Good evening. For those of you who read Concrete Naruto, this is also a Sasuke x Naruto based fanfiction and it is also somewhat of a song based fanfiction. On an even similar note, it is also a country song. However, this story is based off the song called "Stay" by Sugarland. It is very evident in this first chapter since I have to set down the basis for it, but I will extend it and go into deeper detail throughout the next few chapters.

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Fact Sheet:
1. AU is within the country of Canada on the east coast somewhere, I don't really feel that I need a specific city name or province to base it off of since that information isn't at all important to be honest.
2. All characters have been aged by 10 years (i.e. Naruto = 22, Sasuke = 23, Iruka = 36, Kakashi = 37, etc)

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Chapter One:

The blonde watched as the familiar car drove into his driveway. Though it was dark he could easily recognize the person in the driver's seat. He watched the headlights of the black Lambourghini car flash off through the window and anticipation hit him.

It was like this every Friday night, and only this night. It always happened the exact same way. Sasuke would get off from work, usually it was very late, and he drove over to Naruto's apartment. He pulled into the driveway the exact same way, shut his lights off and waited a few minutes in darkness and in silence before the door opened and he stepped out into the cold, crisp autumn air.

Naruto smiled as he watched the raven, who glanced knowingly to the window with the curtain opened so discretely. The blonde didn't close the curtains until he received the same smirk and a shake of the head from the raven, musing at his eagerness.

This was his cue, or at least the next step in his pattern, to return to his couch and wait for his door to open. He never locked it on this night. It was pointless for him to lock it and then have to answer it when they both knew he was coming over.

Naruto fidgeted on his couch. He was always impatient on Fridays because of this one reason. It seemed like forever before he would get to see him again, even though it was only a week and it was the same time every week. He should have gotten accustomed to it by now, but no matter how much he told himself that it would always be the same, he always found himself pacing about, anxious to see the raven. Though he couldn't help his craving to see him, to be with him, it was natural.

The door opened and Naruto listened as Sasuke closed the door behind him before taking off his shoes and jacket, putting them in their proper places. The raven then proceeded to make his way to the room where Naruto was always situated, poking his head in cunningly from the hallway.

"Hey cutie,"

The blonde returned the raven's playful smirk with a wide smile. "Hey," he greeted as Sasuke entered the room, taking his place beside Naruto on the couch.

"How was work?" Naruto asked casually, turning to the other.

Sasuke let out a long sigh as he leaned back into the couch, "Exhausting, as usual. We're working on another homicide..."

He didn't continue, Naruto understood. His work wasn't something he could just blab about as a conversation starter. Not to mention cases like these really stressed Sasuke out since he tended to overwork himself to the point of no return. But somehow, Naruto could always help him distress and at least distract him from such tragedies, at least for a little while.

"That's too bad. I like it when you get easy cases. You're here much earlier." Naruto smirked, and Sasuke gave him a side glance, eying him over before chuckling to himself.

"Yeah, and I have more energy for other things."

"Exactly," Naruto giggled, "but you're good no matter how tired you are."

Sasuke rose an eyebrow to this and Naruto returned it with a mischievous grin. "Real cute."

"I try."

"Nah, cuteness just comes naturally to you," the raven retorted, causing them both to laugh.

"Now who's being cute?" Naruto poked the older man in the arm.

"Still you," was always Sasuke's final response before he shifted closer on the couch and placed a short, sweet kiss on the other's lips.

Naruto rolled his eyes, "Whatever." This was always his last reply, and it was also accompanied with a faint blush. He didn't deny his cuteness or argue that Sasuke was cute, even though he was more handsome and sexy than cute. There were differences between these, and, of course, a gay man such as Naruto had to distinguish between the terms.

Sasuke didn't really need to since he wasn't at all as open as Naruto was... in fact one could say that he was very deeply in the closet and only Naruto knew of his real sexual orientation. But despite the fact of being in the closet, deep deep inside the closet, Sasuke was just as gay as Naruto, if not more so.

"Cute shirt," The raven had moved his hand to the blonde's collar and played with the fabric between his fingers, obviously just using it as a way to get closer, even though they both knew they needn't a reason.

Naruto gazed down at the clothes he was wearing. Earlier he had changed into an orange button-up shirt and dark jeans, it was better to stay casual. He knew they weren't going out. They never went anywhere. That was just something he'd gotten used to, or at least convinced himself he'd gotten used to it.

Just as he looked down, Sasuke's hand automatically lifted and cradled the blonde's chin between his index finger and his thumb. Naruto's azure eyes were forced into an intimate connection with the raven's dark, deep, enchanting eyes.

They got to him every time he gazed into them. They drew him in and he couldn't look away no matter how hard he tried. It was as though those black orbs could see through him and into his soul, into the deepest secrets of his being that even Naruto himself was unsure of.

It was an odd feeling, staring into eyes that seemed to drown him. Naruto never knew if it was a good thing or a bad thing that Sasuke could entrance him with just a mere glance. They were his weakness and Sasuke's strength, the one thing that could make him be forgiven no matter what the consequence, or so it seemed.

The orbs grew as Sasuke leaned in closer, pulling Naruto's face towards his simultaneously. Naruto didn't resist, he never could resist those eyes, or the other's touch, and again he found himself drowning in the presence of the man he loved so deeply it hurt.

Naruto lay on his back in his bed, next to Sasuke, both under the covers and relaxing after their previous activities. Naruto sat with his head resting on Sasuke's chest, listening to his heartbeat which should have been significantly relaxing for someone who had just made love. But for Naruto it was just another pattern, just another step which he never wanted to follow through.

His excited anxiety would always be replaced at this point by a different type of anxiety. A terrible anxiousness that ate at his heart, threatening the tears to form in his eyes as they inevitably would.

It always happened like this. However now, Naruto tried his hardest to keep his eyes off the clock on the wall, he didn't want to know the time or count the seconds. It hurt too much for him that he almost wished the previous had not happened, no matter how deeply he cared for the one laying next to him. It was always fun, always pleasurable, and it always ended.

As Naruto listened to Sasuke's even breathing, a dreaded tone rang throughout the bedroom and Sasuke removed his hand from Naruto's side, where it had been resting peacefully, to answer his cell-phone.

Naruto bit his lower lip, forcing the tears back because he knew who was on the other end. He knew what Sasuke was going to say to him once he hung up from his short "Yes. No. I'll be right there. Bye." conversation.

Sasuke didn't even say a word as he pulled the covers off of himself, careful not to disturb the blankets covering the naked blonde, and proceeded to dress in the clothing he had left discarded on both the bed and the floor.

The blonde watched him silently, still successfully holding back the tears. But as Sasuke turned to him, now fully dressed, the tears began to form in his soft blue eyes.

"Sasuke..." he whispered in a pitiful plea. But he didn't care how pitiful he sounded, he didn't want Sasuke to leave, he never did.

"I have to go," he stated as simply as ever, as simply as he had ever stated it in the past. Though every time, Naruto would swear that there was disappointment in the raven's voice. A subtly tone that told the blonde that he didn't want to leave his side either.

"No, you don't. Please stay with me, Sasuke..." Again Naruto begged, sitting up in the bed, not caring that the blankets covering his torso fell to his waist. He was male, which meant he didn't need to clutch them to his chest.

Sasuke shook his head to this response, they were both used to this by now but it no matter how many times this happened, it didn't change the fact that tears would always be falling from Naruto's devastated eyes. Nor the fact that Sasuke couldn't bear to look into them.

Each time they departed like this, Sasuke always averted his eyes, refusing to look at the crying blonde pleading with him from the bed. Whether it was because of guilt or because of disgust, Naruto did not know, but he hoped with all his heart that Sasuke felt guilty for making the one he secretly loved cry.

"Don't leave me! Please, just stay with me this one time! Just this once! Please, Sasuke..."

Sasuke shook his head once more, raking his hands through his hair, either frustrated with Naruto or himself, before turning away from the bed and Naruto.

"...please... I love you..."

He didn't turn around or acknowledge the soft words chocked with tears, instead he walked clean out of the room, driving a knife into the heart of the blonde which he left to listen to his footsteps treading through his house as tears fell freely down his face.

Though Sasuke did not slam the door, the mere sound of it shutting the raven out of his life for the time being felt like someone had pushed the knife deeper into his wounded heart.

More tears dripped from his face, soaking the blankets surrounding him as he cried aloud. The car's engine had been started, and there was a long pause between that time and the time when the car pulled out of the driveway and screeched down the road towards the city.

Naruto couldn't even fathom how pathetic he looked right then, crying his eyes out as he sat naked in his bed, the blankets barely covering his upper body. He'd been left abandoned as he always was, but it didn't matter how many times this happened, it always hurt the same, if not more than the last time Sasuke left him at the request of the caller.

Why couldn't Sasuke ever listen to him? Why did he always have to leave him in such a mess, in such a wreck of a person, without even any words of comfort?

It was always so difficult, so hard for him to let him go. And none of it made sense to him. Why did Sasuke deny himself so clearly? It wasn't necessary for him to hide and deny his sexual orientation any longer. But for as long as he had been with Naruto, he never once let the public know about his homosexuality. His whole life was a denial and no matter how much Naruto tried to make him see, Sasuke was blind. Blind to the fact that there was no way that woman could love Sasuke like he could. Sasuke needed a man to love him, not a woman, yet Sasuke always chose her when he had Naruto sitting right there before him.

They didn't need to live like this. Naruto was more than ready to give Sasuke everything he needed and more. But no matter how much be begged and pleaded down on his knees, no matter how much he gave him, Sasuke always returned to her, his wife.