Notes: Yikes I've been sitting on this for so long because I just couldn't think of a satisfying ending. Thanks to everybody who's read this far, couldn't have done it without your encouraging words! Now I can finally say that I've actually completed something. XD

Munch munch munch...

Ema Skye stood with one arm planted on her hip, and the other stuck wrist-deep in an open sack of Snackoos resting at the bottom of her messenger bag. She mulled over the testimony she'd just given in court once more.

What was that pesky little defense attorney's problem? Opening that rather large mouth of his and convincing the judge to throw her clearly valid evidence out the window just like that? Okay, fine. So it hadn't been officially submitted, nor conducted with the lab's prior approval. Sure, it had been carried out against the chief's specific orders after he'd warned her time and time again not to waste valuable time and sparse department funds. Big deal. Science knew no boundaries and should be free to be enjoyed by anyone, anytime and anywhere they pleased. Hey, it could have possibly broken the case wide open! Well, probably not, but her findings were still pretty darn cool. This is the thanks she gets for always helping Antennae boy and his little magician sidekick out? It was official. Apollo was in for a Snackooing of his lifetime the next time he came poking around her crime scene again.

Munch munch munch munch...

"I'm here to deliver a piece of evidence to a...Detective Skye?"

A man's timid voice came from behind, abruptly interrupting her inner-rant.

"Not now, officer. Can't you tell I'm busy?" she sharply turned and glared, preparing to project a half-eaten snack at what was most likely another rookie cop pestering her.

However, she paused mid-flick. The man standing before her seemed oddly familiar with his sparkling blue eyes, sun-kissed features and glistening blonde hair. It was also safe to say she'd never in her life seen any officer dressed quite like that.

The Snackoo dropped from her fingers.

"Oh my god!"

"I'm flattered, but not quite," The tall man smirked, returning to his usual, accented sing-song voice.

"Achung, no wonder all the young officers fear the infamous Fraulein Detective," he lifted a brow. "Those Snackoos of yours can sting you know--"

"You're back!"

For a split second, Ema didn't care if anyone was watching. She jumped up and wrapped her arms around his neck, squeezing with all her might.

"If I'd known I'd be greeted so warmly, I would have returned much sooner," Klavier laughed into her sweet-scented hair, squeezing back just as tight.

"You said you weren't coming back for another whole month," her half-complaint came out muffled in the musky leather of his jacket.

"Maybe I just couldn't bear to stay away from you any longer."

She finally loosened her grip, her eyes flicking up and narrowed accusingly at his grinning face. "You totally planned this didn't you?"

Her accusation was met with a twinkle of an eye and smug smile. Only then did she notice something was drastically amiss about him, and when she realized exactly what it was, she gaped in shock.

"What happened to your hair!?"

The prosecutor chuckled. The tips of his hair now not nearly long enough to reach his shoulders, he combed fingers born for guitar-playing through his shaggy bangs--the apparent sole survivor of the rest's drastic downsizing.

"I figured it was due time for a trim," he grinned. "An image change, if you will."

Ema beamed, nodding. "I like it," she decided. She stood on her tip-toes, reaching up to muss his ridiculously soft locks. He scowled and belatedly ducked out of reach.

"It's a shame, though. I'm gonna miss calling you a fop."

"I'm sure you will," Klavier's grin charmingly lopsided. "But at least you still find me enchantingly glimmerous, ja?"

"Who ever said anything about 'enchanting'--?" Ema wondered with a frown. "Oh, nevermind," she rolled her eyes. "Good to have you back, Gavin." She'd cut him some slack just this time. After all, it had been three agonizingly long months since he'd left.

"Oh, crap."

Only then did she recoil in utter horror at the realization she had just hugged Klavier Gavin in public--and in front of a dozen of her comrades to boot.

Noticing the color drain out of her face, Klavier bent down and softly whispered with a meaningful smirk, "We'll continue this later...perhaps somewhere more private, ja?"

Ema simply nodded. Her mouth suddenly as dry as cotton and her heart beating a mile per minute. She smiled meekly before stepping back and out of the way, letting others gather around to welcome the prosecutor with 'good to have you backs' and enthusiastic claps on the back.

Still in the process of getting over her humiliation, Ema plopped down on the courthouse steps. From above, she watched the mob form around him, her usual scowl now upturned into a girlish smile, not one unfamiliar to that that followed a distant hot summer day's memory of a first kiss that took place on these very steps she occupied now.

Before long, the crowd finally dispatched. Men and women of law alike, headed back to their respective homes and offices after another long day at court. Finally, Klavier skipped up the steps to meet Ema at her place at the very top.

"So, I hear Herr Forehead shot a certain scientific witness down on the stand today? Again."

Ema shot him an ice-cold glare soon accompanied by a shove, "You enjoy that way too much."

He laughed good-naturedly and draped a heavy arm around her shoulder despite her wriggling in protest.

"Fear not, Fräulein Detective! Herr Forehead won't know what hit him at our next trial. In fact, I can see the reflection of us celebrating in that big, shiny forehead of his already."

Ema bit her lower lip to stifle a laugh.

"Sounds fair enough," she couldn't help but to smile.

"Ach, almost forgot!" Klavier dug his fingers in his jacket's front pocket and promptly produced a small box wrapped in dainty pink paper and accented with a silver bow. "The 'evidence' I came to present to you all the way from Germany."

The box was so small. It was uncannily similar to the size of a box containing a certain accessory worth two months a man's salary. Ema gulped. Scientifically speaking, it could point to one obvious thing...but it couldn't be! Could it?

Klavier gently pressed it into her palm and motioned for her to open it.

"It's not a piece of your missing hair, is it?" Ema joked out of sheer nervousness. "Because that would just be creepy."

Klavier simply shook his head with a tight-lipped grin, motioning again as if to say hurry and get on with it already.

Oh god. Her heart thumped all the way up her throat. It was just way too soon for this. She couldn't possibly accept! Right? Of course not! She'd definitely be flattered, possibly happy even, but what would Lana say? It was simply just too soon!

Regardless of her inner-conflict, Ema carefully undid the perfectly wrapped box with shaky fingers. She slowly, cautiously lifted the lid, almost afraid of what she would find sparkling inside...

Then she saw it, and she blinked.

"What…is it?" She curiously held the contents of the box up to the light for a better look.

"It's but a small token of the 2nd best scientist in the world."

Ema suspiciously squinted at the delicate, rose-tinted vile's powdery contents. Fingerprint dusting powder? No, the color was wrong. It was...almost grayish...

She then nearly dropped the thing in plain horror.

"Klavier, did you give me some dead guy's ashes!?"

Appalled, he looked at her as if she'd completely lost her marbles.

"It's just dirt, Fraulein," he assured, but quickly continued on with his explanation, seeing the stupefied look linger on her face a moment too long. "But not just any old dirt, of course. Dirt from Ulm, Germany--."

Finally, it all clicked.

"Albert Einstein's birthplace!" Ema immediately brightened and finished for him.

That's my girl. Klavier smiled proudly. "Ja, went and collected it myself."

He took it from her and held it up to the sky by its sparkling, white-gold chain.

"I had it made into a pendant so you can always wear it as a reminder of your dream," he smiled.

"Here, allow me," he unfastened its clasp and secured it around her delicate neck with practiced fingers. "You crazy girl, I wouldn't stoop so low as to desecrate a Nobel Prize winner's remains," he shook his head laughing. "Even in the name of love."

"Well, it is you we're talking about..." Ema snorted, softly touching the tiny vile to her chest. She paused.

Wait. What did he just say...?

"Yes, you heard me right," Klavier reinstated. "I indeed just said 'love,' and you better get used to it because you'll be hearing a lot of it from now--."

Ema shut him up with a kiss. Her fingers tangled themselves in the loose, relatively shorter hair at the back of his head as she felt his lips smile against her own. He lightly took her by the wrist and pulled her in closer, his other hand firm on her waist.

Breathless, they finally parted.

"Thanks," Ema managed after catching her breath. Her smiling lips tingled, already missing the presence of his.

"Likewise," Klavier cupped her cheek and gently traced the outline of her flushed lips with his ringed thumb.

"Hey wait," Ema challenged with a sly smirk, already with notion of the answer to the question she was about to ask him. "You said second best scientist in the world... So, who's the best?"

Klavier cocked his head to the side, pretending to have to think hard about it.

"Hmm..." His eyes danced playfully as he gave a casual shrug, "Well, me, naturally."

Ema blinked at him. She wasn't exactly expecting that answer.

"Wait. What?" Her brow furrowed, not amused. She plainly pointed out the obvious, "You aren't even a scientist."

"We can be whatever we want to be, ja?" Klavier smirked, pointing at her newly acquired pendant. "Or does my little mad scientist have to be reminded already?"

"...I'm not exactly sure that's how it works."