and him, completely lost in and endless meadow of fluffy yellow flowers.

"Yea, but it's not so bad."

Another exasperated sigh which this time came out a little too emphasized to go unnoticed. With a broad grin tugging at his lips, Kukai turned his head ever so slightly and allowed jade eyes to land on the thin redhead lying beside him. Her skin was cast in the setting hues of the sky, making her skin appear almost orange. Looking away from the sky, nut-brown eyes locked with jade ones and Yaya pouted, her arms limp on her chest. "It's worse than not that bad Kukai. I hate school, everyone's in high school now and I'm all alone…I hate middle school." She mumbled looking away from the older boy who continued to stare at her. A light pink tinge ran across the bridge of her nose and coloured her tan cheeks. Yaya's hair which she had affectionately been pulled into pigtails for the duration of her grade school years now framed her face; the ginger coloured tresses littered with fallen dandelions and their pollen.

Kukai had to admit, that the girl lying beside him in a vast field of yellow flowers wasn't the same girl he had met so many years ago. Yaya had grown up, losing the immaturity that she had so stubbornly held onto for so many years. She wasn't a baby anymore and she no longer yearned to be one. He wasn't sure when it had happened but somewhere along the line he had fallen for his childhood friend; the girl who had annoyed him senseless with her immaturity. Yaya felt Kukai's gaze on her and turning her head, their eyes locked and she pursed her lips. "What's the matter Kukai?" She called teasingly, raising her right arm and flicking the boy on the nose with her index finger.

Blinking, Kukai's eyes seemed to focus and he stared blankly at Yaya who was now grinning up broadly at him. "Yaya," he called rubbing the tip of his nose with her right hand, not breaking eye contact. "Hmm? You were spacing out." She replied simply and Kukai sighed before silence engulfed them. It wasn't long before Yaya had reverted her attention to attempting to reach for the blowing pollen and humming softly to herself while Kukai made to lay back down; breaking a dandelion off its stem first and placed it on the younger redhead's chest.

"You like dandelions don't you?"


The response was quick and certain, but as Kukai cocked his head to the side he was sure that it was all one big lie. Yaya's thin, tan fingers twirled around the flower as her chin almost rested against her chest. Turning on his side, Kukai propped himself up on his elbow and moved one hand forward, allowing it to twirl a single strand of the girl's ginger hair around it. Yaya didn't look up at him and neither did she respond as she continued fiddling with the flower in her small hands. The sun had moved lower and the sky was now darker and the sound of crickets singing into the night was like music to their ears. Breathing in a shaky breath, Yaya allowed a small smile to pull at her pink lips. "I wish today wouldn't end…that we could stay like this forever…not having to worry about school tomorrow." She said softly and Kukai nodded. "It's a very pretty night isn't it? Almost makes you wish time would stand still just for a moment." His voice was just as soft and the wind whistled over their heads, causing the dandelions to bow in its wake.

"Nah, I wish this moment would last forever."

Her voice was soft and was wisped away in the wind almost directly after the words had been uttered, but Kukai heard them. Grinning broadly, he lowered himself back onto the grassy field below and allowing his left hand to grope about for a moment, it soon found what it was looking for. Allowing his warm fingers to come into contact with Yaya's fingers, it felt like tiny bolts of electricity were coursing through his veins. Slowly and carefully, he interlaced his fingers with hers while he stared up at the darkening sky. Kukai seemed to zone out once more, just watching the dandelions take flight in the wind and when Yaya; who was smiling broadly, gaze still locked on the dandelion in her hand squeezed his hand lightly, Kukai jumped. Trying and failing to stifle her laughter, Kukai glanced over at her, grinning stupidly. "What's so funny?" He asked lightly, and Yaya looked up at him with dancing nut-brown eyes.

"You're forever, Kukai."


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Written December 12, 2009