Prologue - 1994

She was running. Running faster than she knew was possible.

And she wasn't even breaking a sweat.

She realised how cold it was, and with her hairless scalp, scant clothing and lack of footwear, she really should have been feeling the effects of the winter weather.

But she wasn't.

Subject 001 put all her strength into vaulting up a small steep hill, but she needn't have bothered as she scaled it in a single bound.

As she continued to run from her 'minders' a broad grin broke out on her face.

She'd been right.

She wasn't evil. She'd never been evil. She was just different.

And there were other people like her. Well, one at least.

Subject 001 clutched a small alien globe in her left hand. The globe was wrapped in a newspaper clipping – a Superman story. The globe and the Daily Planet article, combined with her clothing, were her only belongings.

One day she'd track him down...

As she ran up a larger hill, she felt her feet leave the ground. Her captors yelled in anger as she flew away from them and soared up into the air...

Yep, one day she'd track Superman down. After all, they had a lot to discuss...