I love every single one of you. I hope you know that by now. And if you don't, well, now you know. However, I am busy busy busy. EVERYTHING is crazy right now and FanFiction is at the bottom of my rather lengthy To-Do List.

BUT! This is not me saying "I will never ever update again." That would be a lie. I have every intention of finishing. (Quite frankly, I would hate myself if I didn't finish.) But it might still be a while until I can get the next chapter out. (Christmas-ish?? Maybe? Don't hold your breath though…)

Anyways, I just wanted to drop in and say I'm sorry, I miss you all and to hang in there. :)

Maybe you can drop me a little review, let me know you are still reading or whatever. Who knows, it might inspire me to get down to business and actually write the next damn chapter (which is currently sitting in outline form.) Lol.

Much Love!!!