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Have You Ever Seen The Rain.

John and Mary Winchester had tried for 10 long years to conceive a child of their own and had no success, after many failed attempts the young couple had given up and spoke about adoption, which was what had led them now to the office of the 'Saint Barnabus Children's Home' sitting before a stern looking woman in her early fifties with her greying hair pulled into a tight bun. Although her face was stern in appearance Margret Williams had soft warm brown eyes which gave away her true nature , she took in the couple before her,

" So you want to adopt a baby is that correct ? " she asked as she flipped through their file, Mary nodded and smiled her green eyes sparkling,

" Yes we'd love a baby, but any child would be a blessing really " she said as she gripped the hand of her husband, he smiled gently at her, Margret sighed

" Well we do have one baby at the moment he's 6 months old he was taken from his family along with his 4 year old brother , a severe case of neglect. If it wasn't for a concerned neighbour I hate to think where those boys would be now. it's a miracle his brother made it to age 4 "

" He has a brother ? " John asked

" He does, but unfortunately we find it hard to find homes for children as special as Dean, he's seen and been through an awful lot and it pains me to say it but I think the children will be separated, which is a shame, that child only comes to life when he's with his brother "

" What do you mean by special exactly ? " John asked with a raised brow.

" Dean can't or won't talk, they've been here 3 months now and I've never heard him utter a word, he cries out in the night apparently, suffers from terrible nightmares and has often been found in his brothers crib with him " Mary's eyes filled with tears and she put a hand over her mouth in shock,

" The poor baby " Margret nodded, her own eyes filling with tears for the sad little boy.

" What happened to him ? " John asked

" I'm afraid that Dean was not only neglected but physically abused as well, it was hard to find any evidence at first the family moved around a lot, but after he'd been to the same hospital in the space of 6 months with no feasible excuse for his injuries an investigation was put under way, the neighbour was the icing on the cake. The children where left for days alone with hardly any food for Dean and his brother. Both where severely under weight, but health wise they are improving at a steady rate "

" So they'll be okay ? " Mary asked

" I hope so, although I'm worried how Dean will take the separation from his brother but we'll help him as best we can, we'd prefer not to separate them but as I said not many people will see what a truly beautiful and special child Dean is " She smiled and stood up, moving from behind her desk she gestured to the door " Shall we go and meet Samuel ? " she asked

" Will Dean be with him ? " Mary asked, Margret smiled and nodded her head

" Oh yes, he's never far from his brother ", she was hoping that when this couple met the two boys they'd be taken in by how wonderful they both where and would adopt them both, she only hoped and prayed that they would.

They were led into a small playroom where a small blonde boy was lay on his stomach blowing raspberries on a giggling babies belly, the infants small hands and feet kicking out in glee. The small boy was smiling at him lovingly, Mary took in the scene and her heart broke, she looked to John who was smiling gently, he knew then that they would if all went well be coming away with two boys instead of one.

" Dean, these people are here to meet you and your brother is that okay ? " two big jade green eyes looked up at the newcomers, eyes filled with a sadness that took the couples breath away, he looked to his brother who was grinning up at him and nodded his head. He picked him up gently and sat Indian style on the floor his baby brother held protectively in his arms. Mary knelt on the floor near to the children but far enough away that she wouldn't scare them,

" Hello Dean and Samuel, my names Mary and this is John " she nodded towards her husband as he took the same position as his wife and knelt next to her, Dean looked at the two adults before him and held his brother that bit tighter,

" We'd like to get to know you if that's okay, maybe we could all go to the park one day when you trust us enough " she said gently, Dean cocked his head to the side, had he just heard her right? Take them ? Did she mean him also? Usually when grown ups came they only wanted to see his baby brother, they would ignore him and coo over the baby. Dean didn't mind, he was used to being ignored and he was glad that someone saw just how wonderful his brother was, but he was also scared, what if they took him away from him? What would happen to Dean then? Would the bad people come like his father had told him? Would they take Dean away to prison because he was a bad, bad boy?

He jumped when a warm hand touched his face gently, he looked confused, why didn't that hurt? In fact why did it feel good? Nice? Why did he want more? He pulled away from the touch a gentle voice was talking to him,

" I'm sorry honey, I didn't mean to scare you, are you okay ? " Mary asked, the little boy nodded he looked so small and lost sat there with his brother on his lap " I'll bet you're a great big brother " she smiled, Dean gave a brief smile and blushed, John grinned and Dean stared amazed, this man had holes in his cheeks like his brother had when he smiled, John quirked a brow

" What is it champ? " he asked, Dean pointed to Johns face then to his baby brothers, John looked puzzled and looked to Mary for guidance, she shrugged she was as clueless as to what had amazed the little boy as he was. Dean frowned and placing his brother gently on the floor approached John with caution, John kept a smile on his face his dark eyes sparkling, Deans warm small fingers touched his dimples and then he pointed to his brother, he tickled the baby who grinned widely revealing dimples of his own. Mary grinned widely

" Ah, Samuel has dimples to huh ? " Dean again cocked his head to the side in query, Mary stroked the baby's face who gurgled happily " These are called dimples honey, my mom used to tell me its where angels have given someone kisses. Deans eyes widened in shock at the statement and he looked to his brother a small smile on his face revealing dimples of his own, Mary stroked his face gently

" You have them to " she said, Dean shook his head, but she nodded " See I'll show you. Spotting a mirror on the wall she picked up the small child and led him to the mirror, she smiled at him and gave his side a quick tickle, Deans eyes lit up and a wide smile filled his face although no sound left his lips,

" See baby, you have them to " she said as she pointed them out, Dean looked in amazement at his own face and touched the mirror image of where his dimples were, Mary was smiling gently at him and the little boy gently touched her cheek,

" I don't have any dimples, but angels watch over me every night when I'm sleeping , and you know what else ? " the little blonde boy shook his head " I'm going to make sure they watch over you and Samuel now to keep you both safe "

" Sammy " It was barely audible but it had been said

" What was that sweetie ? " Dean swallowed

" I call him Sammy " he said again barely above a whisper, Margaret had never been so shocked in her life, this little boy who hadn't let anyone near him in 3 months had let this woman stroke his face, tickle him and even pick him up, and now he'd spoken to her. John grinned

" That's a good name Dean, we'll remember that. Do you think he'll mind if I give him a cuddle ? " Dean eyed John then looked to his brother who was grinning at the tall man with happiness, Dean nodded his head and watched as John cradled the baby to him and came to stand by his wife, John sent Dean a wink making the boy duck his head blushing a small grin on his usually stoic face.

The Winchester spent the next hour with the two small boys and when it came time to leave Dean went over to John and tugged gently on his jeans, John crouched so he was at the little boys level

" Did you want something Dean ? " he asked hoping the child would speak to him

" Are you coming back ? " he asked quietly, Johns grin could have split his face, he nodded and ran a gentle hand through his hair

" You bet we are kid. Maybe next time we could take you and your brother to the park, maybe get some ice cream huh? " Dean nodded his eyes twinkling

" Sammy likes the park " John cupped his small face

" Good, well I'll talk to Miss Williams, tomorrow we'll all go to the park " he kissed Dean on the forehead gently and leant over kissing his brother, Deans small hand when to where John had kissed him a look of wonder on his small face, he smiled as he watched the two grown ups left him and his brother alone.

" Hey Sammy, guess what ? Tomorrow we're going to the park, and I can come to " the baby seemed to pick up on his brothers excitement and giggled along with him.

Margret Williams watched the two children a smile on her face, she had a feeling when she'd met the Winchesters that they would make a perfect family for Dean and Samuel and after watching them with the boys and how Dean had reacted she knew she'd been right. She was going to do everything in her power to make sure this went smoothly for all parties concerned. If she had her way by the end of the month Dean and Sam would be Winchesters.

The next day Dean was up early he washed and dressed himself, then got his brother ready and sat waiting with him at the window for the two adults who had visited them yesterday. Around mid morning he saw a large black car pull up outside and the two adult's exit the car, He grinned happily and whispered to his now sleeping brother that they were here and they where going to the park, he was so excited, he'd never been to the park before but he'd seen it on TV, it looked like it could be lots of fun and couldn't wait. John and Mary were led into Dean and his brother the little boy grinned up at them,

" Are we still going to the park ? " he asked quietly, John grinned down at him

" We sure are kid, and we got you a present to play with at the park " John handed the boy a mitt and baseball " Thought me and you could have a game of catch "

" I'm not good, I never done it before " he said scuffing his sneaker across the floor,

" Nor am I kid, I'll bet your better than me, besides I can always help you to get better if you like " Dean gave a shy smile, John held out his hand and Dean took it, Mary had picked up Sammy who was gazing at Mary with awe his little chubby hands fisting in her long golden hair. The Winchesters led the small boys out to the large muscle car, Deans eyes lit up,

" Wow………is this your car ? "

" Sure is kid, this is a 1967 Chevrolet Impala, she's a beauty. Do you like her ? " Dean nodded emphatically at the large car, John put him and his brother into car seats that he and Mary had purchased then headed to the park.

To anyone looking on the Winchesters looked like small happy family, Mary had laid out a large blanket where she was sat with Sammy, whilst watching John and Dean play catch. The little boy looked happy and care free, it was only when a woman came over cooing at the baby that Dean returned to his silent self. He hid behind John clinging to his jean clad legs, the woman turned to Dean a shiver ran down his small spine she looked like one of his fathers friends who would come to the house and enjoy taunting him, making him feel like an idiot, she was talking to him but Dean closed his ears unwilling to listen to her. The woman frowned and began to speak loudly in his face, then she turned to John and asked

" What's wrong with him ? Is he stupid or something ? " John felt something inside of himself snap, the little hands fisted in his jeans he leant down and picked Dean up pulling him tightly into his chest,

" No he's not dumb, he just don't want to talk to stupid bitches like you is all "

" John !! " Mary admonished, but a small smile came to her lips that she quickly hid, Johns eyes where dark and stormy, he fixed the woman with a glare and she backed away

" Dean and me are going to get some ice-cream, we'll be back later " with that he strode off clutching the trembling child to him.

" Hey Dean don't worry about idiots like her, you aren't stupid son, and if you don't want to talk then that's fine, but if anyone, and I mean anyone hurts you, or calls you bad names, makes you feel unhappy or hurt ,you tell me okay and I'll take care of it " Dean raised his tear filled eyes to Johns, he expected to see hate like he saw in his own parents eyes, but this man , John was looking at him like Sammy did, and Dean knew that Sammy didn't hate him, he wasn't sure what it was but it made him feel safe, wanted, he liked it. He threw his small arms around Johns neck and was pulled tightly into an embrace a large hand rubbed comforting circles on his back. The tears that he'd held back for so long broke free and ran without abandon down his cheeks. Sobs wracked through his small body. John held him tighter giving assurances in his ear. By the time John got back to Mary the foolish woman had gone and Dean was fast asleep.

" Is he okay ? " she said standing and stroking the small blonde head gently, John shook his head

" Poor kid cried himself to sleep, she terrified him Mary he was shaking like a leaf. I don't want to take him back to that care home I want the boys with us now , where we can keep them safe. "

" So do I John, do you think if I called my dad he could help us ? " John stiffened he hated Mary's father and the man hated John, he thought a poor mechanic wasn't worthy of his daughter, but if he could help get the boys living with him he was willing to swallow his pride and let him,

" Can't hurt to ask, give him a call tonight ".

" Lets get the boys back I want to get this sorted as soon as possible ". They took the boys back, Mary drove as Dean was still clinging to John desperately even in his sleep, he reluctantly handed the boys over to Margret and explained what had happened at the park. She smiled sadly as Dean was squirming in vain to get back to John,

" Look Miss Williams I know this is against protocol but can't we take the boys home with us tonight ? , its obvious he wants to be with us…just please " Margret looked to the struggling child and to John and Mary's pleading eyes, she sighed and nodded, the worker holding Dean let him go and the little boy ran into Johns arms.

" They both seem so happy with you. Look I really shouldn't do this but Deans already upset and I'm not willing to upset him even more. They can stay for tonight, after that my hands are tied ", the couple nodded their thanks and left.

Both boys where fast asleep when they arrived home, they placed Sammy in a crib that they'd bought when they'd decided to adopt a baby and placed Dean in the bed by his brother. They wanted them both to feel and at ease and felt this would be the best way, in a strange home at least the brothers would have each other.

" Call your dad Mary I'm going to go out and get a few things for the boys "

" Things ? What kind of things ? " Mary asked as she reached for the phone, John raised surprised brows at her

" Diapers, feed, clean clothes, you know stuff they'll need " he said as he struck of each item on his fingers, she grinned at him and waved him away

" Go on then, don't be long " he grinned and left. Mary listened as the phone rang on the other end she sent a silent prayer out to whoever was listening that her dad would help. It was picked up on the 7th ring

" Hello, Dad ? I need your help ".

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