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The breath was knocked from my body as I was slammed into the back of my cage. Groaning I put my hands over my fury fox/cat ears, asking myself yet again 'How do I get out?' My legs shook as they recovered from running nonstop at forty miles per hour for six hours. This was not the first time they had done this, they don't only test speed on land but in water and also in the air. A few of the 'School's' scientists walked past my cage. They occasionally glanced in at me, scrutinizing.

"When will her DNA unravel and kill her?" they would ask and I would really not care.

You heard right, I consist of five percent bird DNA, same five percent with the fox, and I also have three percent cat DNA. The rest is human. Don't even say it I know I am a freak! My tail (yeah, fox tail) twitched, agitated.

I curled into a shaking ball resting my chin on my knees. My dark red hair flopped over my face casting it in darkness.

" Phoenix? Why me, what did I do?"

I looked over and my gaze was met by the huge brown eyes of my only companion; a small frightened seemingly normal boy.

"I don't know why, I just know these are bad people who don't even care," my voice was hoarse.

Absent mindedly the boy, he did not have a name, rubbed his neck. His 'expiration date' had appeared on his neck earlier this week, condemning him to death. What was he, like four years old? He started crying silently, "It will be okay," I reassured, fully aware how very far from 'okay' it actually was.

I hugged my knees closer and fell into a restless sleep. It was restless, brief, and agitated, but it was sleep. I awoke with my feet submerged in melted metal. I gasped and looked up. Half of my cage was around my feet, but I was not getting burned! Cautiously I touched a bar, and it joined the puddle. I looked over to ask the boy what had happened but he was dead; his expiration date pulsing oddly. A tear rolled from my eye he was so young I thought. Then I started to panic, I was all alone AGAIN, no one to comfort me, no one to help me.

Anger welled in my head like a cloud blocking out the sun, orange flame licked my skin. Where it came from I don't know, but I took advantage of the opportunity, and flexed my wings fully extending them. They erupted from my shoulders; a fiery red but faded to a midnight black. I had noticed that the security cameras had melted; I randomly picked a door and bolted through it. Almost immediately I ran into erasers, they snarled and snapped but I was faster and I kicked and punched my way through their flammable coats.

After I extinguished the fire on my skin I continued on my way through the halls, the fire tingling under my flesh. I skidded to a stop outside an open door, looking inside I saw a single scientist sitting at a computer. I leaped; claws extended hurtling at his throat. He was unconscious on the floor when I sat down in the seat. A conversation I remembered flew through my head. "Max got away, WITH THE FLOCK, but how?"

"Max," I murmured and started looking for information on the 'flock' and myself, printing out anything I found which was not much. Until I clicked on a file called the by half plan, it contained information on me and the flock and why the school wanted to kill us, wait they wanted to kill me? That was all I needed to hear, clicking the print button I hurried to the door and bolted it as I heard shouting come from down the hall. I waited as the computer spewed page after page of information.

When the last page of information was produced, I kicked the computer, melting it instantly. How am I doing this? I walked over to the bars on the window the information in one hand, with the other hand I touched the bars and they left a huge opening for me to take off through. I slammed my fist into the window; shattering instantly, and took a running leap out and extended my wings freely for the first time. Clinging to the papers I flew out into freedom. I let the fire light my body pointing the energy behind me; it really felt as if I was a rocket! "MAIMUM RIDE HERE I COME!!!" I screamed at the top of my hoarse voice.

Thirty minutes later I was flying over some patch of trees, when I ran into massive wave of exhaustion. I landed clumsily in the tree; and set the imperative papers in a hole in the trunk, as I settled in a branch falling asleep immediately.

I woke entirely rested, but kept my eyes closed thinking about my 'power'. Apparently anger was its trigger. This was the first time anything like this had ever happened to me in my fifteen years of life. When I opened my eyes I started reading the documents.

Maximum Ride turned out to be one of the more illusive of the schools creations; she slipped through their fingers constantly, on an almost daily basis. My stomic grumbled, oh food right! I looked around and noticed it was twilight. I must have slept for one and a half days!

Another question occurred to me; how do I conceal the whole mutant thing? I decided on

#1 a hat for the ears

#2 trench coat for wings and tail and

#3 gloves for claws,

"but what about my cat eyes?" I muttered agitated.

I'm going to have to break in to a store or something. I hid the documents and took wing.

Gliding east I used my inborn compass to direct myself southeast toward some town. Turns out there are things called malls, well it had bad security and I saw clothes and food notecases, JACKPOT!

I broke in and pulled in my wings so no security cameras would see. The first place I saw was called Mrs. Fields Cookies, YUM! I tried one of each flavor narrowing down my favorites to chocolate chip and peanut butter.

I started on my quest for clothes looking for a back pack and a hunting knife too. I popped into store after store; eventually having almost everything I needed other than the knife. I drew up to the hunting stores window. This was one of the few stores that actually had security. I spotted a knife and also an edible plants guide book. Scrutinizing the glass I drew my foot up and smashed through it.

Alarms sounded and I snagged the book and tool. I turned on my heel and leaped out of the skylight that I had broken into with, and jumped into the air, spreading my wings.