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Now… To The Good Shit!

Chapter One


Five years.

That was how long it has been since I have seen my Edward.

Five agonizingly long years.

When he left he had told me that my memories of him would fade and that I would forget him, but I have no such luck. My memory of Edward is painfully clear—never fading. I just wish that he would come back, talk to me again, hold me again, kiss me again, and… love me again.

But now, any hope I had of him ever returning to me was dwindling. I had to face the fact that I was never going to see my love—my angel—ever again.

I was absolutely positive that he had moved on without me. I mean, why wouldn't he? He said he didn't love me, he said that he wanted me to move on, and he said that he would easily find new distractions.

I felt hot tears flood my eyes at that thought.

I was only a distraction…

Even though we were an accident, he would always be my favorite one. Edward was impossible to let go of. I loved him with all of my heart. Even after all of this time. I would not trade the time we spent together for anything…

…even though it landed me here.

Castle Volterra, living amongst the feared Voltouri. While I was not the only human living in the castle, I was the only human who was considered part of the guard. However, I wasn't the only one here against their will.

All members of the guard are chosen for their powers. And when the Voltouri choose someone for their guard, it isn't someone with a meager, parlor trick, of a power. Nope. Not these guys.

The Voltouri only assimilated the most powerful and potentially destructive powers into their ranks. And, unfortunately for me, I was one of their most elite and trusted guards and I am still human.

I sighed, pulling my self out of my reverie. Stepping out of the shower I combed through my unruly hair, drying it quickly. I slipped on the mandatory black robe required of all of the members of the Voltouri. My robe was shorter that everyone else's, it came just above my knee, due to the fact that I kept tripping over the length of the other robes. Even though my clumsiness was hilarious to all of my graceful colleagues, it apparently "ruined the intimidating effect" that the guard usually presents when they are out on all of the business trips.

My robe also had a blue line around the hems of the bottom, sleeves, neckline and the inside of the hood was also blue. Mine was not the only one with this color on it. The blue was a symbol for a Commandante. All others is my rank wore the same blue lined robes.

Different colors of robes meant different things. The three leaders of us—Aro, Marcus, and Caius—sported red lined robes indicating that they were our leaders. Other's robes varied from yellow to green. I had never really bothered to figure out the other colors meanings; I just knew that they all had to answer to either me, Demitiri, Felix, Heidi, Alec and Jane.

I walked out of the bathroom into my bedroom. It was plain and boring; I had nothing I wanted to put in it to decorate. I didn't even bother.

Besides, an empty, barren room suited me perfectly because that was exactly how I felt—empty, plain and boring. There was nothing of Bella left inside me. She died five years ago along with all of my hopes of a blissful eternity with the Cullens and Edward.

I grabbed my black ankle boots and slid them on. I wasn't really comfortable with the fact that they had a three and a half inch heel on them but nevertheless I wore them anyways. The extra height they gave me made me feel superior; like I was in control of something for once.

I teetered out of the room and down the hall. I passed a few people—well, technically vampires—as I made my way towards the turret room, exchanging a few pleasant "hello's" and "how are you's" before I continued along.

I was almost to the double oak doors leading into the turret room when I tripped. Damned heels. I braced my self for impact, desperately hoping I wouldn't cut myself. Just before my face greeted the floor for its daily meeting, someone grabbed me from behind, letting out a low chuckle.

"Sorry I interrupted your date with the ground, Bella." Felix said smiling. "I am not sure that date would have turned out too well. I just know you two wouldn't get along very well."

"Haha, Felix." I said, smoothing out my robes. "Thanks for doing that… again. Do you think I will ever stop falling?"

He looked me up and down, putting a finger to his chin as though he was seriously thinking about it. "Nope! You will always be clumsy old Bells!" He declared while I just glared at him. "But don't worry kiddo, we all love just the way you are."

"Thanks. It is nice to know that someone out their cares." I sighed as I resumed my journey towards the turret room. Felix walked next to me with a somber look on his face.

"You know if I ever get a chance, I will gladly teach Cullen a lesson. No one messes with my little buddy and gets away with it." Felix said, glancing over at me as he opened one of the doors for me.

"Just leave him be Felix. It was his decision to make and we have no right to punish Edward for that. If had loved me then it would have worked out. But sadly it was just a one ended relationship." I told him looking intently at my shoes as I walked into the room.

I heard Felix sigh beside me and I could tell he was about to start on one of his infamously long-winded lectures but I was saved.

"Bella! How did you sleep last night?" I heard Aro call to me. I looked up to see him gliding over to me, the red hem of his robe barely touching the ground.

I gave him a hug and smiled. "Good morning Aro. I slept fine last night, thank you for asking." I lied. And I knew he knew. I didn't sleep well. I never did. I had developed a severe case of insomnia when Edward left. I missed falling asleep in his arms, listening to my lullaby.

"Well, how about you go out to breakfast this morning? I know you hate the meals we have here, considering no of us have cooked anything in decades!" I had to laugh at his exuberance. It was definitely something to behold.

I thanked Aro, said my good bye to Felix and him before heading towards the doors that led to the city of Volterra. It had been too long since I had been outside and gotten some decent food. Aro was sure as hell not lying when he said that I hated their meals. These people couldn't cook! I was trying to teach them but I was certain that it was a lost cause.

Oh well, I thought, as I mashed the button for the elevator. I was humming a soft tune to myself when the doors opened and my jaw dropped.

"Bella?" The woman asked.

Uh-Ooh! Cliffie!

Alright so, how was it?


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