Cruel Reality

Chapter Four

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Kagome woke early the next morning, her eyes bright and awake. Getting up and going through her usual routine of getting ready, her allowed her mind to wander as her body went on autopilot.

She hadn't been truly prepared for just how much she liked being on her own, working for her own money, being her own person. She had stayed late into the night at Kouga's, sorting through the horrible disorganized files and attempting to decipher Kouga's atrocious handwriting. She had finally called it a night around eleven and had left, knowing she would need an early start the next day.

Despite the fact that her eyes were still a little sore and her back ached from sitting in the uncomfortable office chair provided, she had never felt happier. It was refreshing how she could stay out as late as she wanted and had no one to answer to but herself. Ever since she could remember, Kagome had always put other's welfare above her own. It had been her family until she had been eighteen and met him and then her entire world had been consumed by him and their doomed relationship. She had had no time for friends, no time to think about her own life. She had been far too focused on his.

But no longer. Now, she could do what she wanted, when she wanted without having to think about how someone else would think about it or what she needed to do for them. It was invigorating.

The sun was just beginning to make its appearance over the horizon when she arrived at the office. Inserting the copy of the key Kouga had given her the night before, Kagome turned on all the lights and made her way into the shabby receptionist area. Placing her purse on the desk, she took a look around with a deep sigh. This promised to be a very long day if she intended to get everything up to standards.

She was just reaching into the utilities closet where she had stashed cleaning supplies the day before on her break when she heard movement from one of the offices. Frowning, she turned toward the sound and made a sound of surprise at the light shining from within Kouga's office.

Did he get here before me? No, the door had been locked when I got here. How did he slip by without me noticing?

Striding to the door, she knocked softly and waited for a response. But everything was silent on the other side, making a sense of unease settle in her stomach. Maybe it wasn't Kouga after all. She reached forward before she think better of it and pushed the office door open. Her blue eyes widened at the sight that greeted her.

Slumped over his desk, his head in his arms, sat Kouga, contentedly snoring away. Kagome walked forward, gingerly stepping over file boxes as she went, and came to a stop next to his disorganized desk. Bending down, she caught sight of his peaceful face and couldn't stop the smile the formed on her face. His hair was unbound and brushing his shoulders, his face slack and smooth in his slumber. Even as hunched over as he was, his frame dwarfed his desk and she could just see the edges of papers sticking out from under his muscled arms.

She shook her head. Had he stayed this whole time? Why hadn't he gone home?

Deciding to think about it later, Kagome made her way to his side and laid one hand on his shoulder, shaking him gently.

"Kouga," she called softly. "Kouga, wake up."

He groaned and shrugged her hand away, turning his face from her. She saw him start to settle back down into sleep and would have none of it. Using both of her hands, she gave him a good shake, speaking louder. "Kouga, wake up."

She felt his shoulders tense under her hands and marveled at the feel of the muscle as it moved before turning her attention to the slowly rousing man. His head lifted and he blinked bloodshot and groagy blue eyes at her.

"Kagome?" he asked, his voice husky with sleep. Kagome ignored how the sound of his warm tenor sent shivers down her spine and instead smiled weakly at him, pulling her hands away. "What-Where am I?" he asked, straightening and opening his mouth in a jaw cracking yawn.

"You're at the office, silly. You must have fallen asleep last night."

He cracked his neck with a groan. "God, I feel like shit," he mumbled, rubbing a hand over his haggard face.

Kagome clicked her tongue at him and reached forward absently to brush his bangs away from his forehead. "I'm not surprised," she reprimanded gently. "I can't imagine your desk makes a very good pillow." She paused a moment and watched him as he got to his feet and stretched his arms over his head. Her eyes followed the line of his body, eagerly taking in the way his tank top rode up and showed a sliver of tan skin. She frowned and looked away, desperately trying to taper her blush before he noticed. "By the way, why didn't I see your motorcycle out front if you've been here all night?"

Kouga, in fact, didn't notice his secretaries reaction to him and leaned one hip against his desk while he tried to wake his brain up. "I usually move it out back when I pull a late night. This town may be small and safer than the city, but it does have its share of crime and I really don't want to replace my baby."

Kagome nodded in understanding before making her way out of his mess of an office. "Well, I'm getting back to work, then."

"Hey, wait a minute."

Kagome looked back, pausing in the doorway. "Yes?"

Kouga grinned at her, his white teeth gleaming slightly and his blue eyes dancing with amusement. "I don't know about you, but I'm starving. How about we grab some breakfast?"

She looked over her shoulder at the still dirty reception area. "But I still-"

He waved her objection away, making his way towards her and stopping close enough that she felt his breath on her neck. She winced and took a step back, fighting a blush. It seemed as though her boss had no concept of personal space, she mused grimly. Something she would have to get used to.

"That stuff can wait until we get back. The dust isn't going anywhere, I promise." Without another word, he reached down and clasped her slender wrist in his larger, rougher hand and tugged her along behind him as he walked out of his office. "I'm hungry and you look as though you could use a good meal. I know just the place."

Kagome swallowed her objections for the moment, knowing a bull headed male when she encountered one. No matter what she said, Kouga was going to get his way so she might as well pick and choose her battles with her boss.

As they walked out into the dim sunlight, Kagome dug her heels in when Kouga began to tug her toward his motorcycle.

"You can't expect me to get on that thing," she objected, refusing to budge as Kouga tried to keep her walking. He stopped tugging and turned to face her with an amused grin.

"Don't tell me you're afraid of motorcycles," he teased. She didn't take her eyes off the machine and shook her head slowly.

"No…I've just never ridden one, nor have I ever had to desire to."

"Then there's no better time than the present."

With that, he continued on, a reluctant Kagome behind him. Seeing just how much she was dreading the ride in the lines of her face and the way she kept her eyes on the motorcycle at all times, Kouga turned to face her once again, amusement gone. "Come on, Kagome. Trust me. I won't kill you or anything."

She finally turned her gaze up to him with a frown. "Do you promise to go slowly?" she asked cautiously.

Seeing her agreement, he grinned down at her mischievously . "No, of course not." At first anyway.

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