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Kind of lost sight of what I was doing with this story, but now I have the whole plot solid in my mind!

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Chapter Six

An hour later Clark reappeared in the newsroom. Kara watched as Lois walked up to her husband.

"You okay?" she heard Lois ask.

"Yeah...everything's fine...It...Somedays this sucks," he said back to her.

Suddenly Perry reappeared in the newsroom, flicking on the giant plasma screen that dominated the room. The familiar newsroom of ZNN appeared on the screen.

"And we now have confirmation – Mount Etna has erupted. The Sicilian volcano is always geologically active, but this looks like a full-scale eruption. And as far as we're aware one of Etna's resident teams of volcanologists is stranded near the active crater. We'll bring you more news as it develops."

"Lois, Clark, I want something for this for the afternoon edition, and everything on this for the evening edition!"

"On it, Perry," said Lois and Clark tried to make a dash out of the newsroom.

"Where you going Kent? Deadline's in an hour and a half!" Perry huffed.

"I've got a friend at the US Geological Survey."

"Oh, right son...Good thinking, but you get your butt back in time for that deadline."

A few moments later an update came through from ZNN.

"And our correspondent in Catania has some breaking news for us – Superman is at the scene and is currently taking the geology team away from the crater and to hospital...The lava is flowing relatively slowly, and we're hoping the Man of Steel will do his usual trick and channel the lava away from the city of Catania. Scientists will continue to monitor the eruption, and will pay closer attention to seismic activity around the world for the next few weeks."

There was a burst of cheers and a round of applause in the newsroom as everyone realised Superman had achieved the impossible once more.

Kara tried to push away the feeling of guilt that she felt at the news. She should be there helping. What if someone died while she was sat in the newsroom? She flit a quick look to Jimmy who oddly looked as troubled as she did. After a few seconds he too rose, again drawing Perry's ire.


"Uh...My friend Dino owns Super-Shots on 15th...His family's from Sicily, so I'm going to see if he's managed to get any shots."

"Okay kid...you be careful."

Jimmy left the newsroom without another word.

However, rather than going to Dino's photolab he found himself back in his apartment.

"What's going on with you Olsen?" he spat at the mirror.

"I've got all these weird thoughts running through my head, and these abilities," Jimmy paused and focused his thoughts for a few moments. After a second or two he was once again hovering off the group, "I mean...I could probably fly...and this has all happened since that damn phonecall!"

Jimmy knew there was still a gap in his memory, but he remembered the pain of a needle going into his neck. Returning to the group he felt where he's sensed the latent pain, and flinched upon finding a single track mark in his neck.

"What the hell?"

Kara was stuck at the newsroom, keeping an ear open to the news broadcast.

"Kara...Can you work the science angle on this for me?" asked Lois, "I need background on the volcano...What type of volcano it is, when was it's last big eruption Pattern of eruptions..all that sort of stuff."

"Yes ma'am."

"Don't ma'am me...I told you, call me Lois."

"Yes Lois...I'll get right on it."

No sooner had Kara started to key in a Google search when the whole began to shake. For several moments the building violently trembled before calm returned and everyone tentatively got their feet.

"Okay kids...That seemed to be mild one, but you know the drill – out onto the street," called Perry as he sounded the evacuation alarm.

As everyone started to file out of the building Kara asked Lois a question.

"I didn't know Metropolis had earthquakes."

"I've lived here my whole life, and that's only the third I can remember," replied Lois.

"What if people are hurt?"

Lois shook her head, "No no, Superman will come back...He'll know we're in trouble," she stated emphatically.

"But he's in Sicily, away from a TV or a radio...I doubt his hearing's good enough to hear this far away."

Lois turned to look at the younger woman, regarding her coldly for a moment before she conceded the point.

"Well we'll just need to hope he can get here if he's needed...I'm just going to call Clark."

Kara watched Lois key in the number, signaling the end of the conversation.

"Liam!" called Perry, "You were smart enough to grab your computer, but are you smart enough to actually use it? Get ZNN on!"

The young copy boy quickly set up his prized Macbook and accessed the ZNN newsfeed. Kara however became distracted by some of the calls from help she could now hear.

Oh my god! Help! I'm trapped!

Mommy? Where are you mommy?

When will maintenance get this elevator working? I'm sick of this

Yeah we need an ambulance at Portland Crescent...Car got totaled during the quake

But soon those calls were drowned out by dozens of others all coming from the docks.

Someone get binoculars...Is that a wave out there?

Oh my god...It's a tsunami!

We're all going to die!

Kara flinched and began to make a hasty exit as ZNN began to cover the story.

"We are getting unconfirmed reports of a Tsunami off the eastern seaboard, and it's expected to make landfall in Metropolis within a few minutes. There are no time for evacuation procedures, so can we please ask all citizens to keep away from the docks and get as far away from the coast as possible."

"Oh my god," said Lois, turning to look at Kara.

"Kara?" Lois said, realising her young charge was gone.

Kara made it down to the docks in no time due to her super-speed. She quickly got rid of her glasses and her clothes, hiding them behind a dumpster. She grabbed a shard of a broken mirror from near the dumpster and using her laser vision quickly cut thick bangs into her hair. She used her heat vision to warm her hands and used them to straighten her hair. And with not a moment to spare she took off, heading for the massive tidal wave.

Kara tried to ignore the people who had been running away from the ocean who were now staring at her and continued on-course towards the killer wave.

Okay...Superman did this once...let's see...

She plunged into the murky water, heading towards the unseen structure of the wave, and after a moment she began to turn as quickly as she could.

Jimmy sat in his apartment, his head in his hands, overwhelmed by the voices crowding his brain.

"Go away!" he screamed, begging at them to cease.

"No! Leave me alone! I'm not a hero!"

After a moment the voices receded and Jimmy realised he was trembling.

"Who did this to me?" he wondered as some of the voiced returned again.

The wave's collapsing! Superman must be back from Italy!

Wow! Who was that?

I thought that was Superman but it's a girl!

That girl's saved us all!

Wow...A new superhero!


"Come on!" cried Lois, "I can't get through to Jon's cell phone, or to his school!"

"Lois, come here," Perry offered her a reassuring hug, "Superman will come through for us, and he's so fond of Jon, I'm sure he'll keep your boy safe."

"Chief!" called Liam from his spot on the tarmac, "You have to see this."

Lois, Perry and the rest of the Daily Planet's finest gathered around the monitor. Cat appeared as well.

"What's going on?" she asked.

Liam indicated to the ZNN Newsfeed.

"And this is astonishing. Superman is still in Italy diverting the lava away from peoples' homes, but the tidal wave has collapsed in on itself and we are receiving unconfirmed reports of a female superhero at the scene. Out cameraman is down there and we are expecting – yes we have footage!"

The newsfeed cut to the image of a small red and blue figure punching her way out of the water and flying away from the docks.

"For our viewers just tuning in, that figure is not Superman, but another new superhero in Metropolis...We're waiting on a frame-by-frame analysis, and yes thanks to our HD camera we have an image for you!"

seconds later a rather blurry image was shown on the screen. Although fuzzy it clearly showed a girl with a blue top, red skirt, cape and boots, and a long mane of straight blonde hair.

"What the heck?" said Lois a tone of shock through her voice.

"Who is this Supergirl? Stay tuned for more on this exclusive development!"

Jimmy watched the drama from his apartment, stunned when a red-blue blur went past the window.

"Supergirl..." he said to himself, "Maybe I'm not the only one to get powers lately."

Jimmy however still suspected his parents, and channeled his energy into pinpointing his parents' voices.

"We need to find him...He'll be confused...He might try a stunt like Kal-El or this 'Supergirl' whoever she is."

"I don't know...He's not that stupid. This planet doesn't need another hero."

That was it. Jimmy was going to confront his parents.

Kara circled the city, and realised she wouldn't be able to go back for her clothes until the media furore had calmed down.

"There you go girl, that was your big debut!" she smiled to herself, her nerves finally leaving her.

Help, somebody! I can't move!

Hearing the call, she decided to answer it, and followed the panicked voice to a construction site a few miles away. Upon arriving she found a site worker trapped in the workers' elevator by some collapsed scaffolding.

"Don't worry sir. You'll be out of here very shortly," she called to reassure him before carefully removing the mangled metal.

Once the scaffold was out of the way the worker looked at her.

"You ain't Supes!"

"Nope, I'm a friend."

"Wow...well thank you ma'am!"

The worker enveloped her in a hug, planting a kiss on her cheek.

"You're very welcome," she smiled shyly, "Now I have to go...Have a nice day sir!"

Kara swiftly took off, leaving the worker in the yard.

"Wow!" he called excitedly, "Thanks Super-uh-girl!"

From the shadows of the construction site a shadowy figure watched Kara leave the scene before reaching for his radio.

"Commander, I've located Subject 001 and I'm proceeding as ordered."