The Society of the White Lotus

Disclaimer: I do not own Yu Gi Oh!

Summary: AU. What if Marik won in Battle City? Now the world is shrouded in darkness, and Yami is in the Shadow Realm. How's the gang going to change anything? Some warning, there might be slash in the future.

Chapter 1: A Helper

Tea had no idea where to go, but she was lucky to find a plane that actually works, and that she had a few of her friends with her, like Duke, and Tristan, as well as Serenity, Ishizu, and those who were unconscious, Odion, Bakura, and Mai. Mokuba was upset that his brother couldn't come with him

The only reason why she was happy that Duke was here, was that he can fly the plane. Hopefully to somewhere safe.

The Darkness was taking over, Yugi, Joey, and Seto were stuck, stuck at the top of the duel with Marik. Yes, Yugi was sure that Yami wasn't here with him anymore. He lost his true friend, that the puzzle gave him.

"I believe that the puzzle is mine now. Hahahahahaha" said Marik.

Yugi wasn't even sure what would happen, now that his life was in the hands to a psychotic mad man, and now the world, what would happen to the world?

Tea was glad that Duke got coordinates from a man, a helper of some sort. Someone who promised who would help them. All he said was that his name was Dartz, and that his sanctuary was safe from the darkness that is descending on the world now.

Maybe this helper can help Tea to get Yugi, Joey, Seto and the phoaroh back from Marik.

Only time can tell.