Demon Streets... By Neo- kun and Beta: Medusa3139

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Chapter 5... The Enemy.

'Zim... What is he doing here!? He's going to mess everything up!' Dib's fumed silently to himself as he locked eyes with the green alien on the other side of the street. Lucky for him, Zim was being distracted by Gir.

"No Gir, we must blend in oh how we must blend... and stop sniffing Zim's feet!" Zim yelled trying to move the green dog away from him. "Hey Dib I found y-" Squee was cut off as Dib dragged him behind a bush. "Ssshhh... He'll hear you..." Dib said covering Squee's mouth with his hand looking over their hiding spot for a second.

He lowered his hand a bit as Zim walked up the sidewalk. "What are you talking about Dib?" Squee asked a fearful creeping into his large black eyes. Dib looked down at his friend, mentally kicking himself. 'Well... I can't hide it for ever. Even if he calls me crazy.' Dib felt his lips move apart for a soft sigh.

"The enemy..." he said simply, looking around to see if Zim was still there. Lucky for him Zim had left. "Enemy?" Squee ducked down as though something dangerous was about to happen.

"W-well yeah. You see Zim... the kid that was over there... well..." Dib trailed off. 'What's wrong with me? I've never had a problem with telling people before. Maybe it's from all the negativity?' He thought.

"Well what...?" Squee asked, still waiting for his new friend to finish.

"Zim's an alien sent to earth to destroy the human race and take over the planet!" Dib stated touching the soft grass that lay under his hands.


Dib tilted his head in light confusion over the sound, "so that's where you got that nickname from..." He said softly under his breath, watching the boy shift up a little. "You think I'm crazy now... don't you." Dib asked letting his golden brown eyes look down.

Squee shivered in fear.

"N-no... it's really scary though... I mean I've met aliens and they're pretty mean..." Squee whispered. Dib looked at him in shock.

'H-he believes me... Some one really believes me.' Dib thought, smiling. He was about to express his happiness when he felt someone come up from behind them

"What are we doing back here?" Johnny asked, confused.

"Squee!" Squee exclaimed, falling backwards. He felt like he was going to die right there.

Johnny laughed softly and stood up. "So are you going to tell me?" he tilted his head, waiting for an answer.

"W-well uhh..." Dib rubbed the back of his head, not really sure.

Nny held back his mild annoyance. After all Dib was still only a kid.

Squee looked up at Johnny, feeling the hair on his neck stand as he glanced back over at Dib.

"Y-you see there's this k-kid named Zim and..." Dib trailed off. 'What if he kicks me out too...? I'll be all alone after that and I'm sure the hobos would rather eat me than help me.' Dib thought once more, not looking at his friend.

"Is this Zim guy picking on you?" Johnny asked, his fury slowly rising.

Dib held in a wince, pushing all his thoughts and fears aside. 'If I want to be a paranormal investigator then I have to stop thinking that everyone will leave me.' Dib concluded as he looked up at Nny.

"He's an alien." Dib said blankly.

Dib got up, waiting for Johnny to yell at him and call him unrealistic, but nothing happened.

Johnny seemed to be in deep thought, his dark rimmed eyes no longer looking at the two boys but off into the distance.

Nny sighed, "an alien huh?" he smiled knowingly.

Dib smiled back shyly.

"Yeah... He wants to take over the world but I keep messing up his plans." Dib stated, his pride beginning to swell.

Johnny laughed softly before moving a gloved hand over the child's head. "Good." He said simply before hesitantly patting Dib on the head, pulling his hand away afterward.

Dib blinked.

'My own dad never did that...' Dib thought, shifting slightly on his feet, deciding that he rather enjoyed the contact.

"Well I got most of the cleaning out of the way..." Johnny said to himself gazing up at the sky.
Dib thought for a second before turning back towards Squee. "Hey Squee can I ask you something?" Dib asked. Squee nodded.

"What's your real name?" Dib asked. His glasses once again began to slide down his nose, causing him to push them back up.

"Todd." Squee said, a small smile forming over his lips.

"I like Squee better." Nny reminded him, still looking at the sky.

Todd nodded.

"Oh yeah I almost forgot!" Johnny snapped his fingers, causing the two boys to stare at him.

He smiled, "we don't have any more food and I know growing boys need it... right...? Yeah they do..." he contemplated.

Both Dib and Todd nodded in agreement.
"Ok... well we need to go shopping then." Nny said digging into his pocket. He pulled out a few bloody bills.

"I'm going to get the car... and 'find' more money in the house..." Johnny said running off.

Squee looked down his eyes widening. 'I forgot Shmee!' he thought.

Dib was once more sitting on the grass taking off his glasses. "Hey Squee. You think my glasses are to big...? I mean they keep falling off and..." Dib looked over at Todd to see the boy looking out of it.

"You ok?" Dib asked putting his glasses back on.

Squee's dark eyes glanced back at Dib, then to his hands.

"Yeah... I forgot Shmee. My teddy bear." Todd said looking at his house. "I don't want to get him though. At least not with mommy and daddy fighting," he sighed, thinking.

"Oh..." Was all Dib could think of saying. "It's ok, I'm sure he won't mind that much." Todd responded.

They both jumped slightly when they heard a rumbling sound. They turned around to see a small gray car pull up.

"You coming?" Johnny asked, opening the door from his side.

Dib nodded getting back up.

"Come on Todd." Dib smiled lightly.

Squee shivered, nodding unsurely as they walked towards the blood splattered car.

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