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Someone had selfishly taken Ema Skye's precious first kiss on a mere whim.

She could recall every detail of it as if it had happened only yesterday. She had been fifteen-years-old and it had been a warm June day. The first day of summer, to be exact, which she remembered because the overly cheerful female anchor on the morning news had told her so.

Although she was at the age where other girls were trading cooties in for crushes, boys had never really been something that captured this particular girl's heart.

In fact, the list of things that interested Ema was simple. There was little time left to be wasted on boys, when all she needed to be happy were sweets, science, and forensic investigator shows on TV. Well, of course, there was the nominal exception of a certain Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth, but he was not just any boy, he was Miles Edgeworth.

Ema was a proud, self-proclaimed "late bloomer." She was happy the way she was and had not intended to change anything about it, at least, not anytime soon.

However, the naïve young girl would soon discover first hand, that sometimes plans change unexpectedly.

On that fateful, humid summer day, Ema had been innocently sitting outside the district courthouse, waiting for her elder sister and established prosecutor, Lana Skye, to finish work. Ema and Lana's parents had died in a car accident years ago, and it had been just the two of them ever since. That is why, despite her earnest protests, it was normal for Ema to find herself bored and hanging around her somewhat over-protective sister's workplaces.

Whenever forensic evidence was involved in a case, Ema was more than excited to watch her sister in action from the courtroom gallery, but alas, this day's trial was about mind-numbing tax fraud. To the aspiring forensic investigator's dismay, there was obviously no use for fancy blood-detecting chemicals there.

Ema sighed as she glanced at the pink plastic watch snuggly strapped to her wrist. Why was the trial taking so long? She had better not miss the brand new episode of CSI: LA-- which she had been looking forward to so much-- just because some rich ninny could not spare to part with a little of his money.

Ema was lost in thought and did not at all notice the figure that had recently joined her on the steps.

"You hang around here a lot, ja?"

The unfamiliar singsong voice of a young boy caught Ema off guard. She looked up to match the friendly voice to a face but had to immediately raise a hand to her brow in order to block the sun's powerful rays from stinging her eyes.

Light brightly reflected off the boy's shaggy, golden-blond hair. Through her squint, she could make out two beautiful aquamarine eyes twinkling her way, and a large sideways grin spread across his tanned face. If there was ever a prime specimen of a "pretty boy," this one leaning over her was definitely it.

"Uh, hi, do I know you?" Ema tried smiling politely.

"Well, you should," the shiny thing responded without missing a beat, casually plopping down next to her on the courthouse steps.

"Kinda cocky for a boy prettier than me," Ema scoffed to herself.

Being the future forensic investigator that she was, she had developed a bit of a habit to analyze people upon first meeting them. This boy was of course, no exception. Without having to try very hard, she detected a faint European accent in his speech. German perhaps? She wasn't sure. Despite her aspirations, Ema was still an amateur on this particular subject.

He seemed around her age, if not, a tad younger. He wore a dark-purple, vintage rock band logo t-shirt over a pair of black, fashionably baggy shorts with many useless-looking zippers and pockets. A bulky black leather belt adorned with small silver spikes hung loosely around his narrow, boyish hips, and a variety of matching chrome chains and gaudy accessories decorated him to the tip of his over-sized combat boots.

Ema did not recall seeing many boys at school who dressed like this.

Seemingly unfazed by the miniature forensic investigator's slightly rude and lengthy stare-down, the flashy boy took an uninvited peek into Ema's bursting bag of treasures that sat between them.

"You are some kind of…mad scientist?" The boy questioned, cocking his head to the left. He fished out a test-tube filled with some mysterious, green fluid.

"Hey, give that back!" Ema frowned, quickly snatching her prized possession back. She was not entirely thrilled with having her personal space invaded.

The boy seemed to enjoy her reaction and did not bother to hide his mischievous grin. He ran a hand through his silky bangs. It seemed to be a habit of his.

"I am visiting family here in America," he explained, despite the fact that Ema had not asked anything about it. "I see you sitting here, a lot. Looking bored."

For a moment, he locked eyes with her, then showing off that winning smile. "You have very pretty eyes, ja?"

"Uh- thank you," Ema blushed and quickly diverted her eyes from his. She was not exactly accustomed to compliments from boys her age, not to mention, such strange, one-sided conversations as this one currently taking place.

Ema uncomfortably played with the colorful tin pins decorating the shoulder strap of her messenger bag. The boy had fallen silent. Was he waiting for her to say something? Ema was not usually the shy type, but she had no idea what she was expected to say or do next.

However, the awkward silence did not last much longer.

"May I have a kiss?" the boy asked abruptly and just as nonchalantly as if he were asking for the time.

"A w-what?!" Ema exclaimed a little louder than she had intended. She did a double take of the smiling boy, convinced that she must have heard wrong.

"A kiss!" He repeated, beaming his perfect smile even brighter than before. "Of course you've given boys kisses before, ja?"

Was this cocky little thing teasing her?

"O-of course!" Ema blurted without thinking, trying her best to play it down as if it were no big deal.

"I-, uh, I've given many before…" She winced as her words formed that atrocious lie of a sentence. It was obvious that she had long lost control of the craziness escaping her mouth.

"No problem, then."

Without further warning, the boy turned to face her and leaned in so that his lips softly pressed against hers. Whether intentional or not (most likely intentional), he had not given her much chance to speak a single word of protest.

Ema's eyes widened, realizing that she was now locking-lips with this boy she had only "met" moments ago. This could not be normal! Yet, it was almost as if she were under his charm's spell. After the initial shock wore off, Ema found her body relaxing a little, despite the fact her heart was pounding as if she had just finished running a long-distance marathon. She closed her eyes as she remembered everyone on television did. His lips felt warm and delicate, this feeling unlike anything she had ever experienced before.

Unfortunately, the tantalizing sensation did not last much longer.


The sound of a man clearing his throat came from behind them. The teenagers jerked apart as if they had just touched hot metal. Ema felt her face turn from red to blue as she shifted her focus down towards her worn tennis shoes. What had she let herself get into! Her sister was going to kill her if she found out.

"The trial is over. Time to go." The tall man's voice was deep and unyielding, sending a slight chill down Ema's back. He motioned towards the boy, who Ema managed to sneak a glance at, and realized was a similar shade of red as she had been.

"If you'll excuse my young brother's manners, Miss," the elegantly handsome man smiled politely, he looked utterly dignified, yet something seemed cold about him. The man looked significantly older than his brother did, perhaps in his early 20s. He wore an impeccably tailored, expensive-looking, light-blue suit. Ema watched without a sound as he pushed a pair of silver-rimmed glasses higher up the bridge of his nose. He easily lifted the now suddenly meek, younger boy to his feet. The older man's strong arm moved almost possessively across the boy's wilted shoulders as he directed him towards the sidewalk.

"Say goodbye to your nice, young lady friend," he commanded calmly.

Without protest, the teenage boy who all of a sudden looked much smaller, allowed his brother to escort him towards the parking lot. The compliant boy briefly looked over his shoulder, giving Ema a slight smile and a little wave.

Ema weakly waved back and stared back in awe, still unable to comprehend what had just happened.

"I cannot let you out of my sight for a couple hours without finding you in some predicament…" Ema overheard the taller, equally blonde man reprimanding his sibling.

"But Bruder…!"

"I will hear none of it." Although just as composed as ever, the older brother did not let the him finish. Ema almost felt a little sorry for the boy.

"Do you know them, Ema?"

Ema jumped, startled by her own sister's voice, bringing her out of the trance she had been in.

"U-um, no! Who are you talking about?" Ema desperately feigned innocence.

Lana frowned, looking a little concerned. "Are you alright?"

Ema forced a smile, "Yeah, of course! Why wouldn't I be?"

Uh oh. Lana's brow furrowed even deeper.

"So-how did the trial go?" Ema asked as cheerily as possible, opting on quickly changing the subject.

Lana took a deep breath, "Oh, it went well." She replied with a slight smile, something that was becoming rare, as her older sister had been stressed more and more over her rather new position as chief prosecutor. However, fortunately for Ema, Lana seemed to be in a pleasant enough mood after her victory in court, and did not bother to press the subject any further.

"How about stopping for some ice cream on the way home?" Lana suggested, remnants of a smile still on her lips.

Ema grinned and nodded, but turned to take one last glance at the boy walking off inthe opposite direction. Was it her imagination or did he glance back her way, too? By now, they were too far to tell.

One thing was for sure though, his pleasant, albeit mysterious presence would be stuck in her mind for the rest of the day. She caught herself staring into space numerous times, thinking about him and the unexpected kiss they had shared. These feelings were all very foreign to young Ema, yet to her own surprise, they put her in a pleasant mood.

That was, until reality sunk in, over a scoop of chocolate ice cream. Ema felt the blood rush straight out of her face as she realized that she did not even know his name, or for that matter, who he was at all. She was tempted to ask Lana, but decided it was better not to bother her with such a silly thing.

She wondered if she would see the boy who had so casually stolen her first kiss, ever again. She felt a slight pang of disappointment at the thought that she wouldn't.

"Oh, stop being such a drama queen," Ema scolded herself. "You're not being yourself, at all!"

Ema figured that she would probably never cross paths with him again, given the fact that he said he was only "visiting," but she could deal with that. She was soon back to her normal self, daydreaming about science and her future career in that field.

However, she knew that she would forever remember that one unique thing about the boy: the way he just seemed to absolutely glimmer in the summer sun.

Little did Ema know then, that some mysteries are just better off left unsolved.