"Raxeco-... Raxecore-... Raxo-"



The Doctor sighed. He was sitting with Donna in the kitchen and just told her about past adventures when that word turned up. And of course, the Doctor couldn't have it to let Donna saying it wrong. So, here he was, trying for half an hour to teach her saying the name of the Slitheen's home planet... and his patience ran thin.

"For the last time: Raxacoricofallapatorius! Even Rose got it faster than you!"

Donna glared at him. "Well, sorry that I'm not Miss Super Companion! What do I have to learn saying that damn name, anyway? It's not like we are going to visit that planet any time soon, is it?!"

"Probably not, but it could be important if we meet some Slitheen on our journey... Names are much more powerful than you think, Donna," the Doctor said wisely and leaned back into his chair, looking more smug than ever.

"Oh, yeah, Mister Know-it-all? How is it, you don't have a name then? Not as powerful as you want to be then, are you spaceman?"

"Hey, I will let you know that-"

"Don't give me with that mighty Time Lord-speech now! I would rather learn that damn word than listening two hours to explanations of yours, I wouldn't understand in a lifetime!"

The Doctor gritted his teeth and said slowly, "...all right then. Raxa-corico-falla-pa-to-rius!"

"Raxaca-... Raxacero-... I just can't do it!"

The Doctor looked like he was about to sulk so Donna added quickly, "Raxacoricofallapatorius! Just don't start your whining." Then she stood up, took her steaming mug and went off probably to watch one of her cheesy soap operas.

He stayed seated, looking open mouthed at Donna's now empty seat. He never got to know what hit him that day.