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Time seemed to move quickly and before the Winchesters knew it a whole year had passed and there was still no sign of Daniel locating them, they began to settle, maybe he'd given up, maybe they'd hidden that well that he couldn't find them, as Christmas approached the family was happy. Dean had settled into a school in the fall and he was playing Joseph in the schools nativity. He'd practiced his lines and Mary had made him his costume. The night of the performance the Winchesters with Bobby and Elizabeth sat expectantly waiting for the curtain to rise,

" He's so excited about this " Mary whispered to her mother " He's been practising for weeks "

" He'll make a fine Joseph " Elizabeth beamed, she had grown closer to the boys, over the past year, she couldn't believe how different her life had become. She was living with Bobby and although they couldn't marry legally he had given her a ring, all that was missing was the legal document but she didn't care. She loved him and he loved her, she had her daughter and grandchildren and she got on well with John, her life couldn't be more complete, the lights going down brought her from her ponderings, the curtain rose to reveal a small inn with a boy cleaning the tables and other children scattered throughout pretending to drink. A knock came to the door and the child sighed loudly throwing his cleaning rag down, he made his way over to the door and answered it.

Dean stood at the door his blonde hair covered by a simple piece of pale green material and tied in place by a darker strip of green , Sammy clapped excitedly on seeing his brother and shouted his name

" DEAN " waving frantically to get Deans attention, Dean smiled shyly and waved back the audience laughed quietly

" What do you want ? " the inn keeper asked irritably he stood with his small arms wrapped across his chest, Dean frowned at him

" My wife's going to have a baby and we need a place to stay, can we stay here ? "

" No " the inn keeper said harshly

" But she's going to have a baby " Dean said

" Well that's not my fault " the inn keeper snapped

" Well if you read the bible it's not my fault either " Dean snapped back, the audience erupted into laughter a teacher tried to encourage the boys on stage to go back to their lines, Dean rolled his eyes and stopped glaring at the inn keeper.

The nativity played out easily enough from then on until Sammy evaded Mary's grasp and made his way onto the stage to be with his brother. Dean ended up kicking one of his teachers when they tried to take Sammy away from him, the startled woman hobbled off the stage and Dean pulled Sammy closer to him tucking his brother under his arm. Sammy enjoying the attention sang along with the songs that his brother had taught him at home, the Winchesters got the loudest round of applause Dean blushed and pulled his brother back as the curtain went down.

" You did good baby " Mary beamed

" Mom!!! I'm not a baby anymore " Dean whined, Mary grinned wider and ran her fingers through his hair he leaned into the touch and smiled up at his mother

" Mrs Winchester, we're so happy with Dean, he's come so far from being the shy little boy who wouldn't say boo to a goose " Mrs Franks said as she shook Mary's hand fondly, Mary grinned at Deans teacher, when he'd first gone to school the Winchesters had been concerned. Dean had become distant and stopped talking it was only after a few weeks that Mary found out why he had become so distant. Dean had thought that they didn't want him anymore and that he was going to end up staying at the school permanently. He'd relaxed some when Mary explained to him that everyone went to school and it was only for a few hours a day and then he'd be home with his family and that when he was old enough Sammy would have to go to school as well. This news seemed to have settled the child and he began talking again and was even excited to go to school now.

Mary picked Sam up who was clutching his big brothers hand,

" Sorry about the invasion but Sammy loves his big brother we have a hard time keeping them apart at home even at bedtime " Mrs Franks smiled widely

" Not to worry but I think he stole the show " Mary gave a nervous laugh

" As long as you don't mind "

" Well I think it made the show after all Christmas is a time for family " they exchanged more pleasantries before Sam gave a wide yawn and Dean stated clearly that it was past Sammy's bedtime, the family made their goodbyes and took the children home.

Tucking Dean into bed later he gave his mom a sleepy smile

" Love you mommy " he yawned, Mary's eyes filled with tears, she brushed his hair back off his forehead and smiled softly

" I love you too baby "

" Mom " Dean whined " Am not a baby "

" Oh, you'll always be my baby, even when you have babies of your own " she kissed him gently and pulled the covers over his small frame

" 'Kay " he said with a sleepy smile, she went into Sammy's room to check on him and re-covered him as he'd kicked his covers off. She lay a gentle kiss on his small face and sighed happily. She never thought that her life could turn out this way, she had been happy with John but she had so wanted children and had been devastated when she couldn't have any, but now here she was with two beautiful children who had made her life complete and she couldn't be happier. John's arms snaked around her waist and he gave her a gentle kiss on the side of her neck,

" Everything okay ? "

" Yeah. I was just thinking how lucky I am "

" Think I'm the lucky one Mare, I have you and two great sons what more could a man ask for ? " she turned round and gave him a smirk

" An early night ? " she asked raising a delicate eyebrow, he grinned at her his dimples flashing and she felt herself melt

" Now that there has to be the best proposition I've had all year " he laughed gently and pulled her towards their room.

Across the street from the Winchesters home orange eyes blazed taking in the house, a smirk played upon the hosts lips, he'd been patient waited like his master had told him to, but the wait was finally over and this time tomorrow night John Winchester would be dead and Mary and the child would be his.

The morning came bright and warm for a day in December, it was a Saturday morning so the Winchesters had the whole weekend to themselves, they were going to Bobby's later for a family dinner. It had become a weekly habit and something that the two boys looked forward to, Dean loved going round the scrap yard with his grandpa Bobby and helping him work on the cars and Mary liked getting to know her mom again.

So the family had breakfast and made their way out to Singer Salvage. John couldn't shake the feeling that they were being watched, he had that prickly feeling at the back of his neck, had had it for a few days now but no matter how hard he tried he just couldn't find out who was watching them and it was beginning to un-nerve him.

" You okay John ? " Mary asked as John checked his rear view mirror again, he gave her a warm smile

" Yeah, I'm good " he shrugged off the feeling hoping that he was just being paranoid, but a nagging in his gut told him to be extra careful. They pulled into the salvage yard and were greeted by Elizabeth who was peeling potato's on the porch, she gave them a small wave in greeting as they climbed out of the impala.

" Hey mom'' Mary smiled " You look busy, having fun?'' Dean ran up the steps and launched himself into Elizabeth's arms she caught him and swung him up kissing his forehead

" Hey all, and yes I am having fun thanks'' she grinned, Dean gazed at her and pointed to his brother

" Sammy too Lizzie'' he said, Sammy was tugging on her long skirt and grinning up widely at her, his dimples flashing

" Libzie, Libzie'' he said reaching for her. She pulled the toddler up into her other free arm and held the boys close to her, it was moments like this that she loved. Lately Dean had stopped calling her 'Libzie' and she really missed it, it showed just how grown up Dean was getting she missed that wide eyed little boy she had grown to love. For the last couple of weeks it felt as if moments like this were sparing, as if a shadow was descending upon her and she wanted to hold those moments close to her heart for as long as she possibly could.

The day seemed to pass with relative ease, but Elizabeth and John remained on edge making Bobby grouse and Mary shoot them reprimanding looks, the only ones who didn't seem to notice anything were the two boys. They remained oblivious to the adults discomfort and happily played in the yard chasing Bobby's dogs and chasing one another around the cars that Bobby allowed them to play near.

" What in the hell is up with you two?'' Bobby yelled " Yer like a cat in a room full of rocking chairs'' John once again glanced out of the window his dark eyes searching the perimeter,

" What can you see John?'' Elizabeth asked

" Nothing. There's nothing out there, but….''

" But?''

" I don't know. Something feels off, its feels like we're being watched but I can't see by what''

" You've been feeling that to huh?'' John turned and looked to Elizabeth his brows raised in surprise

" You can feel it to? I'm not going crazy?'' Elizabeth gave a strained smile and shook her head

" You're not going crazy John, someone's been watching us for a couple of weeks now. It feels like something's coming, just don't know what''

" What the hell are you two yapping about?'' Bobby asked with annoyance " Who's watching us? And why the hell didn't you say anything Lizzie?''

" Because I don't know what the hell is out there'' she yelled " I don't know who or what is watching us, or if even anything is, its just a feeling like someone's watching you but you're not sure if they really are. What the hell was I supposed to say?'' she went to the kitchen and flopped into a chair " Look Bobby all I know is that something is coming, and its not something good. In fact its something very bad''

" The boys'' Mary said suddenly and went outside to call them in she came back not long after with two grumbling boys who were not at all impressed if the whining coming from the two was anything to go by.

" Now that's enough boys, do as your mother says''

" Yes sir'' Dean said quietly " Come on Sammy we'll go play in our room''

" Can we play army Dean?'' the two year old yelled " We can tend we beens cap…cap''

" Captured?'' Dean offered for his brother, the two year old nodded his head excitedly, Dean grinned

" Yeah, captured. Then we can escape an go play in the yard again'' Dean groaned as four sets of eyes turned to him,

" Dean? What's this about escaping?'' John asked

" Nothing daddy, we're only playing its just a game''

" Well make sure you stay inside its not safe out there at the minute''

" John'' Mary whispered harshly, he frowned at her

" What?'' he asked, Dean huffed and grabbed Sam's hand

" Fine we'll stay inside like 'good' little boys. Stupid adults'' he muttered

" Dean! Get back here" John yelled, Dean turned slowly and kept his eyes fixed on the floor

" Yes sir" he said quietly

" Did you just talk back to me son" John said with mild annoyance, a part of him was proud his boy was finally coming out of his shell, it had started slowly with a few things like not wanting to be babied anymore by Mary but this was the first time that Dean had actually said something against him. Of course he also had to learn to be respectful. Dean scuffed his dirty sneaker on the floor keeping his gaze from his fathers face

" No sir" John crossed the room and cupped his face, it showed how much Dean had grown that, that simple touch didn't make Dean flinch anymore,

" Good boy, now go play nice'' Dean raised his eyes to meet his fathers, John was smiling at him, Dean returned the smile took his brothers hand again and went to their room to play. When John turned around again Bobby was smirking at him,

"What?'' John asked with a raised brow,

" You got your hands full with that one Johnny'' he laughed " And he aint even hit puberty yet!''

" Bobby, that's enough'' Elizabeth admonished even though she was fighting back her own grin " We need to sort out what's out there and what we're going to do about it''

" Well'' Bobby said scratching his chin " The areas protected against demons and the like so it can't be anything like that. We'll just have to be on guard is all. Keep a look out''

" I'll take first watch'' John said, he grabbed one of Bobby's pistols and tucked it into the back of his jeans. Mary went to him and placed her hand gently on his arm,

" Be careful John'' he nodded and went outside, the light from the day was beginning to dwindle into early evening, Mary watched him go and sighed heavily from the way her mother and husband had been acting it was like a lead weight had descended and landed in her stomach making her skin feel cold as if she'd never be happy again.

" I'm going to go bath the boys, get them ready for bed''

" You want some help Mary?'' Elizabeth asked, since her and Johns admission her daughter had been very quiet

" No its okay, I got it covered''

" You okay honey?'' she asked her face full of concern

" Yeah mom I'm fine, just a little tired I guess''

" Okay'' she watched her daughter leave the room calling to the boys and smiled when she heard Dean groan and Sammy shout with excitement, she shook her head and went to find Bobby. A cold feeling had settled in her chest and it was only spreading through her body, she knew that come tomorrow things would never be the same again.

John crept along in the shadows that had slowly made their way into the salvage yard, he was calling on his training from the marines to blend in and disappear, to any normal man he was invisible but to the demon who was watching him with an amused grin he stuck out like a sore thumb. He was thinking of making another circuit of the yard then going inside to check on Mary and the boys, the feeling he had had earlier was only increasing and it making him feel sick. He bent forward retching the feeling over powering now, it was then as he was bent over that he felt the presence behind him, he turned quickly to face it head on, to protect his family, but all he met was darkness as he fell to the ground unconscious.

The demon made its way towards the small house carrying John across its shoulders as if he weighed nothing, as he entered he was met by Bobby who stared in disbelief at then man carrying John into the house

" Daniel? What the hell are you doing here?''

" I've come to claim what's mine of course'' , he threw John to the floor and brought his gun up towards Bobby " You've been a thorn in my side long enough Singer, its time you said goodnight once and for all'' he took the safety off the gun and pulled back the hammer

" Leave Bobby out of this Daniel'' Elizabeth said calmly, Daniel turned to Elizabeth and she gasped at what she saw. In Daniels place were stood flaming angels in a chariot, the image faded and Daniel was once again stood before her but his eyes were a blazing orange

" You're not Daniel, what the hell are you?'' she asked

" Hells the right word. So, You can see my true form. Impressive I must say, you have more potential than Daniel gives you credit for'' she glared at him " Now be a good girl and call Mary down''

" No'' she said stubbornly. He pointed the gun to Johns still form

" Call Mary, or I kill him. Its your choice''

" Daniel won't kill John, he's too much of a coward'', the demon grinned evilly and fired the weapon into Johns shoulder eliciting a groan from the downed man,

" You forget. I'm not Daniel. Now call Mary or the next round goes in his skull'' Elizabeth gulped and nodded

" Mary'' she said quietly, then cleared her throat and tried again " Mary honey can you come down here?''

" On my way down'' she called from upstairs. Her soft footfalls came down the stairs the demon tracked the movement, its orange eyes fixed on the doorway, Mary entered the first thing she saw was John on the floor, the blood from his wound pooling beneath him,

" John!'' she yelled and tried to reach him, the demon stepped in her path

" Mary, my sweet girl'' it said stroking her face

"Dad?'' Mary looked confused " What the hell are you doing? What do you want?''

"Isn't it obvious my sweet girl. You. I want you''

"What?'' she took a step back, but found herself frozen in place " I won't let you do this''

" You don't have a choice. You're already mine, as is your child''

" Child? I don't have any children'' , the demon smirked and took a step forward Elizabeth moved to intervene but was stopped when a shot rang out. Everyone in the room looked towards Elizabeth

" Lizzie!'' Bobby yelled, he like Mary was frozen in place powerless to prevent what had happened, they both watched in horror as blood blossomed on Elizabeth's white blouse where her heart lay underneath, she looked once more to Bobby seeing his stricken face before she fell to the floor her now sightless eyes staring at the ceiling.

" Lizzie! Elizabeth! Damn it woman you answer me'' The demon smiled broadly revelling in the older hunters pain and agony

" Well who'd have thunk something so simple as killing your spouse could be so enjoyable''

" You bastard, I'm going to kill you''

" Oh do be quiet, you can't do a thing. You're as helpless as a puppy'' Daniel laughed merrily and belly laughed when Bobby sobbed into his chest, Mary looked towards her fallen mother her own sob lodging itself in her throat

" What….what do you want from me?'' she couldn't take her eyes off her dead mother, the demon turned towards her

" I want you to call Sammy''

" Sammy? Why what are you going to do with him?''

" Nothing, nothing, but you see as fine as this body of your fathers is, its wearing out. I've been hitching a ride for a year now, and well your little darling is going to be my salvation. A new body, a new start, with you playing mommy dearest''

" And John? What about John?'' ,

" We can work something out. If you behave''.

Mary looked towards Bobby for any clue as what to do, could she really put her baby boy into harms way, and the demon hadn't even mentioned Dean

" Will you hurt him, will it hurt him?''

" On the contrary, he'll be strong. He'll come to no harm, this is his destiny'' , Mary nodded

" Okay, but I'll have to go get him. His brother Dean, he won't be harmed''

" The other is of no interest to me, you may keep him'', as Mary left the room to go and get Sammy her mind was racing with how to keep the rest of the family safe and send this demon back to hell. As she neared the top of the stairs she felt a presence and just held in the scream that wanted to leave her. Elizabeth stood before her in a mist like form but it was definitely her mother,

" Leave it to me Mary. Get the boys and keep your head down, no-one else is dying tonight'',

" What are you going to do?'' Mary asked quietly

" I'm going to drag that demon out of Daniel and send it to hell, hopefully I'll be able to hold it long enough so that you or Bobby can say the exorcism''

" How'd it even get on the property? I thought Bobby had wards in place to prevent that from happening''

" He has, but this thing is old, really old. I don't think Daniel knew what he was dealing with when he summoned it. Go on now before it gets suspicious and comes looking for you''

" I love you mom'' Mary whispered, her eyes filled with tears knowing that she'd never be able to hold her mom again, Elizabeth's hand ghosted over her cheek,

" I love you to honey, and I've no regrets what-so-ever'' Mary tried to lean into the touch, tried to feel her mother once more but all she met was cold air, she shivered and went to the boys room not daring to look back.

" So who the hell are yer anyway?'' Bobby asked " Think I got a right to know which demon killed Lizzie'' the demon turned to Bobby wearing Daniels face, for a moment his eyes looked haunted but it disappeared as quickly as it had been there. The demon gave a deep bow and grinned back up at Bobby,

" Now, now you know I can't give you my name''

" If yer so great an powerful yer don't need to worry about me being able to control yer just by knowing yer name'' Bobby spat out, the demons grin seemed to get wider

" Well….okay. I'll give you some clues. See if your as great at demonology as they claim you are. I was created after Lucifer himself, second most on high. Considered chief of all the devils. I am the leader of the sons of darkness. An angel of hostility''

" Belial?!" Bobby gasped, the demon smirked in triumph

" You truly are good at what you do Bobby Singer. I'm going to regret taking your life, you could come in handy. If I was to meet opposition that is"

" An just what makes yer think I'd help a piece of shit like you?'' Bobby asked repulsed

" Because'' the demon sneered, moving inches from Bobby's face " You have love for the child, and if you want no harm to come to the other'' he paused, revelling in the panic he saw in the hunters eyes " If you want no harm to come to the other, then you'll do exactly as I say. Is that understood?''.

Bobby hung his head, his eyes travelled to Elizabeth's still form on the floor, his eyes filled with tears which he blinked back, he refused to let them fall.

" Okay, okay. I'll do whatever the hell yer want, just don't hurt Dean. Kids been through enough''

" He won't go through anything else Bobby, you have my word on that. He'll be protected, I'll see to that'', as if on cue Mary entered the room carrying Sammy while Dean trailed behind rubbing his eyes, when he saw John on the floor he went to run to him, but was prevented from doing so by Mary. She held her hand against his chest and shook her head. He stilled but remained at her side, clinging to her top, Sammy was sucking his thumb and peering at the demon with curiosity.

" How do we do this?'' Mary asked holding her son closer to her side,

" Place the child over there, and no matter what happens do not interfere. If the process is interrupted it will cost him his life'' Mary nodded and placed Sammy were she was instructed, Dean made to move forward to be by his brother when the small child whimpered,

" No Dean. Stay here. This will be over soon'' Dean shook himself out of Mary's grip and glared at her,

" Am not leaving my brother'' he spat " That dick head's getting no-where near him'' he gestured to the demon who was staring at Dean in amusement. Dean moved towards his brother and sat by his side pulling the now terrified two year old into his side, his arm wrapped protectively around him. Mary made to move forwards but was stopped by the demon,

" He can stay were he is. He won't interfere with the process. No harm will come to him''

" You hurt my brother and I'll kill you'' Dean ground out, his green eyes filled with hatred. The demon moved forwards his eyes never leaving Deans,

" He's going to be stronger Dean, no-one will be able to hurt him again. Or you for that matter''

" I don't care about me. But I do care about my brother and if you do hurt him'' he left the unsaid threat hanging, the demon smirked

" It would seem that I'll have my own private body guard'' it cupped Deans face and stared intently into his eyes. Dean wanted to move away from the penetrating gaze but stood his ground. He was scared, more afraid then when Joe used to beat him, but he knew he couldn't look away from the blazing orange eyes that were searching his very soul. The demon smiled and patted Dean on his head,

" You'll make a good soldier. You'll serve me well''

" In your dreams'' Dean spat, the demon laughed, unaware of the mist that was forming behind him, it moved until it was within reach, then Daniels eyes went wide as Elizabeth formed fully and dove forward grabbing onto the demon and securing it in place,

" Now Bobby. Say the exorcism now'' , Bobby was released from the wall and dove for his book with the Latin verse in it. The demon writhed inside Daniel, it was screaming

" You Can't do this!!'' Bobby smirked as he opened his book and began the ritual

" I think you'll find I can'' he growled, the words began to fall without hesitation, the words flowed and the demon began to wail, then black smoke spewed from Daniels mouth and nose, the lights in the house went out and the room was plunged into silence and darkness.

When John looked back on the events from the last month it took his breath away. He'd come to in the hospital, his shoulder a blaze of pain and fire from the gun shot wound. It had been Mary who'd explained about the events of that fateful night when Elizabeth had been killed. Daniel hadn't survived the exorcism either, when the lights had finally come back on it was to reveal a corpse that was nothing more than a dried out husk, it looked as if the body had been mummified. The demon hadn't been lying when it had said that Daniels body was wearing out.

John left the hospital the day before they buried Elizabeth, he was tired, sore, but he went to the funeral to pay his respects to a woman who had given her life to save his family, and for that he would be forever grateful. Funerals were meant to be held on dreary days, where the sky wept for the loss of a soul that the remaining family held dear, but Elizabeth's funeral was bright and warm. The sun beamed down and John thought it odd that the weather could be so bright and warm for a day in January. The boys were un-naturally quiet, even though they didn't understand what was happening. They understood that they wouldn't see Elizabeth again, that she had gone somewhere that they couldn't follow, still he'd caught Dean sat up in bed on a few occasions as if he was waiting for Elizabeth to come visit him. They'd tried to explain to him that she couldn't come and visit anymore, but the six year old just couldn't understand where his Libzie had gone. He'd taken the boys back to the impala and given Mary a chance to say goodbye on her own, Bobby was sat in his pick up, the usual wake that followed every funeral forgotten. Bobby hadn't wanted a house full of strangers telling him how sorry they were for his loss, or what a wonderful person Lizzie was. He already knew.

Mary came back to the impala and climbed behind the wheel, Johns shoulder injury prevented him from driving for at least another two weeks, so he was relegated to passenger and she driver until he fully healed. He was resting his head on the passenger window his eyes closed, his breath leaving small patches of mist on the glass.

Mary looked into the rear view mirror and saw that both boys were also sleeping, Dean had his arm wrapped around Sammy, cocooning him from the world. She smiled as she watched her youngest snuggle further into his brother, her eyes met the mirror once more, blazing orange orbs looked back at her were her green ones should have been. The first time Belial had failed, but next time, next time the child Sam Winchester would be his, and nothing could stop it. Smiling it turned the key in the ignition and pulled out onto the road, towards a new life.

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