The Society of the White Lotus

Disclaimer: I do not own Yu Gi Oh!

Summary: AU. What if Marik won in Battle City? Now the world is shrouded in darkness, and Yami is in the Shadow Realm. How's the gang going to change anything?


Nobody expected this. No one ever thought that this day would come. The day when true darkness came to the world.

Even Kaiba learned that all his years of playing Duel Monsters finally learned that this was all real, that nothing in life was an illusion or some trick.

The Kings of Game lost. For the first time ever. He lost to some duelist that was wacko, and yet the sky was darkening. Darkness was coming to the world.

And Yami. He knew no more. He was stuck to the shadow realm, ever to wonder forever. He could feel Yugi, the link was faint though. And Yugi was lying on the ground after his duel.

Tea knew no more. And she did what anyone else should have done. She ran.