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AUTHORS' NOTE: I, LionsLamb, am writing in Bella Swan's Point of View. My dear friend, TheDazzler, will be writing as Edward Masen.

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First chapter here. Second one coming soon.

AUTHORS' NOTE: I, LionsLamb, am writing in Bella Swan's Point of View. My dear friend, TheDazzler, will be writing as Edward Masen.

I felt the sun streaming through the open window before I even saw its warm, yellow glow lighting up my small bedroom. I stretched and opened my eyes, smiling at the thought of the wonderful one week of a holiday that I had remaining.

I was in Rome and had been for a week and a half, renting a small apartment, looking over a beautiful greenish pond in the courtyard. It was bliss. I woke up fairly early every morning and went down to the cool, green pool to swim laps. The water felt delicious on my skin and nobody was awake that early, which meant that I was in my own mystical world.

After swimming the fifty or so laps that kept my body trim and toned, I lay on my back, looking up at the early morning sky above me, a beautiful array of baby pinks, icy blues and pale orange. The contrast between the soft sky and the vibrant turquoise of the water was stunning. I loved the feeling of weightlessness I experienced while drifting there, the water rippling softly around me. My hair floated almost ethereally, my numerous split ends disappearing as the molten chocolate strands soared through the chilly water.

Any qualms and concerns I had vanished as I was lying there: my worries of how Charlie was faring since I left home, how my mother's pregnancy was going this late in her life, the total lack of romance in my life at age 27, how Jake and Angela were doing with the new baby, and if Alice was surviving on take-outs without my cooking to nourish her.

Alice. The one person I really missed – my confidante, was back in Seattle, refusing my invitation to come with me for an extended Italian vacation to seize my absence from the apartment to spend time with her new boyfriend, Jasper. I hadn't met him, but trusted Alice's judgement wholeheartedly, and knew that he was good – really good. I had only spoken to her once, and quickly at that. The calls from here were expensive, and the reception impossibly crackly and the time difference too, well, different, to make it easy for me to speak to one of my two best friends.

Jacob Black was my other best friend. I had known him since I was born, basically. He was two years younger than me, although that didn't stop me dating him when I was in my freshman year at high school. We had a good time, I admit, but there was never any real chemistry between the two of us, and we had a mutual break up and decided to stay great friends. Of course, once Jacob met Angela, there was no chance in hell that he would go back to me – he was totally and utterly smitten with her. They had had a whirlwind romance and, after two short months, married in a traditional Quileute ceremony conducted by Angela's father, the local priest. Angela was 20 – Jacob was barely out of high school. Nevertheless, she got pregnant almost right away, and delivered my first goddaughter, Calypso, nine months later. Three days before I left, they had had another daughter, Elluoise.

I closed my eyes and listened to the sounds of the local people readying themselves for the beautiful day in front of them. The familiar whirring sound of the coffee machines heating up; the crying of a child disturbed from its slumber; the indiscernible babble of fast Italian coming out of the windows.

It was then that I left the pool, the soft ripples turning to foamy waves as I disturbed the calm water around me. I walked through the water towards the steps set in the shallow end. I climbed out, throwing my head back to squeeze out the excess water from my thick hair. I wrapped myself in the sun-warmed towel and walked on my tiptoes back up to my apartment, to prevent the water staining the dark wooden steps on my way up.

Little did I know I was being watched.

Chapter End Notes:

Next chapter, EPOV, is coming soon!!